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I was taught that the United Nations created Israel in 1948. When I was somewhere around 20 years old I wondered, 
"Why are the Arabs fighting over the issue? Why aren't they accepting their part of the bargain? What exactly were they supposed to agree to? What type of proposals were being discussed at the United Nations?"
So I went to the library to look in the newspapers of 1947 (they were on microfilm in that era) to look at the discussions leading up to the creation of Israel.

I looked for "Israel" in the index for the articles of 1947 and I was told to "See Zionism". What is Zionism? I had to go back to the library many times to figure out what Zionism was.

I wrote the following article shortly after the September 11 attack. I updated it a bit.


A brief history of Israel

1897: Zionism gets established

Jews have been scattered around Europe and Russia for centuries. However, they were never welcome anywhere, except for brief periods. Not surprisingly, many Jews dreamed of having their own nation.

In 1897 Theodor Herzl officially announced the creation of the Zionist movement. The goal of Zionism was to create a nation for Jews in Palestine. Their goal was not to make friends around the world, nor to love other nations or other people.

The problem they faced was that the Arabs who were living there had no desire to give it up. Also, Turkey had control of Palestine of this time, and Turkey refused to give any part of Palestine to the Jews.

A few Jews moved into Palestine at this time, but only in small numbers were allowed in, and they could not take the land for their own nation.

The Arabs were not concerned when the first few Jews arrived. The Arabs did not realize what was coming up in the future, just as the Native Americans did not realize what was happening when the Pilgrims landed on their shore. Only after a few years, when the quantity of Jews increased, did the Arabs become angry.

Zionists look for friends in high places

Britain was regarded as a world leader at this time (America in 1900 was not much above Australia in the world's social hierarchy). The Zionists thought that perhaps the British government could somehow help them.

The Zionists needed influence over the British government. They soon noticed a law firm in London in which one of the partners was also a government official. By going to this law firm for any legal help they needed, (or pretended to need), they would have access to a high-level government official. This gave them the opportunity to become friends (at least to a certain extent) with a government official. This contact with the law firm turned out to help them meet other government officials.

The Zionists spent a lot of time contacting British government officials and trying to convince them to help the Zionists cause, but the most the British government was willing to do was in 1903 when they offered to make some land in Uganda available to the Zionists. (Britain still had colonies around the world at this time.)

Since Turkey controlled Palestine, I have to wonder what the Zionists were thinking the British government could do for them. Did they think it was possible that the British government would convince Turkey into allowing a portion of Palestine to become Israel? Or did they think Britain would start a war with Turkey, drive the Turks out of Palestine, and then give Palestine to the Zionists?

The Brits, French, and Zionists try to use each other in WW1

Zionism got established in 1896, but not much happened with it until World War 1.

Exactly what role the Zionists played during World War 1 is a mystery. All we know for certain is that the Zionists were looking for help in creating Israel.

Before I continue, you should be aware that during wars there is a lot of lying, manipulation, spying, fake documents, and double crossing. You cannot expect historians to make sense of events during a war because the lying and deception is at extreme levels.

We know that during the war both the British and French governments gave the Zionists a document which offered support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, although in such a vague manner that neither government was actually committing to anything.

The questions I cannot answer are: Did the Zionists outsmart the British and French in order to get those documents? Or did the British and French give the Zionists those documents in an attempt to use the Zionists in some manner? Or (most likely) were all three groups trying to take advantage of one another?

Some historians believe the British government was trying to use the Zionists to bring America into the war, thereby providing Britain with some assistance. In this scenario, Britain wanted the Zionists to encourage the American Jews to put pressure on the American government to get into in the war.

Other historians believe that some British government officials may have been thinking that it would be to Britain's advantage to have Zionists in Palestine because that would put some friends of Britain near the Suez canal.

Furthermore, some historians believe that some British officials also made promises to Arabs, while other officials made promises to France.

If this situation seems confusing, remember, this was a time of war. Individual government officials sometimes act on their own, promising things they cannot deliver, and promising things that conflict with the promises of other officials. And sometimes government officials make promises that they have no intention of keeping.

Nobody will ever know exactly what the Zionists, British, or French were thinking (most of those people are dead already), or who was involved in what, or how these three groups were trying to use, abuse, and/or double cross one another. All we know is that in June of 1917 the French gave the Zionists a document that expressed support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and in November of 1917 the British government did also.

