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Interview with Muhammad Rafeeq
Rafeeq just wrote an article about how the Crypto Jews infiltrated the Freemason movement and were involved in the Armenian massacre: The Facts Behind the Overthrow of the Ottoman Sultaanate
This is the logo of a British Freemason Lodge.

Can you see the hidden star?

Hufschmid shows this and other subtle signs of the Zionist infiltration in his Masquerade Party #3 video.
Rafeeq discusses his article and related issues:

Muhammad Rafeeq, 24 Aug 2007  8.6 mb
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Hufschmid recently added his remarks to this issue of the Armenian genocide:

Tuesday, 23 Oct 2007
Hufschmid, on what difference does it make if the Armenians died from a genocide or from a war. Click here


Some recent news items about the fight between the Armenians and the Zionists over the Armenian massacre:

Holocaust wars! Turkish government is upset. Whose Holocaust will be accepted? Whose will be denied?

"The ADL Must Decide: Will they Serve the Truth or Will They Serve Turkey?"

Turkey warns Israel:

Turkey's Jews disavow US Jewish organization over Armenian genocide move: