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Victims of crimes are not necessarily honest
13 November 2017

Expect extreme treachery, deception, and murders
During October and November 2017, a lot of people have been publicly admitting that they were abused or raped by influential people in Hollywood or other leadership position. Although some of these people are only accusing adults of sexually abusing other adults, there are lots of accusations that some people are also sexually abusing children.
There is also lots of evidence that children are being kidnapped and sold to the pedophile networks. The photo to the right supposedly shows three kidnapped boys.

The pedophile network is apparently very large and international, and the punishments for pedophilia are severe in every nation.

We should expect the pedophiles to try every trick they can think of to protect themselves.

Is Corey Feldman a victim? Or a Pied Piper?
Corey Feldman has been claiming for years that he has been a victim of pedophilia in Hollywood, and in October 2017 he created this video to ask for $10 million to create a documentary film to expose and stop the pedophilia.

After five minutes in this video, Feldman says that he gave names of the Hollywood pedophiles to the police in 1993, but they ignored him because all they cared about was arresting Michael Jackson. And he claims that lots of people know about the pedophilies, but are remaining silent.

His interview provides more evidence that the police, media, and FBI are allowing the abuse and focusing their attention on Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Bill Cosby, and other black people.

Feldman, and the journalists who give him publicity, gave me the impression that he was best friends with Corey Haim, and that he wants to expose the pedophiles in Hollywood, but I recently discovered two interesting bits of information:
1) This video from years ago in which Corey Haim is telling Feldman that he does not want to be his friend. The video is evidence that Feldman is lying to us. Corey Haim also said that Feldman is friends with the man who raped him as a child. Why would Feldman be a friend of the pedophile who raped his best friend?

2) Corey Haim's mother posted this statement by Greg Harrison on her website in which he accuses Feldman of being envious of Corey Haim, and he also repeats the information that Feldman is friends with the pedophile who raped Corey Haim.
I don't know who is telling the truth, of course, but we would be foolish not to consider the possibility that Feldman is a Pied Piper for the pedophile network.

“But Corey Feldman was a victim of pedophilia!”
Some people might respond, "How could Corey Feldman be a Pied Piper for the pedophile network when he is a victim of the network?"

There are two important issues to understand:
1) We have a tendency to feel sorry for people who are victims of pedophilia, rape, polio, multiple sclerosis, and other problems, but many of the victims are not innocent, loving, wonderful people. Many of them are actually criminals, psychos, mentally ill freaks, and retards.

2) All of us are victims of something.

Your reaction to abuse depends on your genetic qualities
All of us have been victims of abusive behavior at various times during our childhood. For some examples, we are victims of thieves, abusive children, abusive adults, dishonest businessmen, rude people, or sexually crude people. Many of us have also had crude pranks played on us by jerks who think they are funny.

However, when we encounter a badly behaved person, that does not cause us to become a badly behaved person, also. It is true that children are easily manipulated into doing things they don't actually want to do, and young adults are also manipulated by peer pressure, but when a person is fully grown and independent, he makes his own choices.

What would you think if you met a person who was stealing bicycles, and when you asked him why he was doing it, he told you that when he was a child, his bicycle was stolen, and the trauma has caused him to become a bicycle thief. What would you think if psychologists were justifying his behavior by claiming that when a child has his bicycle stolen, he is likely to become a bicycle thief?

Have you ever had any of your items stolen? If so, did you react by becoming a thief, also? Have you ever encountered a person who was sexually rude or crude towards you? If so, did you react by becoming the same way with other people?
“Such adorable children! Here, have some candy.”
Some people, including psychologists, are claiming that the children who become victims of pedophiles can be so traumatized that they become pedophiles also, and therefore, we should feel sorry for pedophiles. They want us to regard the pedophiles as victims, not as pedophiles. The people who support this theory are simply making an excuse for pedophilia.

Imagine a more extreme example. Imagine if somebody gets bit by a dog, flea, or mosquito, and they react by biting people. Imagine psychologists claiming that when a child is bitten, it causes trauma which encourages the child to bite other people.