The French document was so vague that it essentially stated, "Hey, a homeland for Jews! Great idea! Good Luck!"

The British document had a bit more substance. Not surprisingly, the French document never became important to the Zionists, while the British document became referred to as the “Balfour Declaration”.

The Balfour Declaration stated that the British government would help the Jews create a homeland in Palestine as long as it did not bother the Palestinians. Exactly how the British could accomplish such a feat was what we might refer to as “a minor detail” that the British never bothered to explain. The British government had agreed to something that they could easily back out of on the grounds that they cannot see how they can help the Jews without annoying the Palestinians.

What this means is that the Zionists did not get anything of value from the British or the French.

Did the British or the French get anything from the Zionists? Since it appears that the Zionists helped encourage America to get into the war, it seems that the British got what they wanted. Therefore, we might say that it appears as if the British outsmarted the Zionists in this particular situation.

Britain becomes guardian of Palestine

World War One changed the situation dramatically in Palestine because Turkey was a loser in that war. British troops in 1918 drove the Turks out of Palestine. The Palestinians then became free to have their own nation again, but they did not have a government because they had been under Turkish control for many generations.

Britain agreed to maintain some troops in Palestine and protect the area until 1948 in order to give the Palestinians a chance to form their own government and recover from the war. This policy became official in 1922 when the League of Nations agreed to the plan. The British protection was scheduled to stop in 1948, at which time it was assumed the Palestinians would be capable to taking care of themselves.

The protection of Palestine by the British created a dilemma for the Zionists. The goal of Britain was to protect Palestine from outside forces, and that meant protecting them from Zionists.

However, the Balfour Declaration would come back to haunt the British. When Turkey had control of Palestine, that declaration was a meaningless piece of paper. Now that Britain was guardian of Palestine, the Jews would use it to pressure the British into letting Jews emigrate to Palestine.

After the war the Jews took the Balfour Declaration to the League of Nations and convinced them to approve it also. Then they could put even more pressure on the British government by saying that even the League of Nations agrees to the idea of a Jewish home in Palestine. We could now say that the Zionists had outsmarted the British.

Jews arrive in Palestine in large numbers

After World War I was over, the Jews used the Balfour Declaration to put pressure on the British government to allow a small group of Jews to emigrate to Palestine. However, this resulted in arguments and fights with the Arabs who were living in the area. The British government responded by prohibiting additional emmigration.

The Jews responded by waving the Balfour Declaration in front of the British government officials, and whining, pouting, and using other tricks to manipulate the British government into making "just one more" exception to allowed "just one more" small group of Jews to emigrate to Palestine.

The British government would give in to their demands, and the result would be more fights between the Jews and the Arabs, and the British government would respond by prohibiting further immigration. The cycle was repeated over and over, year after year.

Palestine was becoming a battlezone between Zionists and Palestinians, and the Zionist population kept rising.

The British government let themselves get pushed into a ridiculous situation. They had signed the Balfour Declaration which gave their approval to a Jewish homeland in Palestine, but their main priority was to protect Palestinians. There was no way the British could appease both groups of people. They ended up doing what politicians in democratic nations do all the time. Namely, they occasionally appeased both groups. The end result was that the situation became more of mess than before the British government got involved.

As the population of Jews in Palestine increased, the Jews became increasingly arrogant and demanding. Some of the Jews eventually reached a point where there were no longer content to kill only the Arabs; specifically, they occasionally attacked the British, and even killed some British soldiers. The creation of Israel had become more important than the lives of their British "friends".

The Americans could have been the first Nazis

The Zionists were considered as "terrorists" prior to 1948, by both the British and the Americans. It is interesting to consider that if the Americans had been conducting their self-righteous, anti-terrorist campaign during the early 1900's, they would have been tossing those Daisy Cutters, and other adorable bombs with cute names, all over Palestine in order to kill the Zionists and defend both the Palestinians and the British. The Americans would have been killing Jews before Hitler came to power.

