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Note from Eric Hufschmid:
One of my readers told me that he is starting to wonder why police have been visiting a Children's Hospital on a daily basis. So I took his information and put together this article to get people thinking about this very important issue.
Those of us who have struggled to expose 9/11 as a false flag operation by Jews have been shocked that most people don't care, not even the policemen or firemen in New York City. How can a small network of Jewish criminals control all of the policemen, firemen, school teachers, etc.?

Alex Jones claims that the "New World Order" is filling the police departments and fire departments with criminals, drug addicts, idiots, and pedophiles. Daryl Smith has said that the New World Order will secretly give a person drugs, and then, when he's not aware of what's happening, set him up with a young child, take photos, and then they offer him a job as a policeman, mayor, Senator, or talkshow host. Kay Griggs says that the Jews rape and/or emotionally abuse young men in the military, and then pressure them into getting drunk and push them into homosexual acts or something that they can be blackmailed over.

I may now be able to offer you another important piece to this puzzle. Specifically, many of our hospitals may be centers for pedophilia, and the pedophile doctors may be arranging for the children to be used in blackmail operations, and as rewards.

Note: here is a printable form of this article: six page PDF file,    520 k bytes, 14 Aug 2011

Pedophilia at Hospitals

2 October 2010
Updated 2 March 2011 here

Our natural tendency is to trust policemen, doctors, school teachers, and government officials, but an amazingly large percentage of the human population has serious mental disorders, and they are destructive, parasitic, and dangerous. Even though our police departments and courts are corrupt, they sometimes arrest the lunatics among them. Three examples are:

Thomas Triplett, a sheriff's deputy in the city next to mine, was just arrested for child molestation.

Dr. Henry Albers, an orthopedic surgeon, is accused of raping a teenager.

Dr. Hugh Tilson, an epidemiologist and professor was arrested in a bathroom airport.
If you need more evidence that our police departments, schools, hospitals, and government offices are full of criminals and freaks, here are a few reports about some doctors:
Dr. Ashbok Alur arrested for sodomizing a patient.
Dr. Mark Adams, a urologist, was charged with raping a patient.
Dr. Boris Sachakov arrested for health care fraud of at least $3.5 million.
Dr. Sam Castellani arrested for forcing a patient to perform sex act for a prescription.
Update 2 March 2011
Dr. Melvin Levine, the "eminent" doctor from Children’s Hospital Boston, recently committed suicide (or was murdered). The lawsuit against him accused him of molesting thousands of patients. He was a professor in the department of pediatrics at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.
“Pedophile doctors not new, not rare”
This article claims that pedophilia is "not rare" for doctors, but if it's not rare, then why aren't the investigative news reporters and police doing something to expose and stop it? Notice that many of the reports mention that the case of Dr. Bradley fell through the cracks, or that there wasn't much evidence to arrest the doctor.
From the fell through the cracks article:

Delaware's medical licensing board failed to conduct its own investigation of suspected pedophile pediatrician Earl Bradley 16 years ago after learning that Pennsylvania authorities were told he fondled a young patient, according to a report released Monday, May 17, 2010 by the state attorney general's office.  (AP/Delaware State Police)

These newscasters express shock, disgust, and anger that Dr. Bradley is accused of molesting more than 100 babies, but they also behave that way when they lie to us about the 9/11 attack. The people on television routinely lie to us. Don't trust them. They are actors; con artists, criminals. They don't really care about investigating or stopping crime, at least not the crimes committed by Jews.

Incidentally, it may be significant that Rick Sanchez, the man in that video, was fired recently for accusing John Stewart of being racist, and for claiming that the media is dominated by Jews. However, the Jews may have fired him for more than just that. They may have been concerned that he wanted to expose their pedophilia, for example. Also, notice that one of the women on that video, Jan Crawford, still has a job; she is the chief legal correspondent for CBS News!

Why are policemen visiting children's hospitals?
One of my readers told me that he works at a Children's Hospital, and he has seen police cars and other government vehicles parked at the hospital.

Initially, he assumed that they were visiting the hospital because their children were patients, or because they were interviewing children or doctors to determine if the children were victims of some crime.

However, with information about pedophilia spreading around the Internet, he is starting to wonder if some of the policemen and government officials are visiting the hospital for sex. He mentioned a few suspicious aspects of the visits by policemen, highway patrolman, and other government officials. For example:
• They often park at the hospital for exactly one hour, as if they are on a lunch break, but he doesn't see them in the cafeteria. So where are they during that hour? And why are they visiting for exactly an hour?

• They park their cars in the loading/unloading area. If they are visiting their own children, wouldn't they prefer to visit when they are off duty, and wouldn't they park in the visitor parking area? Why are they visiting while on duty, and dressed in the uniform, and why are they parking in the loading/unloading area?

• Some policemen visit very late in the evening, such as 10 or 11 PM, and some officers have been observed arriving as late as 1 to 2 AM. Normally the children are asleep at this time. If they're visiting their own children, or doing an investigation, wouldn't they visit during the daytime?

Sometimes the policemen and government officials visit the hospital for less than an hour, but rarely for more than an hour, but he doesn't see them carrying clipboards or anything else that might indicate that they are collecting information about a crime. They appear to be visiting somebody, but who? And why? And why would one, two, three, and sometimes more policemen be doing this every day? He tells me that he even sees them arriving on the weekends. A few of his remarks to me:
"Are the children being anesthetized so they won't remember what has happened to them? And if this is the case, who is directing them to go to the rooms where the children are? Are pedophile doctors in hospitals across America involved in this? Are they also protecting the police officers and government officials and/or blackmailing some of them?"
Since we don't know what the policemen and government officials are doing at the children's hospitals, the security and hospital personnel should ensure that they are there for legitimate reasons. A person wearing a uniform shouldn't have a free pass to wander around in a hospital - especially not at a children's hospital - even police officers and high ranking government officials.

