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Something is terribly wrong with the Bollyn family!

For information about his disappearance,
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Articles and audio files from Bollyn after he vanished are at this page:


Articles and audio files about his arrest, kangaroo court, and disappearance at this page: 


Steven Jones - The physical evidence of thermite in the WTC dust

This provides an explanation for Professor Cahill's discovery of ultra-fine particles in the air, which Bollyn wrote about on 6 May 2006:
Why Did Iron Boil in the Rubble of the World Trade Center?

15 May 2007

Why Are Honest 9/11 Researchers Targeted?
English Franšais Espa˝ol 
Will we stand up for the Truth - or will we quietly submit to the lies?
15 May 2007

The Passing of Kurt Vonnegut

An Eyewitness to the Holocaust of Dresden
12 April 2007

The "War of Terror" – a Zionist deception to control America
English Franšais 

Israel has tricked Americans into letting Zionists get control of the nation
10 April 2007

Thursday, 5 Apr 2007
Hufschmid, talks with Bollyn on how the ADL and other Zionists are taking control of our police and nation. Click here

Did Israel kidnap Alan Johnston of the BBC?

Why would any Palestinian want to silence him?
9 April 2007

The Absence of Justice for 9/11 Victims

This was written for a European magazine to explain the Zionist control of the US courts
20 March 2007

Who will replace Alberto Gonzales - and why?
English Franšais 

Will some of the puppets be replaced with hard-core Zionists?
20 March 2007

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) admits to 9/11 and other crimes

 • Terror Mastermind KSM is an Imposter   16 March 2007
 • When and where was he captured - or Killed?   16 March 2007

Thursday, 8 Mar 2007
Bollyn interviewed on blogtalkradio about 9/11 and Israeli connection. It is at their site here. You can download the wma audio file by clicking here

9-11 Through the Eyes of an American Skeptic

This was written as an introduction to 9/11 for a European magazine
Their German translation:
19 February 2007

Christopher Bollyn interviews Jack Monnett

He discusses his new book Awakening to our Awful Situation

6 February 2007

News item: CNN Interviews Bollyn

Learn how they edit interviews to deceive their audience
updated 4 February 2007

Christopher Bollyn interviews Stanley Praimnath

A survivor of the 9/11 attack on the 81st floor of the South Tower

28 January 2007

9/11 – Who Put Thermate in the World Trade Center?

It was not the Arabs! Who had access to those floors?
18 January 2007

Friday, 12 Jan 2007
Bollyn and Hufschmid on Iraq, thermite, the liberals, and the deception. Click here
9/11 planes flew into secure computer rooms in both towers

Was the thermite hidden in batteries? Was it used to destroy evidence?
11 January 2007

English Franšais 

The Zionist Occupation of Iraq Is the "War in Iraq"

The Zionists are getting control of Iraq's resources and killing the intelligent people, as they have done many times before

10 January 2007

English Franšais 

An update on Mark Lane

It is becoming obvious that Mark Lane and the American Free Press are trying to control the "Patriot" movement
4 January 2007


Thursday, 28 December 2006
Bollyn, on the Israeli involvement with 9/11 and the Cleveland connection. Click here

The Israeli Prime Minister's Connection to 9/11 Franšais 
22 December 2006

Likud Criminal Gang behind 9/11 Franšais Espa˝ol
23 December 2006

The Sudden Death of Niyazov, Iran, and the Great Game

Will Israelis get control of the Caspian area?
21 December 2006

The police have been fooled into thinking TASERs are safe
By ignoring the corruption  and immorality, the police are becoming victims, also

 • TASER Causes Severe Injuries to Police  18 December 2006
 • Death By Taser  10 December 2006

Exposing the Criminal Zionist Network 
English Franšais 

We have enough information; let's start naming the criminals.
Part 1: Global Technology Partners
7 December 2006

Sunday, 3 December 2006
Christopher Bollyn, exposes Jeffrey Feltman and the Zionist plans for "Balkanization". Click here

Response to Michael Piper's Latest Lies

If any of you consider Piper, the AFP, or their associates honest, this is for you.
Also, read Hufschmid's exposÚ

29 November 2006

Bryan Anderson...
A Hero? Or another victim of Zionist deception?

22 November 2006

U.N. admits that missile may have killed Hariri

A missile from who? Not Syria!

