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Salvador Astucia - 
FBI is a Huge Zionist Police Force 

by Christopher Bollyn
30 October 2006

Salvador Astucia's Website:
Since being assaulted, TASERed, and arrested by three undercover cops on August 15, 2006, I have been the target of a vicious and relentless character assassination campaign led by Scott Makufka (a.k.a. Victor Thorn) and Lisa Guliani of WING TV.

What I did not know at the time was that Makufka and Guliani work very closely with Michael B. Piper (a.k.a. Michael Collins Piper) of American Free Press. Makufka publishes books by Piper and AFP gave Makufka an award at their Labor Day conference in Washington, D.C.

Makufka and Guliani are apparently working as a "wrecking crew" of the 9/11 movement in which they attack real 9/11 researchers. Makufka is a former writer and publisher of pornography and Ms Guliani abandoned her children and family in order to live with Makufka.

Piper even invited Makufka and Guliani on his radio show so that Makufka could take over the show and lead an on-air interrogation in which I was asked to "denounce the lies of Eric Hufschmid."

I told Piper and Makufka that I was not going to denounce anyone. When asked to comment on an article by Hufschmid, in which he said that AFP was a controlled media outlet, I said I could not comment because I had not seen the article. Piper then used this as a club to beat me as a "disloyal" employee of AFP.

When I told Piper that I thought I had been set up on his radio show, he responded with a series of abusive emails in which he called me a "****** liar." He also insisted that I not be allowed to attend the AFP conference in the beginning of September, two weeks after I had been abused and beaten by the police.

What is so odd about this is that AFP was collecting funds for me and using me as their poster boy "star" reporter Ė but I was told to stay away from the conference.

I have been busy with my children's book (ABC Zoo) and editing a book on antidepressants since being fired. Several people have written to me and offered support.

I recently received a couple email from "Salvador Astucia" the author of Rethinking John Lennon's Assassination: The FBI's War on Rock Stars.

What Mr. Astucia experienced at the hands of Michael Piper, on his radio show, is similar to what happened to me. Astucia also has some insights as to why he thinks I was fired from AFP.

Here is what Mr. Astucia wrote to me:

Salvador Astucia <> wrote:

Dear Christopher Bollyn:

My name is Salvador Astucia (pseudonym) and I have written two books, (a) Opium Lords (about JFK's assassination), and (b) Rethinking John Lennon's Assassination.

I have admired your work for quite some time and was surprised to learn of your dismissal from American Free Press. If I had to speculate, I would say it was because of an article you wrote about the Israeli-Lebanon war where you said Hezbollah did not actually "kidnap" Israel soldiers, but had merely captured Israeli soldiers who illegally crossed the border into Lebanon. That article destroyed Israel's pretext for starting the war.

Regarding [Michael B.] Piper, Carol Valentine, a friend of mine, suggested I send you the email below which was originally sent to Piper. Among other things, the email contains a complaint about your recent dismissal from AFP.

I was recently a guest on Piper's radio show, The Piper Report, where I tried to discuss John Lennon's murder. But Piper didn't give me much opportunity to speak, and he made a few ridiculous comments. Nevertheless, I thought I did quite well. As a result, Mr. Piper stopped speaking to me. He didn't return phone calls, didn't return emails. I didn't exist.

After several weeks of getting the cold shoulder from Piper, I sent him an email canceling my appearance on an upcoming show, Dec. 8th, the 26th anniversary of John Lennon's murder.

The email included a list of concerns about Mr. Piperís conduct, his radio show, and AFPís harsh treatment of you.

Feel free to publish the email wherever you wish.

Good luck.

Salvador Astucia

Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006
From: Salvador Astucia <>
Subject: Cancel Lennon show for Dec. 8th


I have been doing some thinking over the past week, and have decided that it would be best if we cancel any plans for a radio show about John Lennon on Dec. 8, 2006. Whether you want to admit it or not, it is apparent to me that this is your desire as well.

