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Anti-Zionist Jews

Are they for real?

21 Aug 2007

Not all Jews support Zionism - many openly oppose it.

There are various Jewish groups which teach that Judaism doesn't support the forced creation of a Jewish State (Israel), that Jews were expelled from their homeland because of their sins, and that true adherents of the Torah must wait for the coming of the Messiah before peacefully returning to their Holy Land.

Here are some of their sites:     (Neturei Karta)

An interesting aspect of these sites is how they discuss the WWII Holocaust - an event which lead toward the creation of modern Israel. They do talk about how Zionists used the Holocaust and NAZI movement to transfer thousands of European Jews into Palestine, but say very little about the role those Zionists played in the creation of the NAZI party, and the whole war. Their message appears to be:

"Yes, Zionists played a part in the Holocaust, but only a secondary one. The German Nazis are responsible for planning and carrying out the Holocaust which killed millions of Jews. Zionists took advantage of the situation to transfer some of the persecuted Jews to Palestine instead of safer countries."

These people must surely be aware of the important missing details in the official Holocaust story.  Like the part played by International Jewish Bankers, Max Warburg and the Rothschilds, in bringing Hitler to power and financing the whole NAZI movement. If they were serious about attacking Zionism, why don't they mention that?

Disputing details of the Holocaust is illegal in some countries and can get you put in jail, as happened with David Irving in Vienna, Austria. Nobody wants the same to happen to them. But Irving acts like a white supremacist and prosecuting him was easily done with minimal public protest.

Could you imagine the Austrian government jailing a group of Orthodox Jews for Holocaust denial? It would be an outrage. The public would not easily dismiss them as racists. They would instead start searching the internet and looking into the claims of those Jews.

Anti-Zionist Jews could easily do this and damage the propaganda of the Zionist movement, so why don't they?

Better yet, they could start exposing the role of Israel in 9/11 and all the many recent terrorist attacks. Since they apparently don't like Israel, why don't they do this?

In the space of a few years a lot of people  have exposed much about Zionism. This has the Zionists worried. By contrast, the Jewish anti-Zionist groups are far larger and have been around longer, but don't appear to achieve much. And the Zionists are not fearful of these groups. Why is that?

Is it possible that Zionists are secretly behind them? Crypto Jews change their name and religion and pretend to be someone else. How difficult would it be for a Zionist Jew to pose as a non-Zionist Jew? No name or religion changes needed - it would be very easy! So we should consider the likelihood that Zionists have infiltrated these groups and are now running them.

It's also possible that these groups were originally setup by Zionists to act as a false opposition. Ordinary Jews opposed to Zionism would then join these groups, giving them their names and money. The groups would then set out to make little progress in defeating Zionism while feeding deception to their supporters.

Perhaps these groups are genuine but are afraid to fully expose the Zionist operation because they fear outright rejection from all Jewish persons. Or perhaps they don't wish to be too harsh toward their fellow Jews, even though they are Zionists. After all, Jews are expected to stick together.

None the less, people who join these groups should ask themselves what they are really joining. More importantly they should properly investigate their leadership for signs of disloyal or deceptive behavior.

These groups can be a great assistance toward exposing Zionist crimes... if they really want to. Let's hope they do.