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We don't have to be victims!

8 Oct 2006

We can and must move the discussion beyond 9/11 and onto, "How can we make a better world?"

We have enough evidence that 9/11 is a Zionist false flag. Don't get caught up in the endless arguments over details of 9/11. And don't be afraid; we are not helpless.

We don't live forever, so let's start discussing how to design a better system to select government officials, better cities, better schools, and how to stop crime networks from putting blackmailed puppets into leadership. Let's do something already!

The Internet is allowing us to bypass the Zionist controlled media, and this law that lets political candidates to talk freely in their political advertisements allows us to force the Zionists to run our messages on their media. Let's use it!

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Update: I no longer trust Jim Condit Jr., either!

The people with the most "power" in this world are the most naive and easily manipulated; namely, the people with skills

The farmers, carpenters, steel workers, mechanics, and other people provide us with food, electricity, and other supplies.

For example, the military would cease to exist without people supplying them with food and other supplies.

If the skilled workers would threaten to stop supporting the police, military, government, and school officials, they could force this nation to change.

Unfortunately, these people are easily deceived, and their unions are corrupt. 

The only time these people go on strike is to demand a few more pennies per hour.

If you know any of these skilled workers, explain to them that they have much more power over the world than a philosopher, and FBI agent, or an IRS agent.

We don't need philosophers, but we must have people with useful skills.

Tell these people to get a clue and help us!

There is no military, FBI, school system, or government without these people.

Don't be fooled by Aaron Russo, David Duke, Michael Collins Piper, or other truth seekers.

In Aaron Russo's film Freedom to Fascism, for example, he tries to frighten us with pictures of implantable chips and scenes of doctors sticking things into us.

Have you noticed the pattern that 9/11 was intended to create anger towards Israel's neighbors, and that most of the people who are providing disinformation are Jewish? Do you think this is a coincidence?

If so, imagine all of this happening with Koreans:


We must raise standards for everybody in leadership positions. Don't make excuses for leaders, including the leaders of the "truth movement". They are supposed to provide leadership, not require pity.

Corporate executives don't make excuses for workers who are incompetent or cheat the company; they fire them!

We must treat people in leadership the same way an assembly line worker is treated. Specifically, if they are incompetent or dishonest, get rid of them. Stop feeling sorry for your leaders.

The leaders of the peace groups, Democrats, Green Party, Republicans, and others are worthless! Stop following them!