The Jews benefitted from Hitler more than from Moses

The Zionist movement changed dramatically when Hitler came to power. As you probably know, the Nazis considered the Jews to be a menace to society. When the Nazis first acquired power in 1933, they confiscated businesses from the Jews and harassed them. The Nazis wanted the Jews to get out of Germany. The Zionists also wanted Jews out of Europe and into Palestine to help with the creation of Israel. With so many people wanting to get Jews out of Europe, it is not surprising that many of the Jews reacted by leaving Germany after "Crystal Night".

I will not bother explain it in this document, but it was the Zionist Jews who arranged for, and were responsible primarily responsible for, "Crystal Night", and the reason was to drive the Jews out of Germany and into Palestine.

The flow of Jews out of Germany helped the Zionist movement because some of those Jews decided to join the Zionist cause. Some of those Jews moved to Britain where they assisted in outsmarting the British government officials into allow Jews to move to Palestine. Some Jews moved to America where they assisted in outsmarting the Americans government officials. Other Jews moved to Austrialia, Canada, and other nations, where they they assisted in outsmarting those governments.

Sometime after 1940 the Nazis decided that driving the Jews into the neighboring nations was not solving the Jewish problem since many Jews were refusing to leave Germany. The Nazis decided to put those stubborn Jews into concentration camps. That turned out to be the greatest event that has ever happened to the Jews because after World War Two was over, the Jews would hold up the concentration camps and use them to gain pity from everybody on the planet.

I won't bother to explain it in this document, but take a look at the evidence that the Zionist Jews were secretly involved with the Nazis, and that the Zionist Jews were willing to sacrifice the non-Zionist Jews in order to help Israel become established. Did you know that Theodore Herzl promoted the use of anti-Semitism in order to manipulate both Jews and non-Jews?

From 1945 onward, the world has become saturated with sad stories about the Holocaust. It seems as if every Jewish author has written at least one book, play, or article about the Holocaust. It seems as if every Jewish moviemaker has created at least one Holocaust movie. It is difficult to get through a single day in America without hearing at least one reference to Nazis or Holocaust victims.

Where would the Jews be today if it hadn't been for Hitler?

Just like animals, groups of people have been fighting with their neighbors long before history was recorded, so every group of people can whine about being the victim of a brutal war, and everybody could even claim to be the victim of a Holocaust. Everybody can claim that they have been attacked by “a Viking Hitler”, or "a Chinese Hitler", or "a Protestant Hitler", or "an Aztec Hitler".

Even Christians use Hitler and Nazis to manipulate emotions. Was it Rush Limbaugh who created the word "feminazis" to refer to women he did not like?

Consider how awful the world would be if every group of people and every religion were to saturate us with their particular holocaust stories in movies, newspapers, and daily conversations. Imagine if, day after day, year after year, the French made us listen to their holocaust stories of how they suffered abuse from the British and the Germans. Imagine if the victims of Napoleon and the French Foreign Legion were bombarding us with their holocaust stories. How about the Native Americans providing holocaust stories about how they suffered from the European immigrants? Don't forget the central Europeans who have holocaust stories about how they suffered from the Nazi-Vikings.

Incidentally, for those of you who like to pity the Native Americans, each of those tribes fought with their neighbors, so each of the Native American tribes could whine about being victims of other Native Americans. Imagine if every day some Native American was whining about how his ancestors were victims of other Native Americans.

It seems as if most books and movies in America find a way to remind us of Hitler or Nazis. Imagine that every group of people were to provide as many holocaust books and movies as the Jews. Imagine that every time you look in a newspaper or magazine, or every time you watch the TV news, you have to put up with somebody's holocaust story. We are lucky that only Jews do this.

None of the books or movies about the Holocaust are serious; rather, they try to stimulate pity of Jews and hatred of Nazis. The Holocaust stories are attempts to manipulate, not educate.

Furthermore, take a look at the evidence that some of the Holocaust stories are exaggerated, and others are complete fiction. I won't bother to explain it in this document, but you should be able to figure out that the reason the Jews want laws against "Holocaust Denial" is to frighten us into accepting the Holocaust stories rather than investigate history.

The Zionist Jews are exploiting the suffering and death of the other Jews. The moment a Jew suffers or dies, the other Jews look for ways to exploit the situation. It reminds me of the way cockroaches immediately begin eating one another when one of them dies.