21 November 2006

Rahm Emanuel, a Son of a Terrorist

His father, Benjamin, was a member of the Irgun, the Zionist terrorist organization. We have Zionist Terrorists in the U.S. Congress

17 November 2006

English Franšais 

Thursday, 16 November 2006
Christopher Bollyn, exposes Rahm Emanuel's family as hard-core Zionists. Click here  (fixed this link)

Report on Bollyn's 11-11 event

Plus links to the videos he showed
13 November 2006

Saturday, 4 November 2006
Christopher Bollyn, exposes the Chertoff family as hard-core Zionists. Click here

Chicago's WLS radio host attacks Jim Condit's ads
2 November 2006

WLS Censors the Ads -- a violation of the law!
3 November 2006

Salvador Astucia

FBI is a Huge Zionist Police Force  30 October 2006

The Treachery of Michael Piper   1 November 2006

Professor Steven Jones Resigns from BYU

Another victory for the Zionists?
Another defeat of the frightened Goyim?

23 October 2006

Bollyn explains death threat from AFP

A death threat and a bogus explanation from the American Free Press should make us wonder who they really work for

13 October 2006

Wednesday, 11 October 2006
Hufschmid and Bollyn, audio interview, about the suspicious reasons Bollyn was fired. Click here

Ha'aretz of Israel Joins Attack on Bollyn

The great blood libel of Sept. 11

9 October 2006

Christopher Bollyn is fired from American Free Press

Why would they fire their "star reporter"?
9 October 2006

Who is WingTV?

Why did Lisa Guliania and Scott Makufka (a.k.a. Victor Thorn) try to discredit me?
3 October 2006

Monday, 11 Sep 2006
September 11th 5-year Anniversary Special, Smith, Bollyn, and Hufschmid
Click here

September 9, 2006
Video of Christopher Bollyn speaking at Constitution Celebration in Salt Lake City, Utah. Click here

Netanyahu and the Israeli Links to the London Bomb Attacks

Who Is really behind the London terror bombings?

31 August 2006

Wednesday, 30 Aug 2006
Christopher Bollyn, on the Israelis involved in 9/11. Click here

Why was Kobi Alexander Allowed to Flee?
English Franšais

The Israeli Fugitive, Odigo, and the Forewarning of 9/11
24 August 2006


Bollyn arrested on Tuesday, 15 August 2006 

Ehud Olmert's Ties to 9/11

The Bloody Reign of Ehud Olmert and his Ties to 9/11
18 June 2006

English Franšais Espa˝ol

Israelis Hold Keys to NSA

Critical U.S. Computer networks using Israeli "Security" Software
15 June 2006
English Franšais 


Tuesday, 6 June 2006
Bollyn interviews Eric Hufschmid, Bollyn was substituting for Mike Piper on RBN radio before RBN cut off contact with us. The mp3 file is here edited to remove the ads and Bollyn's praise of Piper (this was before he realized that Piper and the American Free Press were working with Zionists). The phones mysteriously cut out as Hufschmid was talking. At Mike Piper's page of archived shows, he doesn't even acknowledge the existence of this show. Scroll down for Tuesday, June 6, 2006. Can you figure out why Piper would not want to list this show? Update: the Zionist agents reponded by writing this in which they point out that the file is at the RBN archives. However, our question is why Piper ignores that particular show.

The Zionist Network
Shaping how Americans view 9/11

Why is the mainstream media suppressing essential 9/11 evidence?
25 May 2006

Controlling the Message

The message is being carefully controlled to suppress the evidence of Israeli involvement
19 May 2006

Thursday, 18 May 2006
Christopher Bollyn, on how the Zionists are controlling the 9/11 message. Click here

The Hollywood Fantasy of Flight 93

The Hidden Role of NASA and the FBI in Cleveland
11 May 2006

Thursday, 11 May 2006
Christopher Bollyn, on the news reports of Flight 93 landing in Cleveland, and how Zionists are masterminds of 9/11 - A valuable interview on Zionist influence!
Click here

Why Did Iron Boil in the Rubble of the World Trade Center?

UC Davis Professor Cahill discovers ultrafine metal particles in the air which can only come from extreme temperatures, and which cause serious health problems. 
6 May 2006

The Zionist Hijacking of the 9-11 Victim Lawsuits

The Zionists are in control of 9-11 victims

14 April 2006

National Geographic Channel produces 9/11 Propaganda

24 March 2006

Ariel Sharon - The Terrorist Mastermind Behind 9-11?

