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These two sarcastic/amusing images were e-mailed to me by a man who thought that the images will help people ridicule and laugh at Bollyn's kidnappers rather than be fearful or terrified. So, in case he is correct, here they are, and hopefully they will help some of you find the courage to face this crime network.

In a message dated 3/11/2009, **@**.com writes:
is begging for money; 
Are the kidnappers close to bankruptcy? And are they really so stupid?
Who operates that website and why can Christopher write on it but can't remove the ads?

In a message dated 3/13/2009, **@**.com writes:

Hi Eric, the Bollyn's ads saga is going on, this time the message is:

"NOTE: Unauthorized "Google" ads and search bar have been added to my website. I would advise readers to ignore these ads and avoid clicking on them or using the Google search bar. Thank you."

I think it is important to have some jokes on these idiots: it will demystify the enemy and make people less scared of them.