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Ron Paul
and the White Supremacists

20 Dec 2007

The Zionists are playing an interesting trick with Ron Paul right now.

If you understand this trick, you can watch out for variations of it, and you can identify more Zionists.

Don Black, who runs the white supremacist website, donated $500 to the Ron Paul presidential campaign. As I explained in other articles, such as  Ashkenazi-Nazis.html, the white supremacist groups are run by Zionist Jews. Don Black is either a Zionist Jew pretending to be a Nazi, or he's one of their useful idiots.

So, this phony Nazi donates $500 to the Ron Paul campaign, and then other Zionists "expose" this donation to imply that Ron Paul is a white supremacist. For example:

Bill White, who runs, is another phony white supremacist. He didn't bother to give money to Ron Paul; instead, he announced that Ron Paul is a supporter of white supremacists. Zionist agents are now promoting his remark as proof that Ron Paul is indeed a white supremacist: 2409da96-e99b-4c3b-8695-c9aa6114332c Neo-Nazis_Say-_Ron_Paul_is_One_of_Us

For more information on the white supremacists, take a look at what Rick Cooper wrote,  which also has links to my article about them:

What is the trick?

The trick is simple:
1) Set somebody up to be associated with an undesirable group.
2) Expose that connection to give the victim a bad image.

This trick accomplishes two things.
1) It harms the image of the victim.
2) It gives credibility to the phony investigators who exposed the victim.

The people at the American Free Press use a variation of this trick to give themselves credibility:
1) Set up a "victim" to be condemned or threatened by the ADL or other Jewish group.
2) Promote that condemnation or threat as proof that the "victim" is truly opposing Zionism rather than a Zionist agent.

In this variation of the trick, there is no true victim. Everybody involved is a Zionist agent.

All players in this type of trick should be investigated

In regards to Ron Paul, we should be suspicious of everybody who promotes his connections to the white supremacists. For example, Charles Johnson of
Johnson appears to be an honest investigator because in 2006 he exposed this Reuters news photo as edited: AR2006080801431

In 2004 he exposed Dan Rather's lies: A34153-2004Sep19

However, don't judge a person by only a few of his articles. First of all, for all we know, it was Johnson's Jewish friends who arranged for the Reuters photo to be edited, and his Jewish friends may have set Dan Rather up with false information.

Second, all Zionist agents provide a lot of honest information in order to fool us into trusting them. We often have to look through a lot of their material before we find the lies. For example, Johnson wrote an article that "exposed" Rachel Corrie as a fraud. He wrote:

Rachel Corrie was emphatically not a “peace activist.” She sided with terrorists and criminals, and advocated—in fact, was excited by—violence and mass murder.
littlegreenfootballs entry=5884
Rachel Corrie may have been a "scatterbrain" who believed that childish demonstrations will force people to behave better, but it's not likely that she was excited by violence and mass murder.

For more evidence that Little Green Footballs (LGF) are Zionists, look at who they promote, and who promotes them. For example, in 2005, the Jerusalem Post voted LGF as the number 1 blog in two categories:

Best Israel Advocacy Blog
Best Overall 'mega' Blog
Their awards for 2005 are here and for 2006 here.

Be suspicious of the people who expose LittleGreenFootballs

It should be obvious that LGF is a Zionist operation, but that doesn't mean you can trust people who expose the lies of LGF. Here is a website that claims to be "Keeping an eye on those rabid racists at Little Green Footballs":

One clue that this group is also a Zionist operation is that they don't expose LGF as Zionists. Instead, they deflect attention away from Zionism by referring to LGF as racists. The other clue is to look along the right side of their page for the category "LGF Watch Supports" and notice that they support such deceptive sites as:
"Liberals against Terrorism and the TerrorWiki are a collaborative online effort to shape a more liberal strategy for defeating terrorism and Islamist radicalism"
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.
"ICAHD is a non-violent, direct-action group originally established to oppose and resist Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territories"
"The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories"
"Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights"

Some of those organizations seem wonderful, such as the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. You don't support house demolitions, do you? And Amnesty International seems to be a wonderful group. However, none of these groups are willing to expose the Iraq war, Zionism, 9/11, the Holocaust lies, the Apollo moon landing hoax, or any other crime.

You are foolish to assume that these large and wealthy organizations are as naive as they appear. They know what's going on. Their refusal to be honest is because they're not interested in helping us. Instead, they want to control, manipulate, deceive, and abuse us.

Zionists take every side of an issue

Ron Paul is getting support from such Zionist liars as the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Alex Jones, and, but the people who criticize Ron Paul are also Zionist liars.  Some of the people who criticize the critics of Ron Paul are Zionist agents, also.

The Zionists are trying to control every side of the issue so that no matter who you decide to trust, you are trusting a Zionist Jew. The only solution is be suspicious of everybody!

Don't be a child; don't be so trusting

Thousands of Zionist agents are in the role of a Pied Piper who are trying to lead you to their websites and organizations where they can watch you, manipulate, deceive you, cheat you, take your money, and sometimes arrange for your kidnapping, suicide, or murder.

Zionists dominate both the pro-war and the anti-war groups; the pro-abortion and the anti-abortion groups; and all of the political parties. They are involved with the veterans groups, the police groups, and the women's groups. It doesn't matter which group you turn to.

You don't know who any of us are. The only way we're going to get rid of organized crime and bring more honest and competent people into leadership positions is demand an end to the secrecy. We must know more about the people who are in control of our media, our government, our banks, our police departments, and our school systems. We must investigate everybody.

What is Ron Paul's true goal?

Have you ever considered how significant the "Ron Paul Revolution" is? He raised millions of dollars and acquired a tremendous amount of voter support without any favorable publicity by the media.

Imagine if you had announced on the Internet that you were running for president, and imagine yourself receiving millions of dollars. And imagine that you had attracted hundreds of thousands of people who were aware of 9/11 and fed up with the corruption, the Federal Reserve, and Zionism. What sort of presidential campaign would you set up for yourself? Would you avoid the issue of 9/11? Or would you work with your supporters to help spread information about 9/11 and Zionism in order to educate more people and get more supporters?

Ron Paul isn't taking advantage of the wonderful situation he's in. Some people assume he's being cautious, but it's more likely that he is working for a faction within the Zionist network that is competing with other factions for control of America.

Ron Paul has never shown any interest in exposing Zionism. He is willing to complain about the Iraq war, but he never mentions that Israel set up the 9/11 attack to start the war. Instead, he merely describes the war is a mistake.

He is willing to complain about the Federal Reserve and the income tax, but he never suggests that we arrest the Rothschilds or the other banking families for the horrendous crimes they've been involved with. Instead, he suggests we allow competing currencies.

It's also possible that Ron Paul's true goal is even more diabolical. It's possible that he has no intention of becoming president. It's possible that he's just another Pied Piper to pacify the people who are angry about the war, the Federal Reserve system, and 9/11. In this scenario, Ron Paul was told to take their money, and encourage them to calm down and do nothing.

“Follow me if you're upset with the Federal Reserve, 9/11, or the Iraq war!

Relax! Be happy! I'll take care of you after I'm elected president!

Until then, remain quiet about 9/11 and Zionism so that you don't upset anybody.”

The Zionists expose themselves  in their attempt to manipulate us

The people who exposed Ron Paul's connection to white supremacists actually exposed themselves as Zionist agents, and that in turn exposes all of the people they promote and associate with. For example, Kevin McCullough exposed himself, and he leads us to a group called, which was originally part of the Heritage Foundation, and is now part of Salem Communications. All of these groups and their associates should be investigated:

Kevin McCullough claims to lead "the daily charge of The MuscleHead Revolution". He is promoted by a lot of people in the conventional media and on the Internet.

The white supremacists are Zionists

The white supremacists are Zionist agents who try to stir up trouble between the different races and religions, and they try to attract people who are angry with the Zionist Jews. One of the white supremacists, Jim Ramm, is such an amateur that it's embarrassing to watch him:

"Commander" Bill White is not much better:
Update: those two videos have been removed!

In response to these phony white supremacists, Zionist Jews come forward to be our saviors. These Jews pretend to be fighting racism, hatred, anti-Semitism, sexism, bigotry, and inequality. For example, here is a news report that promotes our hero, Andrew Rosenkrantz:

Professor Michel Chossudovsky also claims to be a good Jew who is fighting corruption, but even though Daryl Smith insisted to me that Chossudovsky can be trusted, take a look at who Chossudovsky promotes on his website. He recently posted an article by Paul Watson (who works with Alex Jones) and this article promotes Naomi Wolf's latest propaganda:

“Follow me! I will protect you from the white supremacists, the Bush family, the racists, the bigots, and the sexists!