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Lyrics to the song
Hate Crimes

by Paul of Goy Patrol

Hate Crimes.mp3  3.9 mb mp3 file

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1  Well I'm switchin' mah TV on,
Plug myself into the matrix,
Gotta date with Paula Zahn,
Can't live without mah CNN fix,
Well I heard it on the BBC,
Fox News and the Noo York Times,
The ADL gives the 3rd degree,
Prosecute ya for all yo' hate crimes.

2  Conspiracy theory crazy
Tellin' me th'jews are to blame,
Tellin' me that Nancy Pelosi,
Is a criminal and part of their game.
I like it with mah head in the sand,
Don' wanna know about the Federal Reserve,
Won't catch me dissin' th'holy land,
Or I'll be reapin' what I deserve.

3  Gonna turn myself in to the thought police,
I need t'get mah brains washed.
Anti-semitism is on da increase,
Holocaust denial needs t'be squashed.
Switch on th'hate detector,
Gotta readin' way off the scale.
Thought police inspector
Throws ya in the county jail.

4  In Nuremburg the kangaroo court
The sheeple believin' the lies.
So the jews can distort,
But some people are gettin' wise.
Thought police are uppin' the ante,
Politicians are gettin' scared.
Gonna be a vigilante,
When marshall law's declared.