I also would like to express the following concerns:

Concern # 1: You have allowed John deNugent [an editor of The Barnes Review] to be on your show twice since I was on. In my opinion, Mr. deNugent is extremely lightweight and extremely dishonest.

Mr. deNugent recently asked me to write a 10-page article about the deaths of rock stars to be published in the Barnes Review. He particularly requested that I include something on the death of Kurt Cobain. He also strongly suggested that I should write that Cobain's Jewish wife, Courtney Love, had committed the murder.

I told Mr. deNugent that there was overwhelming evidence that Cobain was in fact murdered (his death was officially ruled suicide by shooting), but I did not believe Courtney Love had anything to do with it. At that point, Mr. deNugent ceased to reply to any of my emails until I sent him a strongly worded message saying that I had no plans to write an article for TBR because he had apparently broken off communications with me.

He then responded, but stated that I needed to reveal my real name when submitting the article. At that point, I more or less told Mr. deNugent to drop dead. And I asked if he and Mr. Carto (deNugent claimed the true identity rule was Mr. Carto's policy, not his) had advised Germar Rudolph to use his real name as well.

Keep in mind, Mr. deNugent is the same man who accuses others of being psychopaths if they hold positions of authority but continually lie. In other words, he is a self-appointed moralist, but none of his rules seem to apply to him.

Aside from my personal experience with Mr. deNugent, I fail to understand why you would give him preferential treatment over me. His comments about psychopaths were somewhat interesting, but very lightweight.

I do not care for President Bush either, but I don't really think he is a psychopath. He's stupid and incompetent. More important, he's a water boy for more powerful Zionist interests. And in my opinion, a lot of his decisions are made because he is being blackmailed. He is after all a former drunk.

In short, Mr. deNugent's views and comments on your show were lightweight psycho-babble with no real meat. Why you would put garbage like that on the air when I have already said I was available is quite a mystery. Certainly a discussion about the deaths of rock stars would be more interesting to your audience than Mr. deNugent's psycho-babble.

Concern # 2: The firing of Christopher Bollyn by American Free Press.

I have read the page on AFP, and I have read Mr. Bollyn's response to it on various websites. I am not taking sides regarding what actually transpired to cause the rift because I do not know what happened. But Mr. Bollyn's comments were far more compelling than the AFP page, which were mainly a series of generalizations and ad homonym attacks.

Again, I do not know exactly what happened, but it certainly looks like Mr. Bollyn was doing too good of a job as an investigative reporter and someone pressured AFP into firing him without cause. That is the appearance anyway. And I also get the same impression about my appearance on your show. I feel like I did a good job, so now I have become persona non grata for reasons beyond my control.

Concern # 3: It is my opinion that you or others at RBN radio played a malicious stunt on me by allowing a woman named Rita to call in to the program and start screaming like an insane person. What did you do when she started her attacks and insults? You did nothing. In fact you complimented her and said she and I might have a lot in common.

An honest host would have pulled the plug on her, or read her the riot act. This unfortunately did not occur. And I am concerned about your integrity if you allow such conduct to occur.

Concern # 4: I feel like there is a general lack of seriousness on your part about the malevolence of the FBI. When I mentioned FBI on your program, the topic seemed to shift to Mossad.

Frankly, I do not believe there are as many Mossad agents in this country as you seem to think because the FBI is a HUGE ZIONIST POLICE FORCE. Israeli Jews are not stupid. Why send Mossad agents over here when the FBI has an army of 12,000 agents scattered around the country working to support the Zionist cause? I simply do not buy it because it defies common sense, and I have never seen any evidence of it. I have been harassed a great deal by the FBI, but never by Mossad.

So for these reasons I have decided not to appear on your show again for the indefinite future.

As I stated before, it is apparent from your actions (or lack of actions) that this is your desire as well.


Salvador Astucia