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Note from Eric Hufschmid:
I received this from somebody who listened to some of my recent phone calls (links are below). He thought that the video The Intervention shows the frustration that he and I go through when we confront people about their lies, and he thought it might be a useful "training film" to help people confront liars.

The Intervention, a Goyim Training Film
Jan 10, 2011

A short film, "The Intervention", shows someone (Steve) deceiving his friends. Steve's friends are very upset at his lies and deception, so they confront him about a particular issue (homosexuality) that he is hiding from them.

This short film shows our relationship with our "good friends," the Jews, and the frustration we have in regards to getting the Jews to be honest about 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, the Holocaust hoax, the instigation of both world wars, the Apollo lunar landing hoax, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, etc.

In the movie, Steve admits to his lies, but in real life the Jews deny everything regardless of how much evidence we present to them.

The phone calls below are some examples that Eric Hufschmid has gone through with Peggy Borger and Daryl Smith, both of whom insist that they are honest people, and both insist that Christopher Bollyn is safe.
You can hear the desperation in Peggy's voice as she tries to force Eric to marry her:

Peggy-26Dec2010 Call # 1  3.1 mb, 27 minutes
Peggy-26Dec2010 Call # 2  3.1 mb, 27 minutes
Peggy-9Jan2011  1.2 mb, 14 minutes

Peggy Borger

Despite all of the evidence that Eric put on his website that shows that Daryl cannot be trusted, Daryl continues to call Eric and insist that he is an honest man, and that Eric is making a mistake about distrusting him and trusting Christopher Bollyn:

Daryl-Smith-2Nov2010.mp3  1.6 mb, 14 minutes

Daryl Smith

Also, Paul Ironshore ( and at and Teddy Sullivan called Eric and tried to stop him from criticizing Peggy Borger (but she is the one who is constantly calling and harassing Eric), because they said that something was mentally wrong with her. At the same time, they are trying to force Eric to have a relationship with Peggy. These two freaks are obviously Zionist Jews who are desperate to stop Eric from exposing Jewish crimes:

Paul-and-Teddy-Sullivan-phone-call-9Jan2011 2 mb, 17 minutes

Paul Ironshore