It also reminds me of the way American lawyers try to profit from crimes and fights. Our lawyers are not interested in understanding why fights or crimes are occurring, nor do they show any desire to prevent future problems. Instead, they look for ways to profit from other people's problems.

America becomes a Superpower

World War Two changed the world in one other very significant way. Specifically, it put America into the role of world leader.

In 1945 America found itself with lots of advanced European technology and weapons. A group people with almost no understanding of Palestine, Zionism, or much else, suddenly became the world leader.

"It's your problem now; we're out of here!"

Britain had agreed to remove its soldiers from Palestine in 1948. It was assumed that by 1948 the Palestinians would be ready to function as an independent nation. Unfortunately, in the decades prior to 1948 the Zionists had been moving into Palestine and fighting with the Palestinians in an attempt to drive them off the land. The Palestinians never got their government established due to the fighting, terrorism, and chaos.

When World War Two began, Britain turned its attention to the war. After the war they were busy recovering from it. The British people were no longer much interested in protecting Palestine; rather, there were more concerned about their own nation. The British government decided to remove their troops in 1948 despite the fact that the Palestinians were not ready to govern themselves. In February of 1947 Britain warned the United Nations that the problem will be in their hands in 1948.

So, in 1947 the representatives at the United Nations discussed what to do with this disaster in Palestine. Somebody brought up the suggestion that Palestine be divided into a Jewish area and a Palestinian area. He even provided a map and showed how to divide the land. The Palestinians and other Arab nations considered this to be unacceptable.

Government officials in democratic nations tend to be submissive; ie, they try to please as many people as possible. British government officials are no exception. Voting for the proposal to divide Palestine would upset the Palestinians, and voting against it would upset the Zionists. The solution the British officials came up with was to avoid voting. Nine other nations also decided not to vote.

The United Nations is nothing more than a meeting place where representatives discuss issues (and avoid controversial issues). The representatives discussed this proposal to divide Palestine, but since the nations could not agree to anything, nothing was done about it. The United Nations then ignored the problem and moved on to other issues.

How will the world ever become a nice place to live when democratic government officials have this tendency to please as many people as possible and avoid controversial problems?

The United Nations is regarded by millions of people as a great organization that solves problems, but I challenge you to find one problem that it has solved. The UN representatives discuss a lot of issues, but they don't solve any problems. When the United Nations makes a decision to do something, such as to bomb Iraq in 1991, it is due to pressure by America. America virtually controls the United Nations. (Ariel Sharon supposedly announced to the Israeli government that the Jews control America, in which case the Jews actually control the United Nations.)

Israel is announced in 1948

At midnight on May 14, 1948 the British were officially ending their protection of Palestine. The Palestinians did not yet have a real government, and neither did the Zionists. The British were taking their troops away from two groups of leaderless people who were fighting with each other. The British did not care, and neither did the United Nations. In fact, nobody cared. Most of Europe was recovering from war, and most of the rest of the world had plenty of their own problems to deal with. Nobody wanted to get involved in the fighting between the Palestinians and Zionists.

The Zionists announced at midnight -- the moment the British were officially gone -- that the nation of Israel will officially begin. They decided to use the borders that were discussed at the United Nations in 1947.

Not surprisingly, the Arab nations were annoyed with this announcement, and the fighting escalated to a serious war.

Most nations ignored the announcement about Israel. Initially, nobody considered Israel to be a nation. The exception was America.

Midnight in Palestine was 6:00 pm at the US Capitol. According to the Truman archives, 11 minutes after 6:00 pm President Truman signed a document that recognized Israel.

How did Truman come to this decision so quickly? Did the Congress, the President, and the American citizens hold meetings and discuss the issue of the fighting between Palestinians and Zionists? Did the Americans decide within 11 minutes that the best solution to this problem is to recognize Israel and ignore the Palestinians?

Most Americans who are alive today have no idea what Zionism is, and no understanding of the history of Palestine or Israel. The Americans alive in 1948 were just as ignorant. The decision to recognize Israel did not come from serious discussions by the American people or the American government. Rather, it was due to manipulation by Jews.

The Jews outsmarted and manipulated Truman and other American government officials into recognizing Israel, just as they outsmarted and manipulated the British government officials into allowing Zionists to move to Palestine. The Jews also outsmarted and manipulated most of the American and British citizens.

