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Note from Eric Hufschmid:
I received this e-mail message from a person who prefers to remain anonymous.

To: Eric Hufschmid
Date:  Dec 7, 2009
Subject: A Freak of Nature

The Jewish mind as a whole is a freak of nature, unlike any other group's. The propensity for logic-twisting has been explored by others. Let us explore the labyrinthine meanderings of one such mind in his own words.

Joseph Gollomb, born a Russian Jew, came to the United States and bcame a writer of children's books. He was asked to write a two-page autobiography for inclusion in The Junior Book of Authors. I was, he wrote in 1949, born in the glittering capital of czarist Russia. The fact that as a Jew I was supposed to be aloof from [all the pageantry of the Russian Orthodox Church] made me put up a feeble resistance. Is he speaking of how  the other Jews expected him to behave, or how the Russians expected him to behave? It seems to be how the other Jews expected him to behave: the Jews were a people apart, by their own will.

What I remember as often [as the glamor], he wrote, is a thunderous knocking on our apartment door, in the dead of night, and the heavy voices outside. "Open. Police inspection." It would happen once a week or more. The point is that you never became accustomed to the shock of being awakened in the night by these "domiciliary visits" carried out in the spirit of raids on criminal nests. The most law-abiding citizens had to submit to them; that's the way of it in a police state. Please note the implication that the Gollomb family was an ordinary law-abiding family, and that the non-Jewish czarist state was terrorizing its own people. What follows is indeed a most labyrinthine twisting of logic. He continues, What made these visits all the more terrifying for me was that some of the elders in my family were not law abiding. They were plotting the overthrow of Czarist tyranny. In other words, they were criminal revolutionaries. He continues, I guess that most Americans, were there a tyrant over us, would be in the ranks of revolutionists. At any rate some of my nearest kin were. In these words Joseph Gollomb wants us to believe that his revolutionary family was just like a typical American family would be, i.e, that everyone in the world acts just as the Jews do.
In addition, as a Jew [How many times will he mention the fact that he is a Jew?] I could expect anything from a beating from my non-Jewish schoolmates, to hearing of pogroms, mass lynching of Jews by mobs. It did not matter to him that his family was trying to destroy the Russian government.

The penultimate paragraph may be the most telling. If my books, he wrote, have any reason for survival it is because they are a plea for friendliness, tolerance, teamwork, international cooperation and eventually a United States of the World.

With the Jews running it, of course.