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Underwear for men

27 October 2019

My product reviews are of limited use
I refrain from giving good reviews to products because I have used only a few of the thousands of products on the market, but I recently tried some underwear that is so much more comfortable than everything I've had during my life that I thought I would mention it in case some of you have been irritated by your underwear, also. It's a "pouch-style" made by David Archy. (It is here on Amazon.) They also have a shorter version (here).

This underwear is extremely comfortable for sitting, standing, or walking, but if you have to do a lot of movements of your pelvic area, such as crawling around an attic, or fixing plumbing problems, or doing exercise, the extreme movements can cause your penis to pe pulled out of the pouch, but it remains comfortable even when that happens.

Update 1 Feb 2020
I tried their shorter version, and their bikini version. I do not like the bikini version because after moving around a bit, the material moves a slight bit off of my scrotum, allowing it to touch the skin on my leg, which makes it less comfortable than the longer versions. The bikini version might work well for some men, but I prefer the longest version (this one).

Update 14 Feb 2020
I forgot to mention these two points:

1) My suggestion for improving the underwear is to make the top elastic band wider, but without making the underwear any higher up on my stomach. An example of wide elastic bands are those on the Danny Miami underwear.

2) The pouch in David Archie underwear allows us to deal with the dribbling problem that men have. Specifically, I fold a piece of toilet paper twice, which creates four layers. Then I put it on my penis and put both into the pouch. The paper soaks up the dribble, and I use the thick, absorbent paper so I don't have to replace it every time I pee. Of course, this requires a man who will not be embarrassed to have what is essentially a male version of a sanitary napkin.

I suppose it is possible to redesign the underwear to make it easier to insert and remove the sheets of paper, but would many men be interested in such a feature? I would be interested in your opinion, but everybody ignores me, except for the you-know-who's, so I won't bother asking for your opinion.

Why is this underwear so superior?
Unfortunately, modern societies have such a problem with sex crimes and sexual inhibitions that the descriptions of the underwear avoid words such as "testicles" and "penis" and instead use words such as "the boys" and "junk". The descriptions also avoid providing details.

What makes this underwear so nice is that it does what I wondered was possible in a document that I posted almost 8 years ago, which is to provide a pouch for our testicles. This underwear goes even further and provide a pouch for our penis.

It's very comfortable

This underwear is so comfortable that it usually feels as if I'm not wearing anything, but it's better than the feeling of being naked because when we are naked we have the irritation of our testicles and penis flopping around and rubbing against or sticking to our skin. So this is actually more comfortable than being naked.

It's easier to pee

Another advantage with this underwear is that it makes peeing much easier and more comfortable. Some underwear has flaps of material that can be spread open so that a man can get his penis out, but I always found those flaps to be so annoying that I have been pulling my underwear down from the waistband, which is annoying. With this pouch style underwear, it is effortless to open the pouch in order to pee.

It is so superior that it is impressive

Most products are so similar to one another that you have to use a product for weeks before you can be sure that you prefer it over another product, but this underwear was so noticeably more comfortable that it did not require any time to prove its value to me. It was comfortable the moment I put it on, and all throughout that day, and all throughout the next day, and so on.

It is so comfortable that it is not a merely a minor improvement over other underwear; rather, it is so impressive that I felt I should let other men know about it so that they can try it for themselves. If a woman is reading this, then she can tell the men she knows to check it out.

It may not work for every man

I suspect this underwear will not work well for every man because of the wide variations in the shapes of our bodies. Furthermore, some men have defective sexual organs or defective hips, and we have different activities, and we sit differently in chairs. Also, a lot of people are overweight, and I don't know how that affects this type of underwear. So I want to warn you that this underwear may not be well suited to every man.
Can men refrain from marking their territory?
One aspect of men's underwear that I find annoying is that they tend to be advertisements for the company that made the underwear. They display, usually in very large letters, the name of the company, as in the photo to the right.

It makes sense for businesses to display their name on their building, such as the Chinese restaurant in the photo, because that allows us to identify them and locate them.

However, I do not look at other men's underwear, and I do not show my underwear to other men. So what good does it do a company to have their name in big letters on our underwear? Why should we be advertisements for those companies?
I don't think men are putting their name on underwear in order to advertise their business. I think it is because of our animal-like craving to mark our territory and feel important. I think this is crude behavior. I think it is analogous to gang members who spray graffiti in our city.

My suggestion is for the men who are supervising clothing businesses to exert some control over their craving to mark their territory and put their company name in the same small typeface as the information on the label of the clothing.

If they want to do something with the waistband of men's underwear, they should put some artistic designs there, similar to the decorative ribbons that some women sew on their clothing, as in the photo below.
Maybe David Archy will inspire other companies
Before I purchased the David Archy underwear, I purchased their thermal underwear bottoms, which I was concerned about because it seems to be made of plastic and rubber (67% Acrylic, 27% Rayon, 6% Spandex), but it is the best thermal underwear I've had so far. For one reason, it is long enough to fit me, whereas most underwear is a bit too short (I am six foot tall, 183 cm), and the knees are reinforced, which is the area that wears out the soonest for me. It's also very comfortable material, similar to velvet.

I was so impressed by their thermal underwear that I decided to look at what type of regular underwear they sell. That is how I noticed their pouch-style underwear, and why I decided to give it a try.

I am impressed by the design team at David Archy, so perhaps if some of the men who work at Contigo are impressed by their underwear, also, they will be inspired to create a mug that impresses us. If not, perhaps somebody can convince David Archy to design mugs.

It would also be nice if David Archy would design some impressive toilets with wider passageways that are less serpentine, as I mentioned here.
"I have a dream..."
How can a society be proud of itself when adult men have such sexual inhibitions that they describe their penis as "junk"? Furthermore, if somebody were to make a video to show how to use that David Archy underwear, it would be considered "obscene" material, no matter how serious the video is.

Likewise, it is illegal for us to post videos that show human children being born or breast-fed, and for adult women to provide information to young girls about menstruation. We are also prohibited from providing information about our digestive system and its waste products.

Imagine a world in which adults can discuss these issues without giggling or hysteria, and without worrying that children will be harmed by the information.

While you are fantasizing, imagine a world in which children can depend upon adult men to protect them, rather than fear that the men may be pedophiles. Imagine a world in which the men take an active role in protecting their society from crime networks, rather than being apathetic or frightened cowards who run away when someone points out to them that we have been lied to about the 9/11 attack, or that there are pedophiles in our police departments and government agencies.

Can you exert enough self-control to become one of those imaginary men?
Accordion penises are better than floppy penises
Since this document is probably going to be considered "obscene" by some people, I may as well mention another issue that adults ought to be discussing without hysteria. Specifically, some men believe that having a large, floppy penis makes them better than the men who have smaller penises, or who have an "accordion-type" penis that compresses to a small size.

Some men have been so convinced of this that they are stretching their penis to make it bigger, such as Roberto Cabrera, and businesses are offering products for penis stretching. And one of the questions on the Amazon site that sells the David Archy underwear is from a man who is hoping that the underwear will make his penis look larger.

The children who grow up in the USA could pick up the attitude that men should have giant penises, and that women should have giant breasts, but how many people actually want such features in their spouse? Furthermore, are those people "normal"? Or are they mentally ill?

Do "normal" women actually care whether a man has a large, floppy penis? I realize that women want erect penises to be a certain size and shape, but how many women care how long a penis is when it is limp? How many women even want to look at a man's limp penis?

My opinion is that giant, floppy penises are an annoyance. My penis will compress like an accordion when it is cold, and I think that is much more comfortable compared to when it is warm and flopping around, although this David Archy underwear is making that flopping problem disappear.