How did the Jews manipulate Truman?

Let's look at the Truman library. I selected the following entries from what is a very brief summary of Truman's daily activities. You can find the complete listing at this site:

My comments are underneath the entries.

October 17, 1947: President Truman writes to Senator Claude Pepper: "I received about 35,000 pieces of mail and propaganda from the Jews in this country while this matter [the issue of the partition of Palestine, which was being considered by the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine from May 13, 1947 to August 31, 1947] was pending. I put it all in a pile and struck a match to it -- I never looked at a single one of the letters because I felt the United Nations Committee [United Nations Special Committee on Palestine] was acting in a judicial capacity and should not be interfered with." 
The Jews would inundate Truman with mail in an attempt to manipulate him. The following entry shows that Truman was trying to ignore them:

December 12, 1947: President Truman writes to Chaim Weizmann, president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine and the World Zionist Organization, that it is essential that restraint and tolerance be exercised by all parties if a peaceful settlement is to be reached in the Middle East.

Truman's remark to Weizmann is similar to those that our government leaders give to Israel today. Specifically, Truman did not want to support the killings by the Zionists, but he did not have the emotional strength to say so directly. Truman was an emotional weakling, as most democractic government official are. Instead of facing problems and thinking for himself, Truman was easily manipulated by a small number of Jews. Stalin also found it easy to manipulate Truman and other democratic leaders.

Trumam made a very mild, polite suggestion for the Zionists to restrain themselves. Can you imagine if the police were so emotionally timid that they politely asked Jeff Dahmer to “exercise restraint and tolerance”? 

February 21, 1948: Eddie Jacobson, a longtime and close personal friend of President Truman, sends a telegram to Truman, asking him to meet with Chaim Weizmann,...

Weizmann flies to America, and a Jewish friend of Truman tries to convince him to meet Weizmann. Why a personal meeting? Why not correspond by letter or telephone? The reason is that people can be manipulated in person much easier than with a letter. Weizmann wanted a personal meeting with Truman in order to manipulate him.

February 27, 1948: President Truman writes to his friend Eddie Jacobson, refusing to meet with Chaim Weizmann...

Truman certainly knew that the only reason Weizmann wanted a personal meeting was so that he could push Truman into supporting the Zionists.

March 13, 1948: President Truman's friend Eddie Jacobson walks into the White House without an appointment and pleads with Truman to meet with Chaim Weizmann, ..

Here we find Truman's Jewish “friend” taking advantage of him. Was Jacobson really Truman's “friend”? Or was Jacobson maintaining this friendship for the potential benefits?

March 18, 1948: President Truman meets with Chaim Weizmann. Truman says he wishes to see justice done in Palestine without bloodshed, and that if the Jewish state were declared and the United Nations remained stalled in its attempt to establish a temporary trusteeship over Palestine, the United States would recognize the new state immediately.
At this meeting, Weizmann pressured Truman into agreeing to immediately recognize the state of Israel the moment it is established. Truman is not permitted to think about it or discuss this issue with the nation. Truman behaves like a child when he is with Weizmann.

April 11, 1948: President Truman's friend Eddie Jacobson enters the White House unnoticed by the East Gate and meets with Truman. Jacobson recorded of this meeting: "He reaffirmed, very strongly, the promises he had made to Dr. Weizmann and to me; and he gave me permission to tell Dr. Weizmann so, which I did. It was at this meeting that I also discussed with the President the vital matter of recognizing the new state, and to this he agreed with a whole heart." 

Again his Jewish “friend” slips in and pressures him into promising to carry through with the verbal promise he made with Weizmann. Do your friends treat you like that at your job? Are you as emotionally weak as Truman?

May 13, 1948: Chaim Weizmann writes to President Truman: "I deeply hope that the United States, which under your leadership has done so much to find a just solution [to the Palestine situation], will promptly recognize the Provisional Government of the new Jewish state. The world, I think, would regard it as especially appropriate that the greatest living democracy should be the first to welcome the newest into the family of nations." 

One day before Israel announces its independence, Weizmann again contacts Truman for one final bit of praise, followed by a suggestion of what Truman should do. He then finishes by implying Truman will be considered a great man for recognizing Israel.

