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The Strange Death of Jim Morrison

Marianne Faithfull
exposes the truth
about Jim Morrison's death

11 Aug 2014

“I have withheld this important information from the police, the Morrison family, and the public for decades -- until now!

You believe me, don't you?”

Marianne Faithfull, the 1960's British rock singer and former girlfriend of Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones, recently said in an interview to Mojo Magazine that she knows who killed Jim Morrison. She expects us to believe that she has withheld this important information from the police, his family, his fans, and the public, but now wants to let us know the truth.
 Here is a music video of Marianne Faithful singing, As Tears Go By, written by The Rolling Stones.

Faithful has been pinned as one of a few people alive today, if not the only person, who was in the company of Jim Morrison the night he died on July 3, 1971. His death was reported a few days later. What happened during that time?

After remaining silent about his death for decades, Faithful now claims that her boyfriend at the time, Count Jean de Breteuil, who was a French heroin dealer, supplied the heroin that killed Jim Morrison.

Jean de Breteuil was also romantically linked to a woman by the name of Talitha Getty, the wife of oil executive John Paul Getty, Jr. She died of a heroin overdose on July 14, 1971, at the age of 30 years old, less than two weeks after Jim Morrison died. He also supposedly supplied the heroin that killed Janis Joplin.

According to this article, Jean de Breteuil, (photo to the right), was born in 1949 in France. His family owned all French language newspapers in North Africa. When his father died, Jean inherited the title of Count de Breteuil. It was reported that Pamela Corson, his romantic interest, loved the idea of having a French boyfriend who was described as "French royalty".

At the time he met Pam, he was 20 years old and a UCLA student. He was mostly a playboy and a top ranked drug dealer (he loved saying that he was a dealer to the stars, and some of his clients were rock stars like Keith Richards). It was said that he used to buy hashish and opium from a Moroccan chauffeur at the French Embassy in Los Angeles.

Jean de Breteuil was always around Pam, and he invited her many times to his houses all over the world, providing her with huge amounts of drugs.

By 1971, he became romantically linked to Marianne Faithfull, who was famous for her singing and modeling career, and for her relationship to Mick Jagger. Count de Breteuil died at the age of 22 of a heroin overdose in Tangier, Morocco, just months after Jim Morrison died in 1971.

"I didn't kill Jim Morrison. But I know who did," Faithfull tells Mojo, recalling that her then-boyfriend, drug dealer Jean de Breiteuil, told her he had to pay a visit to The Doors' frontman at his Paris apartment.

"I could intuitively feel trouble. I thought, I'll take a few Tuinal and I won't be there. And he went to see Jim Morrison and killed him," Faithfull says. "I mean I'm sure it was an accident. Poor bastard. The smack was too strong? Yeah. And he died. And I didn't know anything about this. Anyway, everybody connected to the death of this poor guy is dead now. Except me."

This isn't the first time de Breiteuil's name has been mentioned in connection to Morrison's death, even though an autopsy was never conducted on the musician's body and his official cause of death was determined to be a heart attack, per The Telegraph.

A lot of people are claiming to know "the truth" about how Jim Morrison died, or who murdered him, and some people have claimed that he faked his death. Three of the many scenarios are:

1) His body was found by Pamela Courson, his girlfriend, in his bathtub in their Paris apartment on July 3, 1971. According to this article, "Courson stated that Morrison had died of a heroin overdose, having inhaled what he believed to be cocaine. Danny Sugarman, co-author of No One Here Gets Out Alive, added that Courson had given him numerous, contradictory versions of Morrison's death, saying at times that she had killed Morrison, or that his death was her fault."

2) Sam Bernett, a "close friend" of Jim Morrison, claims that Morrison's body was found in a bathroom stall at the Paris nightclub, Rock 'n Roll Circus, and that Morrison died of a heroin overdose. This was revealed to us in the 2007 book by Bernett, Jim Morrison: The End:

According to Bernett, Morrison died in a bathroom stall after snorting heroin he obtained from two men who worked for de Breiteuil. In this Daily Mail report, Bernett said de Breiteuil's men carried Morrison's body out of the club and placed it in his apartment. "[W]e saw nothing, we heard nothing, we shut up! OK? It's what we better do to avoid a scandal," a representative for the club allegedly told Bernett after what he witnessed.

Furthermore, Bernett claimed that Marianne Faithfull was at the club that night and soon after, left with de Breiteuil to Morocco.

3) Now, Marianne Faithfull tells us that it was her drug dealer boyfriend, Count Jean de Breteuil (who, incidentally, was seeing Pamela Courson and providing her with heroin) "accidentally killed Jim Morrison" by giving him heroin that was too strong, and that Morrison snorted it and died.

As with the 9/11 attack, there are hundreds of "investigators" and "truth tellers" who are giving us different "truthful" explanations of Jim Morrison's death. This suggests that these people are trying to do damage control. They put out a variety of different theories to confuse us; send the honest investigators in the wrong path; convince people that his death was an accident rather than a murder; and divert attention away from Israel, Jews, and corrupt police officials, media reporters, and government officials.

“Don't believe Marianne Faithfull. I, Sam Bennett, am the only person telling the truth about Jim Morrison's death.

You believe me, don't you?”

The Jews own and control the entertainment and news industries, so why haven't they been investigated in the deaths of Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, etc., and more recently Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston? How about Robin Williams? It could be these entertainers were rebelling against the Jews, and the Jews decided to murder them to set an example for the other entertainers that they had better obey their masters.

Have you heard the actor Dirk Benedict claim that there are hundreds of murders in Hollywood? Listen to this:
Dirk-Benedict-Hollywood-murders.mp3  240 kb

There are several problems with the heroin overdose story.

1) Jim Morrison never did heroin and he hated needles. He didn't like what the drug did to people. No one in the band or anyone around him ever saw Jim Morrison take heroin. And they know he didn't like the drug.

2) There was no autopsy to determine the cause of death, and neither the French police nor the American police can explain why they refused to follow their standard procedures for an unexplained death of a young, healthy man. The French death certificate claims that he died of 'natural causes'.

3) Morrison was extremely famous at the time of his death, and even today his grave is number 5 in the list of top 10 celebrity gravesites. His funeral should have attracted a lot of fans and publicity, but it has been described as "pitiful". It was a quick, closed-casket ceremony, and the few people who attended immediately departed Paris. He was buried in a famous cemetery in Paris, one of the city's most popular tourist attractions, but his grave initially had no marker, as if they wanted him to be ignored and forgotten. It was not a normal funeral for somebody who was so famous.

His death was very suspicious then, and it is very suspicious now. For all we know, the reason his casket was closed was because his body revealed something that his murderers did not want us to see, such as bruises, gunshot wounds, or evidence of torture. 

Or, his casket may have been empty. For all we know, Jim Morrison may have been kidnapped and murdered later. We will never know until people start talking. This latest story by Marianne Faithful seems to be an attempt by the killers to finally put this story to rest because of the pressure building by millions of fans to find out who murdered Jim Morrison. Solving Jim Morrison's murder may also lead to the solving of other murders of musicians during the 1960's and 1970's, many of whom coincidentally also died at the age of 27 years old.

“Don't believe Marianne Faithfull or Sam Bennett. The anonymous people on the Internet are your only source of truth about Jim Morrison's death.

You believe me, don't you?”

Do you see that you're being lied to?

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Closed casket funeral

Why was it a closed casket funeral? Was Jim Morrison even buried in the casket?

Open casket funeral

If Jim Morrison had an open casket funeral, we would probably know exactly how he died.