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A replacement for Windows?
Or a Marxist fantasy?
Note: In 1999 I believed the hype that Linux would soon replace Microsoft Windows, and I expected to convert my Windows software to run on Linux.

Linux has become more serious compared to 1999 when it was going to destroy "The Evil Empire of Darth Gates", so some of the following documents may seem overly harsh.

Select from the following inflammatory documents:
2 Sep 2001 Competition in sports and business; our government is an incompetent referee 
22 Sept 2001 Linux; Kids without adult supervision
19 June 2001 Linux depends on the disgust of Microsoft
13 July 2001 Why the government should strip Microsoft of Windows
8 Aug 2001 Are open source advocates mentally healthy? 
19 June 2001 Open source hurts — not helps — poor nations
19 June 2001 Is Bill Gates mentally ill? How did Microsoft become a monopoly?
8 Aug 2001 Linux needs leadership; Linux is for teenage boys
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Other complaints of mine about computers, in a more humorous format:
If computer companies made cars

The hardcore, open source fanatics are demanding that programmers provide their software and source code to the world at no cost. How do software companies make a living in such a case? Here are two quotes on where their income comes from:
OpenBSD “...selling CDs and T-shirts, as well as receiving donations.” 
Wolfram Diestel
software developer
for KDE
“... at the moment I only get money from my wife for caring for my daughter :-)”

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Some reactions to my Linux articles...

do my articles inspire you to work harder for Linux, or abandon it?
“Now that I've read your page I have resolved to create as many open source programs as possible.”  “I've been using linux for over a year now, and .. I never really thought about it, but you're right, linux flat out sucks.”
“First off, hello Mr. Eric Hufschmid. Second, you sir, are an ignorant wanker.” 
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