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posted 1 July 2005

Did the
"Axis of Perverts"
expose themselves with
"Dark Side Of The Moon"?

The Dark Side Of The Moon was written and directed by William Karel.

You can watch the video by searching for it like this: search example.


Television networks in Canada and Australia have broadcast a program called "Dark Side Of The Moon".
Here is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's description

It is described as a "mockumentary", which is a "mock documentary"; ie, satire.

It appears to be a serious documentary at the beginning. It shows that President Nixon was concerned that the television cameras on the moon would fail, in which case nobody on earth would be able to see the astronauts on the moon. So Nixon authorized the filming of a moon landing in a studio, and have the video ready for broadcast in case the real television cameras failed.

Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld traveled to England and asked Stanley Kubrick if they could use his studio. Kubrick agreed, but when he saw how incompetent the CIA actors were, he decided to help them film it.

At the end of the television program, we realize that the show is satire.

The Dark Side Of The Moon is similar to the Penn and Teller show. Specifically, neither of these television shows provide any serious evidence that people landed on the moon. Rather, they try to encourage the audience to laugh at those of us who realize the Apollo moon landing was a hoax. These videos are damage control; they are propaganda; they are attempts to manipulate you.

Magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, and Skeptic also try to give us a bad image rather than dispute our arguments. The web site referred to as Urban Legends does this also.

As I mentioned in other documents, when a criminal tries to cover up his crime, he runs the risk of releasing more information about himself. The Dark Side Of The Moon allows us to have a better understanding of who faked the moon landing. 

First of all, some important people agreed to be part of this show. For example, the show has interviews with:

  • Henry Kissinger
  • Donald Rumsfeld
  • Buzz Aldrin (the astronaut)
  • Lawrence Eagleburger (held various high level positions in the US government)
  • Richard Helms (former CIA director)
  • Alexander Haig

  • Why would any of those people agree to be part of a silly "mockumentary"? This especially applies to Donald Rumsfeld, who has a full-time job.

    I think they are all worried that the Apollo moon hoax will be exposed, and that each of them is somehow involved in the crime (it is a crime, not a mere hoax).

    The people who produced and financed this show, such as William Karel, should also be considered as suspects in the filming or covering up of the Apollo moon crime.


    Irrelevant scenes? Or laughing at us?

    During the Penn and Teller show there is a scene that did not have any significance to the rest of the show. Specifically, the camera zoomed in on a man who is drilling a hole in a Bible:
    At the end of Dark Side Of The Moon, during the credits, is a sentence that is equally irrelevant to the show:

    No goy was mistreated during the filming.

    There was nothing in the show about religion, and nothing about Jews or goys. So why include a remark about not mistreating goys during the filming?

    Some television shows and movies let the audience know that no animals were mistreated during the filming. Gosh, I wonder if the producers of the Dark Side Of The Moon consider us goys to be animals? Hmmm....

    If so, instead of the sentence, No goy was mistreated during the filming, they should have been more blunt to help the dumb goys understand what is going on:

    "Only a handful of the goys who watch this television program are capable of understanding that we control the media, and soon the world."
    Or would that not be blunt enough?

    Perhaps comedians would like to explain to us how obvious the remarks and scams have to be before the goys figure out what is happening.