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Conspiracy Parties
What is a Conspiracy Party?

This is a party where people can sample food, drinks, and conspiracy theories. Most people are frightened by 9/11 and other large crimes, so why not make it entertaining for these emotionally weak people?

Inviting them to a Conspiracy Party is a great way to meet people who enjoy a difference of opinion. In addition, these parties spread information about what is happening in our world, and that could lead to more responsible voters.

Sample Flyers For Your Own Party

1) A party about the 9-11 attack and offers wine tasting:
 Wine and Conspiracy Tasting For 9-11, image, 120 kb

2) A party without wine, and has a variety of conspiracies:
 Variety Conspiracy Party, image, 145 kb

3) A flyer with Sheeple and their Pied Piper:
  Conspiracy Party and Sheeple, image, 215 kb

PDF Documents for a Conspiracy Party

You need books, videos, or some material about conspiracies for your party. If you don't have much, I made the following document for you to print. You can let your guests pass it around. It will print on standard sheets of paper, and the fonts are large enough for even the ordinary ink jet printers.

Did the USA really land a man on the moon? Apollo Moon Hoax, PDF file, 3.1mb

Here is a 2-page Science Challenge of Apollo Science Challenge 24, PDF file, 230 kb

Here is a one page PDF file that you can cut into 4 parts to spread information to people who don't know much about 9-11 yet:
Flyer, 4 per page, for people new to 9-11

The same flyer, for A4 paper:
Flyer, 4 per page, for A4 size sheets

Note: Some people worry that these parties may attract government agents who encourage bad behavior or who try to dominate the party. This attempt to infiltrate, dominate, and destroy has been a standard practice with criminals for decades. If this worries you, just insist that all guests behave in a respectable manner, and tell the trouble makers to go home.