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10 May 2005 -- updated 18 June 2005

Penn & Teller
provide clues to
America's destruction

When a criminal tries to cover evidence of his crime, he runs the risk of attracting attention to himself, and leaving even more evidence. 

This may be what the Penn & Teller television show just did on Monday, May 9, 2005. That night they defended the government's version of: 

1) The Apollo moon landing.
2) The assassination of President Kennedy.
3) The September 11 attack.

What is the Penn & Teller television show?

This is a television show on the Showtime television network. It is similar to the Internet site known as "Urban Legends" in that they claim to be truth seekers who expose hoaxes.

The Penn & Teller show decided to interview Jimmy Walter and myself, along with Ralph Rene, Jim Mars, and several other people, for a special show on the subject of conspiracies. They wanted to show the truth about the three issues listed above.

The camera crew that interviewed Jimmy Walter and I were independent contractors, and they filmed us for several hours. Both of us provided a lot of serious information about 9-11 to support the theory that September 11 was a government operation.

If the entire world could watch the unedited interview and compare that to the final television show, I suspect that the vast majority of people would come to the conclusion that the editors of the show were desperately trying to make us look like idiots. I assume they gave the same treatment to Ralph Rene and Jim Mars.

Why would Penn and Teller care so much about defending the government's version of the September 11 attack? Why would they care about the Apollo moon landing and the Kennedy assassination? Why did they select those three particular conspiracies?

Before trying to answer these questions, let me give you a little background information.

After I posted my Science Challenge about the Apollo moon landing on my web site, I started getting complaints from people from several different nations that I should remove it immediately because astronauts really did land on the moon, and therefore I was going to ruin my credibility as a 9-11 researcher by promoting such nonsense. I was also told that I would make the entire 9/11 movement look foolish.

I also noticed that whenever somebody posted a message on an Internet message board that Apollo was a fake, an incredible number of people would appear almost immediately to defend Apollo. Why are so many people around the world trying to convince us that astronauts walked on the moon?

A man named Phil Plait has for the purpose of defending Apollo. The Penn & Teller show used him as one of the experts on Apollo. Why is Plait so concerned about defending Apollo?

People such as Ralph Rene, Bart Sebril, and Bill Kaysing have been complaining about Apollo long before I realized it was a scam, but none of them have had much of an effect on the world. So why are so many people struggling to defend Apollo? My conclusion was that Apollo must be the tip of an iceberg, or "scamberg".

I was discussing Penn and Teller's attempt to defend 9-11 and Apollo with one of America's only investigative reporters, Christopher Bollyn. I told Bollyn that perhaps NASA was worried that if people realized Apollo was a fake, they would wonder what else NASA lied about. Perhaps the Mars rovers are actually in an Australian desert, for example. I also told Bollyn that Cathy O'Brien claims to have been taken to one of NASA's facilities for mind control experiments, so perhaps NASA was worried that their involvment in mind control experiments and sex slaves would be exposed.

Bollyn's first reaction was to say we need to look at the people behind the Penn & Teller show. He suspected the executives were part of the criminal network that gave us 9-11, and they are trying to cover their tracks.

So he began looking into the Penn & Teller show. He discovered a name he had never heard of before, David L. Wolper. It looks as if Wolper lets us connect a lot of the dots in the corruption of America.

Israelis and Zionists such as Meyer Lansky were among the masterminds of the assassination of President Kennedy. In my book "Painful Questions" I have a section about the assassination of Kennedy, and I mention my suspicion that Abraham Zapruder knew the assassination was going to occur that day, and he was there to document it. But what is the connection between all these scams?

Perhaps David Wolper will lead us to the answer. Wolper seems to have the connections to Jewish gangsters and the Zionists. Bollyn has few articles about Wolper: Zionists Rape Bible
(I have a few comments about Wolper also.)

