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My strange dispute with Go Daddy

Eric Hufschmid
28 January 2008

Go Daddy is an Internet service provider. They became famous for their sexually titillating advertisements during the Super Bowl games.

 A description of the dispute

As I've explained in other documents, I set up a website for Daryl Smith in the beginning of 2005 and managed it from that point onward. Smith's website is with the Go Daddy company.

I think it was in the year 2006 that Smith's credit card had expired, and since he didn't have much money, I entered my credit card number into his Go Daddy account and I paid his fees.

I stopped working with him on September 8, 2007, so naturally I wanted to remove my credit card from his account. So I logged into Smith's Go Daddy account and tried to remove my card, but it wouldn't let me.

I called the Go Daddy billing department and asked them how I can get my card out of their system, and they told me that I cannot remove my credit card. Rather, my card must be replaced with another card. They told me to tell Smith to put his own credit card into the system. Since Krister Knutars of Stockholm, Sweden was handling Smith's account, I told him to replace my credit card with his card or with Smith's card. Krister said that he would do it.

About two weeks later I get a $99 fee on my credit card because Krister and Smith didn't replace my credit card. I called Go Daddy and asked them what to do, and they told me to tell Smith to pay for it. I called my bank, cancelled my card, and asked them what I should do, and they told me that if issue isn't resolved after 30 days, they will refuse the charge.

After 30 days I called Go Daddy and they told me that Smith had still not paid the $99, and so I told Go Daddy that I'll have my bank refuse the charge. The person at Go Daddy told me that Go Daddy won't fight the credit card dispute, so this should resolve the problem by forcing Smith to pay the $99 fee. So I called my bank, and they cancelled the payment. I assumed everything was taking care of. 

Then, about a month later, I get a message from my bank that Go Daddy is claiming that the $99 transaction was valid, and they want their money!

Most of the times I call the billing department at Go Daddy I get somebody different, and they give me a slightly different explanation of what's going on and what to do. I'm tempted to think that they're just like typical employees today who don't know their job very well, but with one of them named Moses and another named Aaron, I have to wonder I'm talking to Zionist Jews who know who I am and who are deliberately trying to cause trouble. But perhaps Go Daddy is full of diabolical Jews who abuse everybody, not just me.

The man named Moses told me that I should have Smith's webmaster call Go Daddy and then Moses will take care of the issue. A week later the fee had still not been paid, so I called the Go Daddy billing department and asked for Moses, but the person who answered, Michael, told me that they can't transfer phone calls, so there's no way I can ask for Moses.

Does Moses not realize that customers can't ask for him? Or does Michael not realize he's capable of transferring the phone calls? Or are all of them just a bunch of disgusting jerks who are deliberately acting stupid?

The Go Daddy policies are diabolical

It's their fault that I couldn't get my credit card out of their system. I tried, but they wouldn't let me. It is their company policy.

Their justification for refusing to allow customers to remove their credit cards is that when a fee is due in the future, they must have a card to charge it to. However, that doesn't make sense because everybody's credit card expires at some point in time, so even if there was a card in the system, that doesn't guarantee that the card will be valid when a fee becomes due. If a card has expired when a fee is due, Go Daddy contacts the owner and tells them to pay the bill or the site will be shut down.

Therefore, they could have done the same in my case. Specifically, they could have allowed me to remove my card, and then when the $99 fee became due in the future, they could have contacted Smith and told him to pay the bill, exactly as they do when a credit card has expired.

Am I the only person to encounter this problem with Go Daddy's policies? If not, that means they're wasting a lot of people's time and money with this idiotic policy. Their policy is abusive. Actually, it should be illegal for a business to hold a person's credit card and continue charging fees to it after we specifically asked to stop it.

In this case I was charged only $99, but what if the fee had been hundreds of dollars, or thousands of dollars? And what if Smith had decided to take advantage of the situation by purchasing more websites or other options from Go Daddy? Would I be responsible for all of those expenses, also?

Do we want businessmen competing to manipulate us?

According to the theories of free enterprise, businesses will compete to produce valuable products and services, but Bob Parsons and many other businessmen are competing with one another to manipulate us. How abusive do these businessmen have to be before you complain about them? What if Bob Parsons offered this:
“Put your website on Go Daddy and an Israeli girl will write your name on a bomb, and the IDF will kill an Arab family for you!”

Or how about if instead of using adult women in the Super Bowl ads, Bob Parsons was using five year old girls?

“Hey there, big boy!

If you sign up with Go Daddy® in the next 30 days, your name will be entered into a contest* to win a date with me and my two sexy girlfriends. Find out what makes us scream Go Daddy!

If you prefer little boys, don't worry! At Go Daddy®, we take care of all of our customers, so we have a special contest just for you! It's an all-expense paid trip to the Boystown orphanage, and your special host will be Congressman Barney Frank!

* Employees of Go Daddy® not eligible for this contest. Offer void where pedophilia is prohibited by law.

Is Bob Parsons a Hugh Hefner wannabe?

Who is this man, Bob Parsons? He has more information and photos at his site:

He also has a page for the three women he uses in advertisements:

Is this the type of man we want running an Internet service provider? He belongs in Hollywood or the pornography business.

If you want some news items about him and his ads:

How can we get better businessmen when consumers are so incompetent?

According to the theory of free enterprise, businesses that abuse customers will be driven out of business, but how is Go Daddy going to be driven out of business when most consumers don't understand that they're being abused! Actually, most of them love the abuse!  

“Dude, did you see the boobs on that hot babe? She's got some big knockers! What a rack!

I'm signing up for Go Daddy today!”

Most adult men remind me of when I was 12 years old. It really seems as if some children never fully develop into adults. Have you seen the reports of little girls menstruating many years too early? Maybe toxic chemicals are causing a lot of developmental problems.

Some consumers realize that businessmen are exploiting us, but most of them ignore it, just as they ignore the September 11 attack, the lies about the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing hoax. How are such incompetent consumers going to drive out the abusive businessmen?

Update: After I posted this article, other people tell me that they also had problems with Go Daddy:

I also had a problem with godaddy. 

They brought down my site with no warning. When I contacted them they told me that there had been some problem with my visa. The website wasn't put back so I wasn't receiving any service.

BUT they kept charging my visa every month as before. When I asked them not to do it they told they were not charging my visa. So after several months I had to cancel my visa to stop the charges.

I never got my money back. Amazing professionals working there.

How do we know if the competition is better?

For all I know, Bob Parsons is one of the best behaved businessmen! How can we possibly get rid of the crummy businessman when we don't know who the businessmen are?

Besides, businesses are bought and sold all the time, and the management changes, so even if a company is honest today, that doesn't mean they'll be honest tomorrow.

Smith could resolve this issue

Smith should pay the $99 fee, but apparently he is either too broke, or doesn't want to. This goes to show that when I stopped working with him, I should have shut the site down in order to get my credit card out rather than trust him to replace my card. Here I am telling people not to trust other people, and yet I trust people too much, also!

Who would work with Daryl Smith?

A man in Sweden recently posted an accusation at Smith's myspace page that Smith's webmaster, Krister Knutars, is a fraud. He wrote:
When it comes to webmasters at my sympathies are with Eric. The current "webmaster" Krister Knutars is a no good manipulating criminal. He was stolen the wiki from me and now dares to claim he created it:

His contribution to it is just the background image and logo. The wiki was taken down by me since Knutars is a manipulating bastard.

Krister Knutars is selling crappy overpriced apartments for a living and before that he was an "enema expert" (no kidding!) doing enemas on people and recommending people drinking their own pee. This guy is just crap.

Wonder if he will continue promoting that spying Israeli navigation bar he put online earlier on the Wiki. But now that he has all the logs to iamthewitness that is problably not needed. Including the P.O. box in Stockholm!

Enemas may have a real medical purpose, but some people are involved with enemas for sexual titillation. Smith was always complaining about his health problems, so I have to wonder whether Smith got a free enema when Krister visited his home.

Abusive businessmen are a burden on us

There is so much abuse in the economy that we have to keep documentation for almost everything. We have to keep track of receipts and phone calls, and we have to insist that salesmen provide contracts that explain their promises. We can't trust anybody.

We're not going to fix this problem with more laws or more government agencies. We have to face the fact that technology has changed life for humans, and we've got to change our government, our economy, and our schools to deal with this new era. 

My philosophy page has more of my opinions on this issue: