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Are you investigating Criminal Cover-Ups
or are you chasing after Hoaxes?

20 September 2008

Global Warming
UFO's and ET's
Learn from my mistakes!


From 2000 to about 2006 I was seriously investigating chemtrails. The best website for this incredibly strange activity is run by Cliff Carnicom, a former U.S. Government scientist turned independent researcher who is trying to help us find out what is being sprayed on people all over the world. This government program is supposedly called, "Project Cloverleaf."

Well, this is a hoax. Nothing is being sprayed on us. Cliff Carnicom is a liar and so are those who support him, such as Harriet Fels, a woman I personally communicated with and trusted. It is a very clever hoax, but the people I trusted have never provided me with any real evidence of chemtrails.

Update August 2009
Harriet Fels passed away on April 17, 2009. There is not much information available. Gilles Arbour has the most, and there is this short article and some comments from Cliff Carnicom.

Update September 22, 2009
Eric Hufschmid called the coroner, and he was told that they truly have her dead body.

Under certain atmospheric conditions, contrails from aircraft can stay in the air for hours and look as though they are part of some giant grid-like pattern in the sky. The next time you see something like this you can safely assume it is exhaust from a jet that recently flew over.

There is no such thing as a chemtrail. They do not exist. But you couldn't have told me that just a few years ago. I was an ardent supporter, and I just knew that some secret group within the government was covertly spraying us for a variety of reasons. But this turned out to be a complete hoax.

If you pass the CD's and information around like I did for all of those years, you will wind up inadvertently tricking other people or making yourself look like a fool.

Global Warming

In 1998, I just knew it was getting hotter, especially after my return from Europe. The Summer temperatures were definetely higher, so was the humidity. I invested a lot of time and  energy to find out what the reason was for what appeared to be global warming. 

I considered it a possiblity that the chemtrail program, "Project Cloverleaf" (See above) may have a dramatic effect on the weather patterns and I had read numerous articles to support this.

Just a few years later, indeed the news media outlets began to report higher temperatures all around the U.S.A. and then all around the world. So I was right after all! It was getting warmer, now what is the cause of the increased temperatures? Is it the greenhouse effect? Is mankind influencing the weather patterns?

Well, if you believe the media, we are  responsible for "global warming" and some people have come out with a global warming tax that we should support. After all we have seen tv shows where the polar ice caps are melting and the polar bears are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their diet.

Apparently, with this money they will fix our enviroment so we won't have hot Summers anymore. However, this article below says something different. It says that Mars is also heating up:

In fact, Mars is losing its polar ice caps. Venus, and Jupiter are also getting warmer. Why hasn't the Jewish-controlled media told us about the warming of the planets in our solar system?

Of course, they don't want people to realize that what appears to be "global warming" may be cyclical and that this period will one day cool down to the way we remember years ago. This would also account for their pushing the carbon tax upon us.

I suspect that the Zionist Jews will use this money to fund criminal operations and we will be footing the bill for our own demise. Don't fall for this trick. If all of the planets are heating up, and if we are responsible for heating up earth, then by that logic, we are heating up the sun. Do you see how ridiculous this is? Here is another article about Venus and Jupiter and other planets warming up:

It may be getting hotter and if the other planets are heating up along with earth, then we can rest safely and assume that this is a natural cycle. The CEO of the Weather Channel, John Coleman also says that global warming is a hoax in this article:,2933,337710,00.html

Global warming is also supposedly increasing hurricanes and tornadoes, but where is the evidence that we are influencing such gargantuan storms?


UFO's and ET's

Dr. Steven Greer, M.D., who is a Jew, is an emergency room medical doctor. He is trying to convince us through the Disclosure Project that UFO's and ET's are real and that our government has recovered them and is using backward engineering technology to build craft similar to the ET's.
Dr. Steven Greer's website is:

The Discovery and History Channel "forget" to tell their audience that these strange looking saucers were first invented in Germany around 1920, and that by the time of WW II, the Nazis got a hold of this technology, and supposedly also built some flying saucers that allied pilots came into contact with.