If Penn and Teller had not tried to make Jimmy Walter and me look like fools, Bollyn and I never would have had a conversation about them, and Bollyn never would have discovered David Wolper. Also, their mixing of 9-11, Apollo, and the Kennedy assassination is curious. It makes us wonder if the same group of people were involved in all three scams. This is a good example of how an attempt to cover a crime can expose more information about it.

Will they make more mistakes?

One reason that almost nobody pays attention to Christopher Bollyn or myself is that we are not considered important. Humans are like animals; specifically, we follow the leader. Since neither I nor Bollyn are considered to be leaders, most people turn away from us rather than listen to us.

However, the attempts to discredit us by Popular Mechanics, the Art Bell radio show, and now the Penn & Teller television show are helping to elevate our social status. If they continue their attempts to discredit us, we may soon be considered an authority of 9-11 and/or other scams.

"Trust us, we tell you the truth!"

In my video, Painful Deceptions, I mention that the Internet site referred to as "Urban Legends" may have been created specifically to help cover up crimes. The Penn & Teller show may be similar because they both operate in the same manner. Specially, they build credibility for themselves by exposing a few hoaxes, and then they use their credibility to defend the government's version of the September 11th attack and other crimes. Unfortunately for them, their attempts to cover these crimes are exposing themselves as having some type of involvment.

The magazines Popular Mechanics and Scientific American published biased articles to defend the government, although the bias was not as extreme as with the Penn & Teller show.

Jodie Dean of the Hobart and William Smith Colleges appeared on the Penn & Teller show to criticize people who believe in conspiracies. Professor Glen Corbett of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice appeared on the show to defend the government.

If the FBI was truly interested in solving these crimes, they would investigate the people who are defending the government, their friends, their sources of money, and their sexual activities.

The FBI should also wonder why so many of the people who defend the government are professors. For example, Professor John McAdams defends the assassination of President Kennedy, and Professor Bazant promoted the "Pancake Theory" to explain why the World Trade Center towers collapsed. Our universities behave like government agencies; ie, they are filling up with useless people who care only about money, which in turn is causing tuitions to rise to absurd levels.

Unfortunately, the FBI seems involved in these crimes, so they have no desire to investigate any of these people.

Useful Idiots

Christopher Bollyn called Jodie Dean of the Hobart and William Smith Colleges and asked her about the Penn & Teller show, and she told him that she did not understand what this show was about. She had never heard of me or my book, and she told them she would not discuss the Kennedy assassination because she said there was too much evidence that the conspiracy theory was correct!

In other words, they deceived her into thinking that she was talking about stupid conspiracies, such as Big Foot, or alien abductions. To be more blunt, Jodie Dean may have become what they refer to as a useful idiot.

How disgusting does the "mainstream media" have to be before the people realize that they are being manipulated? What has to happen before people stop purchasing their manipulative TV shows, magazines, and newspapers?

Why are so many people defending Apollo?

However, I still have not explained why there is so much emphasis on defending Apollo. In fact, today, 10 May 2005, I received another e-mail from somebody telling me to remove the Apollo material from my video commentary on Kay Griggs (you can find the video at

Why are there so many people telling me to stop talking about Apollo? What makes Apollo such a sensitive topic?

Consider that the major difference between Apollo and the September 11 attack, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the assassination of President Kennedy is that Apollo is considered an "technical achievement" but the others are "crimes".

A crime requires "criminals". In the case of president Kennedy, Oswald was the criminal.

In the case of the Oklahoma City bombing, Tim McVeigh and the "right wing extremists" were the criminals. They also had a "John Doe #2" who would be described as an Arab, perhaps as a spare patsy in case McVeigh failed to work out, or perhaps in case they decided to bring the Arabs into it.

The September 11 attack was designed so that the blame would go to the mysterious "Al Queda", and if that failed, the blame would fall on other groups, such as Pakistan's ISI, or Saudi Arabia.

However, Apollo was never a "crime", so nobody was set up to take blame for it. Therefore, if the Apollo moon landing is exposed, the criminals themselves are exposed. There are no patsies to protect the people behind the Apollo moon hoax.