The Truman diaries show that Jews contacted Truman time after time after time. They also sent tens of thousands of letters. They would take advantage of America's (and Britian's) emotionally weak and stupid government officials. When Truman refused to meet with the Jews, his “friend” would show up unannounced and pressure him to allow the meeting. If Truman made a verbal promise to the Jews, the Jews would come back and make sure that he really intended to keep it.

Keep in mind that Truman was certainly only one of many government official that the Jews were outsmarting and manipulating. For all we know, 90% of America's government officials were (and still are!) being manipulated by Jews. There are also non-Jewish Americans outsmarting and manipulating the American government officials. Jews aint the only people who manipulate America's government. The American voters consistently elect emotionally defective officials, and as a result, the USA is wide open for abuse.

The Truman Library has a photograph of the “document” that Truman signed that gave recognition to Israel. The photograph shows two creases in the paper, suggesting that it had been placed in an envelope, perhaps for mailing. Did Truman do that? Or did the people who archive documents do it?

I would not be surprised if Weizmann typed the document and mailed it to Truman. Then Truman held onto it until he was told to sign it. When the orders came in from Weizmann, Truman made a couple of handwritten corrections to the document, stamped it, and signed it. Take a look:

Even if Truman typed it himself, is this your idea of a proper government?

America ignores the Palestinians

Truman was manipulated into recognizing Israel, but Truman never did anything to deal with the Palestinian problem. It never occurred to the American government that they cannot simply ignore all those Palestinians, many of whom were very angry. Or, perhaps Truman wanted to do something for the Palestinians but every time he talked about the Palestinians, his Jewish “friend” would appear and talk him out of it.

If America consisted of intelligent, educated people, they would have discussed the issue of what to do with the Palestinians. However, the decision to recognize Israel did not come from the American people, nor did it come from Truman. Rather, that decision came from the Jews. The American people were just pawns in their plot to create Israel. America was not Israel's friend; rather, America was just another nation of idiots to exploit.

Most Americans did not understand what was going on in Palestine. The end result is that after the British tried for decades to protect the Palestinians, the Americans came in 1948 to help the Zionists create Israel and assist them in their killings of Palestinians.

Americans alter their language in 1948

There was no official announcement of the change, but sometime around 1948 the American government and media changed the way it used a few words, such as “terrorist”. For a few examples, the Palestinians became “terrorists”, and the Zionists became Israeli “settlers”. The Palestinians wanted “war”; the Israelis wanted “peace”. The Palestinians became “murderers”, the Israelis became “defenders” of their land.

Who brought about these changes in the use of these words? Did the American Congress or the American people hold meetings and seriously discuss which of these groups of people should be labeled as “terrorists”? Of course not. This is just another example of how the Jews outsmart the American people and their inept goverment. In the land of the Wretched Refuse, the Jew is King.

Israel expands in the war of 1948

The Zionist Jerws created the impression that Zionism was a peaceful movement to find a home for Jews, but when independence was declared in 1948, they somehow brought out a lot of weapons to fight the Arab nations. Where did so many weapons come from? Did America have a secret weapons smuggling program in operation?

In January of 1949 Israel shot down five British air force planes. The Jews once again attacked their British friends, and once again, the British just pulled down their pants, bent over, and said, "Go ahead, mates; do it to us again."

I am truly amazed that a few Jews can manipulate entire nations. While the USA has always been just a gathering place for criminals, retards, and misfits, which would explain why there is so much crime, corruption, and manipulation, how do we explain the ease at which a few Jews dominate Britain and other "normal" nations? Are Jews more intelligent than other people?

Two important results of the 1948 war were that a lot of the Arabs were chased out of Palestine (and many were killed), and the Jews grabbed more land from the Arabs.

Britain finally recognizes Israel

After America recognized Israel as a nation, other nations slowly followed within days, weeks, or months. Britain was the exception. The British government refused to accept least for a while.

On April 27, 1950 Britain finally decided to recognize Israel as a nation. Why did Britain refuse to recognize Israel for almost two years? Do you recall that Truman needed only 11 minutes?

I suppose the Brits held off for two years because some British officials were tired of being outsmarted by the Jews. But after two years the Brits gave up, pulled their pants down yet again, and let the Jews continue the abuse.

