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The Psychology of Zionism

Understanding what makes them tick

18 November 2007

How can one begin to fathom the bizarre nature of Zionism; a movement which harms everyone including its own participants? This movement aims to transfer all wealth into its hands; yet destroys what that wealth could buy. It wants a world government to prevent wars; yet is the creator of wars. It makes enemies for itself when there is no gain in doing so. Its adherents seem intelligent and self-motivated; yet take their marching orders from ancient documents.

Zionism has been a problem for centuries and one which has eluded a solution. Sometimes the best way to find a solution is to approach the problem from a different direction. Here we will try to do that by approaching from the angle of psychology.

Psychology involves stepping back from the world and looking at people as though they were automated robots whose actions were solely determined by their past experience and present surroundings. While looking at people in this manner may seem strange, it's a useful method for understanding human behavior because it prevents your emotions from clouding your thoughts.

Put another way, we assume that all babies are born more-or-less identical, regardless of cultural origin, and that their upbringing will determine what they become as adults. If this is true then we should ask: what would cause one group of babies to grow into productive peace-loving people, and another group to become destructive war-mongering Zionists? More importantly, how can this process be undone, and what can be done to prevent it from happening in the first place?

The Mind-Body Balance

The human body is like a machine. In order to function properly it needs the right kind of foods (fuel) and the right amount of exercise. If you eat the wrong kind of food and don't exercise (like a couch potato) then your body becomes out-of-balance; or out-of-tune if you prefer a car analogy. Pretty soon you feel awful.

In the same way the human mind is also built to function in a particular manner. Human behavior is governed by a number of instincts which are present from birth and which help to improve our chances of survival. Since these instincts are in-built we have no choice but to work with them or suffer as a consequence of going against them. There are many such instincts but here we will look at one in particular: the Social Instinct.

The Social Instinct

If Zoologists were to classify humans they would call them 'social animals', meaning that they live and work in groups. This is due to a Social Instinct which makes us feel happy when we are with other people, especially friends. social humans social dogs

It also makes us enjoy praise and popularity. The opposite situation brings about negative feelings. Few people would enjoy living in isolation. Moreover, no one would want to be surrounded by people who hate them, even if those people present no harm.

There is another important aspect to the social instinct, more relevant to humans than animals, and that is the desire to create benefits for other members of your group. This normally takes the form of free-trade in which one person exchanges his excess goods or time (labor) for another person's excess. This transaction allows each person to benefit the other and each of them feel happier as a result.

By contrast, if you live without benefiting others, e.g. on welfare or inheritance, then you will miss out on these good feelings and will probably be less happy than someone who is poorer but works serving others for a living. Like the couch potato above, your mind becomes out-of-balance and you suffer. By further contrast, if you spend your life harming other people you will be even unhappier.

The Zionist Mind-Set

It goes without saying that there are a large number of people in the world who like to live off the labor of others and don't contribute anything in return. There is also a smaller group who purposely seek to harm others. Zionists fit both descriptions. If the above hypothesis about the social instinct is correct then we should expect them to be a rather miserable group of people - and all available evidence indicates that they are.

Given that no one desires to be miserable, why would someone want to live off the labor of others? More importantly, why would someone seek to deliberately harm others when it involves risk and when there may be no material gain in doing so?

The first question is easy - earning a living requires up-front effort which can be difficult or unpleasant, and most prefer the easy route to prosperity. But the second question is more complex. To understand this we need to look at how people cope when they are under stress.

Coping Strategies

Whenever you go against the intended functioning of your body or mind, you will experience stress of a physical or mental nature. Since this is unpleasant, you will either need to correct your behavior, or find a method of nullifying the bad feelings. Such methods are called Copings Strategies.

There are many ways of coping with stress. Two common ones are drugs and entertainment. If the Zionists only used these methods they would harm only themselves and be no problem for anyone else. But Zionists don't use these methods because they consider themselves superior and wouldn't use anything that would reduce their capacity to rule over others. So instead they devised a number of other strategies. The three most significant of these are:

1.  Segregation

The first strategy they use is to create a tight-knit community. As pointed out above, nobody could bear to live in a world where everyone hated them. In fact, this would drive most people to suicide. These unpleasant emotions can be largely negated by surrounding yourself with people who like you. The Zionists use this method quite effectively by segregating themselves from non-Jews and supporting and praising each other.

2.  Injury to Others

There is an odd aspect of the human psyche, in that if you're feeling stressed, it is possible to obtain temporarily relief by harming others. The reason for this is unclear but there may be two separate causes:

(a)  If you consider another person to be superior to you or happier than you, this comparison process makes you feel even more inferior and less happy. So causing that person to become unhappy, e.g. by injuring them or their property, will negate this comparison and remove some of the unpleasant feelings; for a while at least. We can see some of this in the treatment by Israelis toward Palestinians and their homes.

