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Some of the people who read my book or watched my DVD were initially excited to learn about the September 11 attack. They enthusiastically began showing it to the friends and relatives under the assumption that by exposing the corruption, they would educate people and help make a better world. Some people bought more than one copy of my book or DVD and gave it to their friends as a present. They thought they were doing their friends a favor. 

I heard from some of those people after they became frustrated, angry, depressed, and/or disgusted with their relatives and friends. Some had been in such unpleasant arguments with their own family members over the issue of conspiracy theories and corruption that they no longer speak much to one another. Only a few people had cheerful stories of how their friends appreciated the information.

The refusal of the typical person to deal with 9-11 is shocking. When a citizen tries to mobilize his friends or neighbors into standing up to corruption, he will usually be given excuses, not assistance. This creates frustration, anger, and disappointment. It also causes some people to give up on their fight against crime.

Some people try to cheer us up by telling us that Jesus said:

"Do not cast your pearls before swine, because they will trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you into pieces." Matt 7:6

Jesus is telling us that the majority of people are not much better than animals, so when we spend our time and money providing people with a book or DVD about 9-11, they will discard it, and then they will turn to us and attack us. They will not appreciate our attempts to help them, nor will they discuss the issues with us.

This attitude can make us feel better because we don't have to wonder why nobody listens to us. However, this attitude creates a disgust of people.

Lots of people are disgusted

The people who gave us the September 11 attack are sometimes referred to as "The Elite". It is assumed that they are arrogant, conceited people who think they are superior to the rest of us. It is assumed that they look down on us as:
    • useless eaters
    • cannon fodder
    • organic robots
    • talking animals
    • mindless zombies
    • useful idiots
    • mindless masses
However, the people who gave us the 9-11 attack are not the only people to consider the common people to be "useful idiots". Some of the people who showed my book to their relatives developed a similar attitude. I have heard some of them complain that "the masses are asses". One person who was so upset after being ridiculed by his family members that he told me that they all deserve to die in the next fake terrorist attack.

People are encouraged and inspired by citizens who try to make life better, but we are disillusioned, disappointed, and disgusted by people who refuse to deal with the problems we face.

All nation are victims of their citizens

The widespread belief in America is that all of our problems are due to a group of evil people, such as the Bush administration, the Liberals, the Rothschilds, the Zionists, the Mexicans, or the Christian Fundamentalists.

We love these type of theories because they allow each of us to blame somebody else for our problems. We don't have to take any responsibility for anything.

However, the idea that a small group of people can control a gigantic nation is as idiotic as the idea that a teenage gang can control a neighborhood, or that Al Capone had control of Chicago. A small number of people can control a large number of people only if that large number of people allow themselves to be controlled.

Unfortunately, the majority of people in every nation are allowing small groups of criminals to have free access to their government, their schools, and their businesses. Every nation is allowing itself to be abused.

I don't expect people to agree with everything I say. In fact, I don't agree with some of my own opinions from a few years ago. However, I expect adults to be capable of discussing the problems we face. If an adult does not want to deal with our problems, that is acceptable to me, but then he should not be voting, telling me how to live my life, or passing judgment on which nation deserves a bombing.

Most people complain when they are referred to as "mindless masses" or "animals". But what should we call an adult human who runs away in fear when the issue of Building 7 is discussed?

Marie Antoinette would probably have a good response to this issue.

"Marie, the common people don't like it when you refer to them as animals."
Then perhaps they should behave like humans!"