Jews exploit America for money and weapons

Whenever fights would break out between Israel and Arabs, the Jews within America would fill the news reports with emotional stories of murderous Palestinian terrorists and innocent Israeli settlers. The ignorant American people never questioned those reports. Rather, they pitied the Jews.

The Jews convinced the American government to provide Israel with money and weapons. Through the years the Jews would increase the amount of money they wanted, and today Israel is getting several billion dollars each year. As America give billions to Israel, our schools complain of a lack of money and our government complains it cannot affort to create a proper train system. The USA is like a retarded girl who has been tricked by the neighborhood boys into letting them have sex.

America purchases peace with the Arabs

Eventually America began giving billions of dollars each year to Egypt and a few other Arab nations in an attempt to convince them to accept Israel. The end result is that we are wasting an incredible amount of money each year to support Israel.

Christians also support Israel

Christians have wanted to drive the Moslems out of Palestine for centuries. This makes it difficult to figure out if a particular Christian is supporting Isreal because he has been outsmarted by a Jew, or if he truly believes that Jesus wants him to fight with the Arabs.

For example, this page of The Christian Science Monitor web site summarizes Israel's history:

Here is their entire entry for 1947:

1947.   UN partitions Palestine into two states - one for Jews, one for Palestinians.

The Christians who read this are certain to get the impression that the United Nations created Israel.

Have the people of the Christian Science Monitor been so deceived by Jews that they do not understand how Israel was created? Or, are these Christians also trying to deceive us in order to promote Israel?

I have met more than one Christian who supports both Israel and the killing of Arabs in order to protect the birthplace of Jesus. I suppose those Christians worry that the Arabs will dig up the dirt that Jesus lived on, haul it to the ocean, and then use the hole as a garbage dump. Therefore, I would not be surprised if some Christians are deliberately distorting history in order to promote their particular neurotic fantasies that Jesus wants them to kill Arabs.

The Arabs have been living in Palestine for thousands of years. They have not destroyed the birthplace of Jesus yet, so why do the Christians worry that the Arabs will destroy it in the future?

I have also met Christians (one had a PhD in geology) who believe that Muslims deserve to die because their religion is disgusting and the Arabs are an inferior race. What would happen if those ignorant and violent Christians got control of our newspapers, government, schools, or television news networks?

Christians may be our bigger problem

The Christian population of America is many times larger than the Jewish population. Furthermore, the Jews seem more intelligent. Which is really the USA's biggest problem: the horde of violent, hypocritical Christians who are easily manipulated, or a small number of Jews?

Do American universities lie, also?

The University of Michigan has a web site to help the students to understand Israel. Take a look at their timeline of the important events in the history of Israel.

1936-39 Palestinian nationalist uprising against Britain. Britain proposes partition of Palestine and expulsion of 250,000 Palestinians.

This entry tells us that the Palestinians attacked the British for a "nationalist uprising". What exactly does that mean? Did the Palestinians have the audacity to demand Palestine be their own nation?

Those people are refered to as "Palestinians" because Palestine has been their home for thousands of years! The Zionists are the intruders, not the Palestinians.

Furthermore, the population of Palestine in 1936 was very small, so 250,000 Palestinians was a significant percentage of the Palestinian population. Where would Britain deport that many Palestinians to?

1944-47 Jewish-British War. Jewish groups in Palestine try to expel Britain. Mainstream Jewish fighters under David Ben Gurion are called Hagana. They later become the Israeli army. Two separate military groups (Irgun Zvai Leumi led by Menachem Begin and Lehi or the Stern Gang led by Yitzhak Shamir) resort to assassination and bombings. Many British soldiers and Arab civilians are killed.
In this entry the university admits that the Jews attacked their British friends, but it does not refer to these Israelis as "terrorists" or "murderers". Nor does the university point out that the Jews turned against their "friends". Nor does the university discuss the interesting issue of why the British are regularly bending over and letting a few Jews abuse their nation.

The University of Michigan is either trying to deceive us in order to promote Israel, or they are as uneducated about world history as the average American. Either way, the teachers should be told to find another job.

American schools are not educating students about world history. Rather, they teaching lies and distortions.



Sites with historial documents

The Truman Library's info on Israel

Fordham University; historial documents

Yale University's copy of the 1947 UN Resolution 181