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Ex-Zionist Benjamin Freedman speaks at the Willard Hotel, Washington D.C., in 1961

He left the Zionist movement, changed his name from the Jewish spelling (Friedman), and exposed some of the diabolical plots that helped set the stage for the wars in Europe and the Mideast

He does not give the complete story, but when we make the same accusations, we are referred to as "anti-Semites", so let people hear it from a Jew, and then they will be more receptive to what we say.

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  • 40 minute excerpt
  • If you don't want the entire speech, here is the most important 40 minute section compressed to only 5.5 megabytes:
    40 minute excerpt of Freedman speech, 5.5 mb

  • The complete 1 hour 27 minute speech
  • There are some low quality sections in the complete speech, mainly the last 40 minutes. This mp3 file is much larger than the 40 minute excerpt above because it has slightly higher audio quality:

    Complete Freedman speech, 36 mb

    Also, let people know about the rabbis who oppose Zionism and Israel:

    Samuel Untermyer

    Freedman refers to Samuel Untermyer's speech, which was printed in the New York Times in 1933 to create anger towards Germany. This is part of an important historical event that few people are aware of. Please look into "Judea declares war on Germany":

    Have you heard of the book "Germany Must Perish!", written by Theodore N. Kaufman in 1941:

    Myron Fagan

    As with Freedman, Fagan was a Jew who decided to expose the criminals in the Jewish community:

    Documents by Ben Freedman:

    US Presidents, Jewish Pawns
    The Truth about Khazars
    His speech in 1974
    Please pass this page to your friends, or burn these speeches and documents to a CD ROM and pass it around.

    A transcript of Freedman's 1961 speech, and more information, is available at: