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with Eric Hufschmid

26 April 2009

Last update: 23 March 2018

Most people cannot handle my website...

but people enjoy food preparation shows...

so, I decided to make some videos to show you my favorite methods of preparing food!

Egg Gel on Toast

My version of fried eggs on toast.

It's my egg soup recipe, but the eggs are used in a conventional manner, so if you're too squeamish to try my egg soup, try this!

On youtube here

Mushrooms and Burgers

I cook mushrooms, and beef and buffalo burgers, at a low temperature, also.

On youtube here

New!  23 March 2018

Grinding grains for bread

Grinding grains to make bread adds only a few minutes to the process. Perhaps this video will help you realize that we could have bread every day from freshly ground grains.

On youtube here

Bacon and Fats

This video is partly to show you how I like to cook bacon, and partly to bring up some issues about fats and processed meats.

On youtube here

Oranges and Guavas

I leave the skin on mandarin oranges and tangerines, add a little Stevia, and create a creamy, intense orange dessert.

Guava skin doesn't taste good, but when the guava is very ripe, it creates a sweet-and-sour effect.

On youtube here

Yams and Apples

I cook sweet potatoes, yams, and apples at a low temperature so that they are firm rather than mushy. I think most people are overcooking food.

Sometimes I do this with bananas, also.

On youtube here

Egg Soup / Custard

Here is how I make the equivalent of scrambled eggs. Excellent as a base for custards.

No mess, no burnt grease. Cooks perfectly, every time!

On youtube here

Bread sheets

I grind the grains and make a sheet of bread rather than a loaf. As soon as it's baked, it's ready for toppings. My favorite bread is 60 to 100% Kamut.

On youtube here

Oat rolling machines

I purchased a Norpro machine to roll oats (Amazon was selling new machines for only $39, but the price has gone up). This video shows how I modified it, and how it works.

On youtube here

Fluffy Oatmeal

This shows my favorite method for making oatmeal because I love the texture, and it is very easy to make.

For variety, I give it different levels of firmness.

On youtube here

Pork Stew

II discuss low temperature cooking in this file. This shows my favorite method of making pork stew.

This tastes so good that flavoring is optional. It works with other meats, also.

On youtube here


If YouTube deletes any more of my videos, here are some copies: 
 • Egg Gel on Toast: A wmv file is here  3 mb
 • Egg soup: A wmv file is here  7 mb
 • Bread sheets: A wmv file here  12 mb