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Note from Eric Hufschmid
I was sent an analysis of the Tiger Woods incident, but it was in Microsoft Word format rather than HTML, and since it has some tables, I didn't try to convert it. Instead, I put the beginning of the article, which is text-only, below, along with the 3 footnotes, and if it interests you, then download the entire article here.

The Mishpucka and Tiger Woods 
by Tikkun Olam

The Mishpucka—AKA Jewish Crime Network—is full of parasites that make nothing and produce nothing, yet who somehow end up being astonishingly well paid. We all know about financial liars and manipulators such as Bernie Madoff and Michael Milken; legal liars and manipulators like Alan Dershowitz and Gloria Allred; activist group liars and Holohoaxers such as Abe Foxman and Elie Wiesel; and government liars and manipulators and like Barney Frank and Rahm Emmanuel. Anyone reading this with an IQ above 100 will almost certainly be aware that Hollywood and the major media companies are almost exclusively Jewish in terms of ownership and control. 

Yet what we often overlook is that an actual MAJORITY, i.e. over 50 per cent of the press and TV journalists, commentators and bloggers who actually convey news and opinion to us, are Jews. This might be because so many Jews have had their family names changed in an attempt to melt into the background. Mike Wallace’s real name is not Mike Wallace; it is Myron Leon Wallace, the family surname having been changed from Wallechinsky at some unspecified point in the past. Michael Savage is really Michael Weiner. Larry King is Lawrence Harvey Zeiger. And so on. Thus, when these people relentlessly hype up made-up news items that cause racial fights and fights between the sexes; that distract attention from their false flag attacks; that promote sexual deviancy and a debased culture, many are unaware that this is all part of the agenda of the Jewish Crime Network. 

On 27 November 2009 golfer Tiger Woods was involved in a slightly amusing single-driver traffic accident. It would appear—although this hypothesis has not been confirmed—that there might have been some sort of domestic dispute with his wife, which caused Woods to leave his house at 2:30 on the morning after Thanksgiving. He did not get far, crashing his SUV just outside his driveway, knocking over a fire hydrant and then crashing into a neighbor’s tree. As the airbags of the car he was driving, the Cadillac Escalade did not deploy, he must have been travelling at below 33 mph—which is the impact speed at which the airbags on that model are automatically triggered to deploy. 

His wife informed police arriving at the scene that she had used a golf club to gain access to, and help her husband out of, the vehicle. Apparently she smashed the middle side windows—the Escalade has three rows of side windows—to gain access to the car which was apparently locked, her husband being unconscious. She helped her husband out of the car and laid him out on the ground. A neighbor called the emergency services and when they arrived, Woods was lying on the street, drifting in and out of consciousness. His mouth was bloodied and he seemed groggy. He was able to mumble, but incoherently. The police saw no indications that alcohol was involved, so did not test him for alcohol. The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) later arrived at the scene but by this time Woods had been taken to hospital where he was treated for “facial lacerations” and quickly discharged. 

A report about these events was released to the public about twelve hours later. Because when an accident victim is taken to hospital in an ambulance in the State of Florida, it is automatically classed as “serious”, this report caused great concern both in the world of golf and beyond, with people wondering how badly hurt Woods was and whether he would be able to play again. When it turned out that it was just a minor single-driver traffic accident, not involving alcohol, and in which the driver sustained no long-term damage, and that Woods had long since been discharged from hospital, one would have expected all the fuss to die down. But that would have been reckoning without the Jewish Crime Network and what they had planned for Woods.

Earlier that week the Mishpucka had released through one of their scandal sheets, gossip rag the National Enquirer, which has been edited by the Jew David Perel for many years1, lurid claims that Woods was having an extramarital affair with another Mishpucka member, “New York party girl” Rachel Uchitel. Uchitel, who came to public prominence during 9-11, when her fiancé went missing from one of the WTC buildings, had been spotted at Woods’ hotel during a recent tournament in Australia. Several “friends” of Uchitel were quoted in the Enquirer story alleging an affair with Woods. Woods’ embarrassing accident presented the Mishpucka with a golden opportunity to fan the flames of this story. 