Some  are probably visiting hospitals for investigations. Children need medical attention at all hours, which would explain why policemen are dropping by at odd times. However, police officers, government officials, news reporters, and many other "leaders of society" are routinely caught committing crimes, lying about 9/11, taking bribes, etc.

Hospitals are an excellent location for pedophilia because the doctors can put the children to sleep with drugs, thereby allowing the pedophiles to abuse children without the children realizing that they are victims. The children may be sore the next day, but they won't understand why. They will assume it has to do with whatever reason they're in the hospital.

Pedophilia was common at a home for retards in my city
Many years ago, in my city of Santa Barbara, there was a business that provided rooms for children and teenagers who were semi-retarded. Parents who couldn't deal with their retarded children would pay this business to provide a home for their children.

I knew a woman who worked at this business, and she was shocked at how many of the girls were excited to be prostitutes. She told me that men in expensive cars would drop by on a routine basis, pick up one of the young retarded girls, and then bring her back after an hour or so, and the girl would be happy because she had some money, and sometimes an ice cream cone or other gift. The woman I knew told me that she talked to some of the girls about this issue, but she said the girls were too mentally incompetent to completely understand what they were doing, and they were so excited by the money and the gifts that they weren't going to stop.

All throughout history we can find people complaining that pedophilia is a problem at orphanages, churches, homes for retarded people, day care centers, and other organizations that have children. What are the chances that hospitals are a sanctuary where children can be free of pedophiles? Consider that lots of doctors, policemen, and medical workers have already been arrested for rape and pedophilia. We would be fools not to consider that pedophilia is a problem at hospitals throughout the world.

Start observing people in positions of authority 

Why are policemen and other government officials visiting children's hospitals on a regular basis? How many of them are visiting their own children or collecting information about a potential crime? And how many are part of a pedophile network?

I suggest that everybody start observing the men who work with children at hospitals, schools, churches, and recreational organizations, and be especially observant of the people who regularly visit the children. Try to figure out why an adult man would visit the children.

Don't let a criminal intimidate you with a police uniform, job title, college diploma, Nobel Prize, or Academy award. A pedophile in a police uniform is a criminal, not a policeman! He should be arrested, not respected.

(This is not a real photo. Any resemblance to Neanderthal policemen is purely coincidental.)
How do a few Jews have so much control over the nation?
As I pointed out in other files, none of our elected officials have anything intelligent to say, and neither do any of the people on television. We can have a more intelligent conversation with an ordinary person than we can with the our mayor, Sheriff, District Attorney, or Congressman. Also, many of the people in leadership positions have weird personalities, and some resemble Neanderthals, and some have trouble pronouncing words properly. They are not intelligent or respectable people. They are freaks, criminals, pedophiles, drug addicts, and alcoholics. This would explain why the Jewish pedophiles are rarely arrested, and why Congressman Barney Frank is never investigated.

The criminal Jews are getting control of our media, and they are providing publicity and funding to criminals so that they can get them elected. It's important for everybody to stop trusting people in positions of authority, but don't be afraid of them. Instead, become like a quality control inspector. Observe or investigate the people in leadership positions and pass judgment on whether they are a valuable member of society, or a potential danger.

Don't trust security departments, either!
Most or all hospitals have a security department and security cameras. If the hospital is a pedophile center, the doctors would not want an honest security department. Therefore, we should consider the possibility that the pedophile doctors are influencing the hiring of security personnel in order to fill the department with criminals who will protect the pedophiles. We should be especially concerned about who has been hired to watch security videos.

When Larry Silverstein got control of the World Trade Center towers, he was reported to have immediately begun replacing some of the security personnel. Don't assume that Larry Silverstein is the only man in the world to have replaced honest security personnel with criminals.

The network is being exposed, so expect chaos for a while!
One of the reasons my mother has trouble dealing with the 9/11 attack and other crimes is because she told me that although there was crime when she was a child, it wasn't nearly as bad as it is today. She is overwhelmed by all of the reports of pedophilia, bribery, murder, and crime networks. She interpreted these reports as proof that the crime networks are becoming larger and more powerful, and that there is no way we can stop them.

I pointed out to her that although crime may be increasing, the reason we have so much information about the 9/11 attack, the pedophilia in the Catholic Church, the sex slaves, etc., is because the Internet has removed the secrecy that has protected the criminals. I told her that she's misinterpreting the situation. The reason so much information about crime is coming out today is because we are now capable of seeing what has been going on secretly for centuries, and we can now expose it to the entire world.

I told my mother that she should be excited to see these reports about crime. We are in a situation that is similar to a person who has discovered a giant nest of rats in his house, and he is in the process of killing the rats. As he kills the rats, they squeal and scream. To somebody observing the situation, his quiet house has suddenly become noisy and chaotic. However, it is an exciting time for him.

Likewise, the Jewish crime network has been exposed, and this is going to create some temporary emotional trauma to millions of people as the crimes are publicized and the terrified Jews squeal and scream. But people should look upon this as an exciting time, not as a sign that the human race is degrading into chaos.

Here is a printable, six page PDF file of this article,   520 k bytes, 14 Aug 2011