The Zionist media covers up Ariel Sharon's terrorist career and evidence of Mossad involvement in 9-11
13 January 2006
English Franšais 

How "Jewish" Zionists Fuel Hostility to Muslims

The cartoons of Muhammad published by the Danish newspaper are a trick to create anger and make Muslims look bad
2 January 2006

Bush Family Business Financed By Israeli Oligarch's Ill-Gotten Gains
English Franšais 

 Why is the Bush family working with the Russian fugitive Boris Berezovsky?
18 October 2005

The Zionist Strategy To Balkanize Iraq

The arrest of two British agents disguised as "terrorists" exposes Zionist strategy 
3 October 2005

Censored: Military Planes and Flight 93

Eyewitnesses saw Military Aircraft at scene of Flight 93
15 July 2005

9/11 Disinformation and The John Birch Society

The New American is covering up the 9/11 attack
6 May 2005

MOSSAD – The Israeli Connection To 9/11

Mossad "sayan" Ronald Lauder is one of many Zionists involved in 9/11
7 April 2005

1) Is MITRE Corp. the Trojan Horse of 9/11? Franšais 

2) How Mossad Deceived the U.S. Military on 9/11 Franšais 

1 April 2005

Controlled press hides Chertoff's Israeli roots Franšais 
4 March 2005

Chertoff's Cousin wrote 9/11 propaganda for Popular MechanicsFranšais 
4 March 2005

Hariri probably killed by Israeli missile, not Syrian car bomb

Car bombs don't excavate craters like this

18 February 2005

Were Key Survivors from Estonia Catastrophe Kidnapped?

There is evidence that private jets are used for "enforced disappearances"

22 January 2005

How Uranium weapons hurts people and the environment

Marion Fulk, nuclear physical chemist, talks about the nano-particles

English Espa˝ol 
7 January 2005

Were DU Missiles Used on the World Trade Center?

Video and photos suggest uranium was used in the attack at both the WTC and Pentagon
23 October 2004

9/11's Invisible Army 

An invisible army of citizens is fighting to expose the lies about 9/11
18 October 2004

Uranium special; a 4 part article
1) The Real Dirty Bombs: Depleted Uranium  6 Aug 2004 
2) Uranium Blamed for Cancer15 Aug 2004
3) DU stricken Vets denied care20 Aug 2004
4) Pentagon suppresses truth about weapons  31 Aug 2004

Vanunu Speaks

He talks about Israel's involvement in the JFK assassination and their nuclear weapons
31 July 2004

Iraqi Oil
  • How Jerry Bremer stole Iraq's oil  1 July 2004
  • Halliburton and Cheney; Iraq oil controversy   July 2004

Letter from Slaughterhouse Five
Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five and the Dresden bombing

The Dresden media picked up Bollyn's work:
19 February 2004

BBC documentary proves Israeli murdered Rachel Corrie and others

The Israelis claim it was an accident
27 November 2003

9/11: What Did Rupert Murdoch Know?

He is friends with Ariel Sharon and other top Zionists.
3 October 2003

For more information, click here for Hufschmid's speech to Italian 9/11 conference.

The Strange Death of Sweden's Anna Lindh

Did the Mossad assassinate her?
26 September 2003

The Bizarre Death of Germany's JŘrgen M÷llemann

Did the Mossad assassinate him?
14 June 2003

Who is Tommy Franks?

And why are U.S. Troops under British Command?
6 March 2003

Israel's Slave Trade Continues Unabated

Sometimes there are reports about the slave trade in Asia or Europe, but rarely do we hear about the Israeli slave trade
10 December 2002

Seismic evidence of underground explosions at WTC

What created the pools of "molten steel"?
August 28, 2002

The 5 Dancing Israelis and
Dominik Suter, the Israeli owner of Urban Moving Systems
 • 9/11 Suspects hiding in Israel   31 July 2002
 • 9/11 Mossad agents admit mission 28 June 2002 English Franšais Italiano Espa˝ol 

European Spooks Say Mideast Terrorists Needed State Support

European intelligence experts dismiss the Bush “war on terrorism” as deception
16 Dec 2001

The War For Caspian Oil And Gas

The crusade against the Taliban is more about oil
14 Dec 2001

Some Survivors Say "Bombs Exploded in WTC"

The mainstream media is ignoring eyewitness accounts of bombs that exploded inside the World Trade Center before the collapse of the Twin Towers
22 Oct 2001