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About the Coast to Coast radio interview

On 25 August 2005 I was on the coast-to-coast radio show with George Noory. The initial hour was spent discussing 9/11, and then we discussed the Apollo moon landing.

After a while Noory brought Richard Hoagland into the conversation to explain to me that the Apollo astronauts really did land on the moon.

Hoagland also claims there is a face on Mars, and that aliens created the face.

CNN put Hoagland on television to discuss this deliberate lie. Hoagland doesn't believe anything he says; rather, his job is to spread disinformation.

CNN won't allow us to talk about 9/11, the HoloHoax, the Apollo moon landing hoax, or the attack on the USS Liberty, but CNN and other media companies will promote liars. This is not a coincidence! The media is controlled by the same criminal network that did 9/11, the HoloHoax, etc.

A European spacecraft recently took some higher quality photos of the "face" and shows that it is just some dirt:

Hoagland agrees with me that NASA is lying!

Anybody who looks through the Apollo photos and related information is almost certain to come the conclusion that NASA is editing some of the photos, staging some in studios, and lying about Apollo.

Hoagland is trying desperately to defend NASA. His technique is to admit that NASA is lying to us, but he wants us to believe that NASA is lying to protect us.

Hoagland told us that the Apollo astronauts found abandoned cities of an ancient civilization on the moon, and that NASA wants to protect us from this information. Supposedly NASA believes that if we were to realize that there was an advanced civilization living on the moon, we would be psychologically damaged. Therefore, NASA told the astronauts to lie, and NASA had to edit and fake some of the photos.

The moon is inhabited by beautiful, single women

I think Hoagland is too intelligent to believe what he is telling us. I don't know whether he is lying because he is part of the Axis of Perverts, or whether he is being bribed, threatened, or blackmailed, or if he is trying to fight the Axis of Perverts. But I would say that he is deliberately lying to us.

I would prefer that Hoagland give us an amusing excuse for NASA's lies. For example, he could have told us that the Apollo astronauts discovered the moon is inhabited by beautiful women, all of whom are desperate for men. The astronauts decided to keep this information a secret from the entire world because they hope to retire on the moon, and those clever astronauts want all the women for themselves.

Let's help Richard Hoagland

I doubt that Hoagland enjoys spending his life trying to deceive simpleminded people. He would certainly be happier if he could do something useful with his life.

So let's help Richard escape from his miserable life of lies and deceit. Send messages to the radio shows that he goes on that you are tired of his nonsense and that he should be released from his bondage to find a more productive job.

The media is controlled

Every large radio station, newspaper, and television station is under tremendous pressure to avoid these issues.

For some examples that I personally know of:

A woman at a Pacifica radio station brought me on the radio show for an interview, but when she tried to get me or Dave vonKliest on a second time she was told that she would lose her job.

Unfortunately, this type of manipulation is too clever for most people to understand. For example, the radio station promoted the video called Loose Change.

This creates the impression that Pacifica radio is exposing the 9/11 scam, but in reality they are censoring people, books, and videos.

A radio host at a small radio station in Missouri called me after his show was over to tell me that his boss was threatening to fire him, mainly for bringing me on the show to talk about Apollo.
A Japanese television company sent a crew to America and Canada a year ago to interview several of us about the 9/11 attack, but somebody in their editing studio blocked out my face, and did not let anybody know my name, or that I had a book about the subject.

They could not completely remove me from the television show, so they did the next best thing; namely, hide my identity so nobody could use Google to find more information.

A small British television station also sent a crew to America and Canada to interview several of us about the 9/11 attack, and they arranged to visit me. They scheduled me to be their last interview.

But the day before they were going to visit me, I got a call from England and was told that the television crew did not have time to visit me.

Considering that they had already scheduled flights and hotels, how could they be too busy to make their final scheduled stop?

During the Coast to Coast radio interview that I was on, both Hoagland and Noory told me to calm down; take a deep breath.

Amazingly, many people -- my own father included! -- told me that I should have listened to them.

My father told me that Hoagland was on my side and was trying to help me, and that I should have listened to Hoagland!

We can learn a lot about manipulation by listening to these type of radio shows. Simply telling a person to "calm down" or "Relax, you are out of control" will fool millions of people into thinking the person really is "out of control".

Some people refer to this as "the power of suggestion".

Fox News tells us they are "Fair and Balanced". The New York Times claims to provide us with "All The News That's Fit To Print". Many 9-11 groups claim to be "truth seekers". All of these people are trying to fool us.


I would say it is a 100% certainty that one or more people at the coast-to-coast radio station are under pressure to censor the shows. Therefore, if you want radio shows to provide more intelligent interviews, you've got to let them know.

If the people in control of the American media do not face resistance from the American people, they will continue to censor the news. You've got to stand up and show them that you're not going to put up with their abuse any longer.

Are Americans really "free"?

Many Americans boast about their freedom. But how many Americans are truly free? Is a radio show host "free" if he is so frightened by threats that he follows orders to censor the news? Are his listeners "free" if they are being fed lies by these frightened radio hosts?

There are a lot of aspects to the Apollo moon landing that I could have discussed. Perhaps if Noory gets enough requests to bring me back on, we can have a serious discussion without people such as Hoagland.