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Terrorist Cell
Operating in Hamburg, Germany

Saturday, 13 Sept 2003

Today four German college students formed a terrorist cell in Hamburg. They spent the day pasting posters in conspicuous locations in the city. The posters bring attention to the web site, which sells a German version of the book Painful Questions; An Analysis of the September 11th Attack.

The terrorists also put postcards on the windshields of some cars. The window of one car was slighty open, so one of the terrorists slipped a postcard into the car. Another terrorist left a postcard on the seat at a bus station.

These terrorists are not suicidal, but they are dedicated to helping the German Sheeple learn about the suspicious aspects of the 9-11 attack.

Terrorists have Conspiracy Party

At the end of the day the terrorists celebrated with a Conspiracy Party. If this concept spreads to other college students, entire nations might break out of The Matrix.

Educate; Donít Demonstrate

Demonstrations create disgust and anger, but educational information can help people understand the events occurring around them.

Shock The Sheeple

Start your own Terrorist Cell today!

Spread information about the books, videos,
and web sites that expose the 9-11 and other scams!

And get the Conspiracy Parties going!