(b)  Some animals appear to have an instinct which encourages population reduction of its inferior members. This strengthens the species as a whole and makes limited food more available to the stronger/healthier members. It's quite likely that humans have the same instinct and hence would obtain pleasure in removing what they consider to be inferior members of their own species. Since Zionists consider themselves superior, they can take advantage of these pleasurable feelings by reducing the population of other races, plus some of their own inferior members.

3.  Classify as Animals

The third strategy is to consider Gentiles as animals. Since the Social instinct doesn't apply to other species, this helps negate the unpleasantness that would come about when harming members of their own species (other humans). The word 'Gentile' is a Talmudic term for 'cattle'. But this word isn't used as a racial slur against non-Jews, rather it is used between Zionists to reassure themselves and each other. It also gives them a positive feeling of superiority. Superiority is important because it makes you think that people are looking up to you. This gives a positive feeling because it satisfies the social instinct by making you feel popular and liked by others.

They also use other strategies, like odd sexual practices, but the above are the main ones.

Steps to becoming a Zionist

If one can explain negative (self-harming) aspects of human behavior in terms of coping with the stress of running contrary to ones instincts, then we should ask what causes this behavior in the first place, and what prevents the sufferer from ceasing their behavior? In this case specifically: why would someone become a Zionist, and why can't they just reject their life-style and live like other people? There appear to be three steps involved in arriving at the hard-core Zionist stage and which make escape difficult:

1.  Indoctrination

The first step in determining our eventual beliefs as adults lies in our upbringing - in what we are taught to believe when we are too young to know any different. In the case of Zionist Jews, this belief system comes from the Talmud - the book of Jewish Law which teaches Jews how they should think and behave. This book is classified from Gentiles but a good reference to its contents can be found at Carol Valentine's site.

2.  Confirmation evidence

Indoctrination at an early age however is not enough to make information stick. As children mature they will stop believing what contradicts their experience. For example you can tell a child about the Tooth Fairy and at first they'll believe it; only to stop later when the evidence - their experience and observations - fail to support it.

So in order for a child to continue believing Zionist propaganda they must see evidence that what the Talmud tells them about their superiority over Gentiles is true. Do they see this? Looking around they see that Jews dominate the media, science, education, politics... The evidence appears overwhelming and hence they continue to believe. As stated in the Protocols of Zion (22:3) "Surely there is no need to seek further proof that our rule is predestined by God?"

3.  Entrapment

The above steps should be enough to take a budding Zionist through to early adulthood. However at some later point in their adult life they (the smarter ones at least) are going to figure that this belief system, while it benefits them financially, does not make them happy and is not to the long-term benefit of their group. At this point they should logically change their habits and not pass on those beliefs to their children. But something prevents this.

Have you ever held a job which pays well but you don't like? Perhaps you could easily quit and get a lower-paid position doing something enjoyable. But if you have a lifestyle which depends on the income, such as a mortgage, then you can't. You are entrapped to that position.

In a similar way Zionists are involved in high-income schemes and have spending habits to match. Their income from activities like drug running, finance manipulation and Central Banking; is more profitable than conventional types of business. So it is not possible for them to shift away from this without losing income.

Furthermore, since they have not learned how to operate in a free-market economy, which involves being paid according to the competitive-value of your products and services, they would quickly lose their superior status in the world. This means losing control over the media, banking, etc. Many would become below-average and earn less than the better-educated cattle. Obviously they don't find this desirable and must act to avoid it. They are entrapped to their way of living and can't escape.

The Vicious Cycle

To summarize, what we appear to have is a vicious cycle in which a particular type of self-harmful, but profitable, behavior gives rise to internal suffering which necessitates more of the same type of behavior.

Basically, at some point in history a group of people decided that they were a special race that was destined to rule over others and began to behave accordingly. This caused other people to hate them, which caused the first group discomfort as it conflicted with a natural human desire to be liked by others. So they responded by thinking of those people as animals and segregating themselves into groups where they could feel wanted.

This gave them the ability to gain dominance over uncoordinated groups, and to acquire large amounts of wealth by forceful and underhanded means. Since their activities were so profitable they had no reason to cease and could not do so without losing dominance over the inferior people. They passed this knowledge onto their children who easily believed what they were told about their superior status, and who had no reason to acquire wealth by way of beneficial trade. This pattern then repeated down the generations.

Continued in Part II -- 'Solutions'