In the days immediately following the accident the Mishpucka used two main organs to conduct a hypocritical campaign of vilification against Woods for the affair—and unspecified other “transgressions” to which the golfer has now admitted. They are: 

1.Radar Online, a Web-based gossip site also run by David Perel 
2.The gossip website, which is run by Harvey Levin, who is also Jewish.
The following table gives a snapshot of the coverage this story has been given by Jews in the press and on TV since November 27. I could easily have doubled the number of entries, but limited entries to those items prominently displayed on Google News and linked to or discussed on Geoff Shackelford’s golf blog. I think it gives some idea of the Jewish media feeding frenzy to which this incident has given rise and the way that it is being promoted in a deliberately deceptive way.

Footnotes in the document:

1 Perel now runs Radar Online and may or may not have handed out day-to-day running of the Enquirer to an editorial team consisting of his fellow-Jew Steve Plamann and another executive, Julia Coates

2 The official demographic data representing Jews as comprising two to three per cent of the US population is a carefully cultivated deception intended primarily to disarm Gentile fears of Jews’ great and ever-increasing political and economic power and dominance of the professions, the media and academia. Secondarily this deception is intended to subtly underpin the Holocaust myth of six million dead Jews in WWII. I estimated that there are approximately 21 million Jews in America, or seven per cent of the population; in other countries where Jews are to be found in significant numbers a similar game is being played. Thus whilst there are officially only 200,000 Jews in Argentina, credible reports suggest the real number is at least 2 million. There are reportedly less than 300,000 Jews in the UK; but the real figure is likely at least 1.5 million. 
 Mark Twain noticed this phenomenon as long ago as In 1898, and following a correspondence on the subject in Harper’s Magazine, wrote privately to a Jewish friend:
 When I read in the C. B. [‘Cyclopedia Britannica] that the Jewish population of the United States was 250,000, I wrote the editor, and explained to him that I was personally acquainted with more Jews than that in my country, and that his figures were without a doubt a misprint for 25,000,000. I also added that I was personally acquainted with that many there; but that was only to raise his confidence in me, for it was not true.

 His answer miscarried, and I never got it; but I went around talking about the matter, and people told me they had reason to suspect that for business reasons many Jews whose dealings were mainly with the Christians did not report themselves as Jews in the census. It looked plausible; it looks plausible yet. Look at the city of New York; and look at Boston, and Philadelphia, and New Orleans, and Chicago, and Cincinnati, and San Francisco - how your race swarms in those places!

3 This book was first published in Tsarskoe-Tselo (Russia) in 1901, with a copy lodged at the British Library in 1906. That a document first published in 1901 should have predicted: the US Central Bank (Federal Reserve) and graduated income tax (both 1913); the growth in presidential power (the usurped right to declare war; Roosevelt’s declaration of US bankruptcy as a precursor to the beginning of rule by unconstitutional Executive Order 1933)); two World Wars (1914 and 1939); the promotion of Darwinism and Freudianism as the twin pillars of science-as-religion upon which our ethical understanding rest; derivatives trading, “hedge funds”, “currency speculation”, “junk bonds” and other financial manipulations orchestrated by Jews; complete global consolidation of press control in Jewish hands; the proliferation of national and international sporting events and competitions that would be used as “bread and circuses” entertainments to pacify the masses; the collapse of European monarchies; the Bolshevik Revolution; the Great Depression caused by the arbitrary cutting-off of credit; graduated income taxes and crippling land and inheritance taxes; and the resurgence of Israel should both impress any thoughtful reader and rule out the Jewish “Tsarist forgery” hypothesis. The Protocols also predict how, “at a time of their choosing”, the Jewish Elders will bring the whole unsupportable edifice crashing down, leading to depression, mass starvation and a war which has been centuries in the planning, and which will herald the coming of their blood despot of the throne of Zion.  

The complete article is a Microsoft Word document here.