After the war, the U.S.A., France, Canada, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union took Nazi flying saucer technology back home with them, and started their own UFO projects. Here are photos and video of their experimental craft:

Dr. Stanton Friedman, who is also a Jew, and a nuclear physicist, is also promoting UFOs and alien abductions. His website is here:
Doctor Friedman is lying to us about about UFOs and aliens. You can watch him in this short video:

A TV show called UFO Hunters, staring William J. Birnes, Pat Uskert, and Ted Acworth, promoted UFOs. It lasted for three seasons. The Zionists are using TV shows like this one to promote their propaganda. Here is a link to one of their episodes:

William J. Birnes

Pat Uskert

Ted Acworth

Here is a list of some prominent worldwide Ufologists:
The aliens are also a hoax. If aliens are here, we don't know about it. Also, why would they want to stay here on this planet? I suspect if they landed, they would get back in their spaceship and fly away as fast as they could. There is no proof of the "greys" or any other alien life form. 

Everything we see about UFO's, ET's and aliens on television and the Internet has been based on unsupported sightings. There has never been any evidence to support the alleged eyewitness accounts. Don't believe any of it.

You shouldn't fall victim to this very clever and complicated hoax. For all we know NASA is trying to build an alien-looking spacecraft to trick us into believing we are being attacked by aliens someday. I guess some people will say, "Well, it must be true I saw this happen in the movie, "Independence Day."



The Bigfoot hoax is a great one. I fell for this one, also, and for many years.

Recently, two men from Georgia, a police officer who was on medical leave, and a corrections officer happened to run across a dead Bigfoot. They said there were two or three other creatures around when they found the dead one. So they took some pictures of it and froze it. Certainly the story is true since a policeman verifies it, but it turned out to be a hoax.

Everybody isn't laughing at this hoax. The police officer, Matthew Whitton, was fired from his job after six years of service for the Clayton Police Department in Georgia.

There is a very convincing story that someone posted who was in the Army National Guard about some Bigfoot creatures at a Army helicopter crash scene. The story was here:

The former Georgia National Guard Military Policeman should face disciplinary action for telling this lie at a crash site, especially when two Army AH-1 Cobra helicopter pilots were killed at this location. What kind of a person would do this? And why would someone create this kind of a story? Our military and police had better start wising up and start investigating liars like this man - and Matthew Whitton - and arrest the Zionist Jews who were behind 9/11 and numerous other crimes.

Their main website is This site has hundreds of sightings, many of which are anonyomous, and you should wonder who is reporting these sightings? If you look at the list of people in the Bigfoot Symposium you will see mostly Jewish last names. This is not a coincidence. These people are trying to trick you - just as they did to me - to investigate giant primates running around north America.

A man named Bob Heironimus admitted that he was wearing a gorilla costume in the famous 1967 footage of Bigfoot, known as the "Patterson film": denies that Heironimus was Bigfoot.



This is a relatively new hoax. The Chupacabra is supposedly a DNA type of experiment that the U.S. Military and/or NASA was involved in and this strange creature they created got loose and is terrorizing all kinds of animals and people who live mostly in central and south America.

This too is a hoax. There is no such thing as a Chupacabra. You can go to the websites that promote this hoax to do your own research about it: also links to UFO's, ET's, etc. and other hoaxes. This website seems to be part money-making venture, part propaganda. 
Why are the Jews
creating these hoaxes?

One purpose for creating these hoaxes is to tie you up for years as you investigate them. I spent years investigating all of the above conspiracies, and all of them turned out to be hoaxes. I could have used all of my time to investigate real crimes, such as the assasination of President John F. Kennedy, 9/11, the Holocaust Hoax, and the faked Apollo moon landing.

So the next time you start investigating something, look carefully at which people and websites they promote. The Jews are behind all of these hoaxes and they promote each other in their links, videos, and articles.

I think another purpose for the hoaxes is to make people look like fools and so no one will believe them when they talk about a real cover-up. For example, I told a lot of people about Bigfoot and chemtrails, and most of them considered me to be a fool, so when I later told him about 9/11, they didn't listen to me!


Learn from my mistakes!

Don't fall victim to all of these clever hoaxes like I did. If you want to get to the truth about any event or situation, you should go to, Mr. Hufschmid is quite possibly the only honest and independent researcher on the internet who is investigating crimes that the Zionist Jews have committed against us. Tell your friends and colleagues about his website and spread the word, 9/11 was an Israeli-dominated operation and many American Jews are keeping it covered up.
All Jews should be investigated to see if they are part of this international crime syndicate that is hiding behind a star of david.

If there was a murder committed and 12 people are suspect, you wouldn't want to let anyone go until all of them were questioned by the police and the guilty party had been identified.

The Jews know about 9/11 and many other crimes that have been committed against us.  How many of them are part of this crime network?