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Note from Eric Hufschmid:
Somebody sent me the transcript to my "Jews Smuggles Diseases" video.
Jews Smuggles Diseases

29 February 2016

A video about a Jew caught smuggling diseased leaves has been blocked for my area of the world (perhaps you can see it), so I extracted a few important sections.

If you can play a Microsoft Windows video, download this video:
Jew-smuggles-diseases.wmv 22 MB
Some people cannot access my website, so pass them a copy of the video rather than the link to this page.

This crime happened in 2013. The customs officials wondered why the Jews would smuggle diseased leaves into their nation. Can you figure it out? How many other Jews are spreading diseases, insects, or bacteria?
Transcript of the video

The following is a transcript of this video by Eric Hufschmid. (AJ) refers to the Australian Jew, while (CA1) and (CA2) to custom agent #1 and #2 respectively.

Australia's Channel 7 produced some television programs that show the work of customs officials at the Australian airport, but they are now stopping people from posting those programs on the Internet.

One of their more interesting episodes shows an Australian Jew who arrived home after a trip to Israel. He attracted the attention of the customs agents when he cut in front of other people who were standing in line at the customs stations. He claimed that he did not have to go through the inspections because he was an Australian citizen. The customs agents decided to search his luggage.

He complained that his luggage had already been through the high security of Israeli airports and that he was being discriminated against. He complained that the customs agents should not look through his private things. The customs agents discovered that Michael had some prohibited items that he had not declared, such as diseased eucalyptus leaves, seeds, and other biological materials.

The customs agents showed Michael that he had filled his customs form incorrectly, specifically question number 7. He told Michael that by not declaring those item he was breaking the nation's law. However Michael did not believed that Australia's laws apply to him.

(CA1): Filling this card [?] you are breaking the law of your country and in my country. 

(AJ): Oh, no! It's not my law.

Apparently a nation's laws are for the Goyim, not the Chosen People. The customs agent told Michael that the item are prohibited in order to protect the plants and trees of Australia.

(CA2): By bringing these items you are putting at risk the nation's flora and fauna of Australia. It has got nothing to do with legislation, it's the risk involved, OK?

Michael argued with him and tried to intimidate him. The customs agent try to explain again in more detail, but Michael interrupted him with an angry remark.

(CA1): Really, [?] I'm protecting the Australians.

(AJ): I'm talking about the importance of protecting my people.

Unfortunately the television program did not ask Michael to explain that remark. The customs agent said he couldn't understand why Michael did not declared those diseased eucalyptus leaves.

(CA1): Obviously diseased leaves. I can't understand how he didn't declared that. It's beyond me.

Let's see if you and I can figure out why an Australian Jew would bring diseased leaves home with him after taking a trip to Israel. And where did he get those leaves, and where did he get the other plant materials that he was smuggling. Those are not typical tourist souvenirs.

You might expect a Jew, who was visiting Israel, to visit the Wailing Wall, but obviously Michael stopped by Moshe Steinberg's Emporium of Diseases and Insects which is disguised as a barber shop. This is where the Chosen People are able to select from a wide variety of diseases and insects all of which are offered for free because the operation is subsidized by American Foreign Aid to Israel and Germany Holocaust's payments. Michael decided to pick up some diseased eucalyptus leaves and other diseased plants. He then flew back to Australia with the diseased leaves hidden in his luggage. Do you think that his remark about protecting his people can explain why he did this?

Perhaps he was smuggling diseases into Australia because he believes that he is a member of the superior race and that they are surrounded by hordes of inferior Goyim. Perhaps he believes that Chosen People must protect themselves from us vermin by spreading diseases, starting wars, starting forest fires, and whatever else they can think of to destroy our nations and get control of the world. Michael got caught only because he attracted the attention of the customs agents. If he had behaved like everybody else, he would have slipped though without being noticed. This might cause you to wonder: "How many other Jews have traveled to Israel to pick up diseases or insects and successfully spread them around the world?" You might also wonder: "How many more centuries will our sheep-like relatives and neighbors ignore or tolerate this abuse?"

(AJ): I'm talking about the importance of protecting my people.