Every generation has more emotional and intellectual disorders than the previous generation, and so every generation has more people who are struggling to find an excuse for their disgusting behavior. Try to find the emotional strength to stand up to them and tell them they are responsible for their disgusting behavior.

Feldman claims to have been a victim of sexual abuse as a child. During his childhood, he could justify becoming friends with pedophiles, ignoring their pedophilia, and even getting involved with pedophilia, on the grounds that he assumed that it was normal behavior when children become a certain age. However, he would eventually learn that pedophilia is illegal, and that most people consider it abnormal and unacceptable.

He is now more than 40 years old, and he could justify being disillusioned with the human race and the police, but if he is friends with pedophiles, and if he is protecting pedophiles, he is not doing that because he was a victim of pedophilia. Rather, he is doing it because he wants to do it.

Do you understand the Pied Piper trick?
By pretending to want to expose pedophilia, Feldman may be trying to draw attraction to him and away from people like Greg Harrison, Corey Haim's mother, and other people who are more honest, and who are more interested in truly exposing and arresting the network.

Feldman can then spend year after year talking about the problem of pedophilia, but never actually doing anything about it, or encouraging other people to do something. With nobody doing anything to stop the network, they can continue operating.

You should note that this is similar to a church that encourages people to pray to Jesus when they are upset with the government, or with wars, rather than to encourage the people to do something to fix the government, or demand that the war be terminated. As long as people are praying to solve problems, crime networks can continue operating, and corrupt and inept government officials can continue to remain in their position. Praying to Jesus is not going to stop a war, or get rid of corrupt government officials, or stop pedophiles.

Another reason crime networks use the Pied Piper trick is to identify their enemies. Feldman may be hoping that victims of pedophiles will come to him with their complaints, and that the people who want to arrest the pedophiles will also contact him. He can then give their names and addresses to the pedophile network, and they can harass, or kill, those particular people.

Who can we trust?
Is Feldman honest? What about Greg Harrison? Are the police telling us the truth when they say Corey Haim died of pneumonia? Or are the police covering up a murder? If Corey Haim was murdered by the pedophile network, does Feldman know anything about it? Was he involved in any way?

Feldman is claiming that he is secretive about the pedophile network because he worries about lawsuits and retaliation. He wants $10 million to make a documentary film. Is he really interested in exposing the network? Or is he hiding the names in order to protect his friends in the network?

Is he asking for $10 million because he truly believes the money will provide him with legal protection? Or is he asking for $10 million because he wants to profit from the misery? Does he actually plan to release the film to the public? Or is he planning to keep it hidden by claiming that the pedophile network suppressed it?

Is Feldman creating the impression that he was friends with Corey Haim so that we don't accuse him of being an envious jerk in addition to being a supporter of pedophilia?

Are you getting tired of the abuse?
Many of our journalists, school teachers, government officials, police officials, and other influential people are constantly lying to us about news and historical events. The media is giving attention to people who lie, also, and suppressing all of the people and ideas that they don't like.

The alternative media, and the thousands of "truth seekers" and "investigators" who create YouTube videos that claim to provide us with the truth, are ignoring or minimizing the role Jews play in 9/11, the world wars, pedophilia, and other crimes.

Are you getting tired of this abuse? If so, are you willing to help improve the situation? If so, don't waste your time complaining or waiting for Trump to save us. Try to find some way to get involved. If you cannot think of anything else, then pass information around to other people and encourage them to face reality and get involved with improving the world.

Become a pioneer!
Feldman wants $10 million to create a documentary to expose pedophilia, but there are already documentaries to expose it, such as An Open Secret. We don't need more videos; we need pioneers with the courage to destroy the crime networks and create a better world.

Don't be a liberal or conservative. Become a pioneer who will do something to clean the nation of its crime gangs, which includes arresting sheriffs, FBI officials, and other people in leadership positions. We should not wait for the sheeple, or for Trump, to save us. We need to take action.