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Have you noticed the hypocrisy
of the minorities who whine about racism?

I posted the two images below on Twitter, here and here.
I also put them on this page for people who do not use Twitter, or in case Twitter sensors them.

They also want to live in our neighborhoods
rather than live with their own people,
and they want to join our social and recreational activities,
rather than be with their own people.

It should be obvious that the minorities who
 whine about racism are selfish hypocrites.
They want the benefits of our society,
but they demand that we allow them to
behave like crude, violent, dishonest animals.

The two images above are webp images. If you need software to create webp images, or convert them to different formats, you can use MillWrite, which has some basic image editing functions. The free version is here, and it also provides a CAD system that can read and write DXF files, and view STL files.

To convert a webp image, one method is to click the "Files" tab along the top of the screen, or the "Images" tab, and then browse to the image, and then view the image.

Then click the "webP" button at the top of the screen. Then you specify the compression value, with 100% meaning "no compression".

Instead of clicking the webP button, you can press the W key on the keyboard. Or press and hold down the CONTROL key, which will put a menu up along the bottom of the screen, and then press the F10 key to get the "save as" option, and then let go of the CONTROL key.