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A rap/reggae singer from the Lubavitch Community

Is he merely an entertainer?

Or is this another Zionist propaganda program?

A man who lives in Montreal, Canada has brought to my attention that the music industry is currently promoting the songs from Matisyahu to the people who listen to hip-hop, rap, and reggae. He thinks the target audience is mainly the college students.

First, some background information on the music industry.

Do you know what “Payola” is?

Music companies routinely pay radio stations to promote certain songs and artists. The payments are referred to as "payola". 

Payola can be considered a type of advertising. As with normal advertising, payola is used to promote artists that are believed to have a potential for large sales.

When payola is given in secret, it is considered "bribery". However, when music companies openly give money to radio stations it appears to be just another selfish and questionable advertising practice that is intended to manipulate the naive consumers.

Payola makes it difficult for small music companies to get fair treatment, especially when it is given in secret. The Federal Communications Commission doesn't care if small companies are treated fairly, but they want to discourage secrecy, so they wrote "The FCC's Payola Rules":

It should be easy for you to understand the concept of payola since it is virtually the same as the concept of advertising. Specifically, music companies spend money to promote an artist in the hope that they bring in a lot more money.

Why promote an artist when there is no profit?

What would you think if a non-profit music company promoted an artist? Since they would not be promoting the artist for money, what would be their reason?

Well, Matisyahu is promoted by the non-profit JDub Records. They describe themselves as:

"a non-profit New York based record label and event production company promoting new Jewish music..."

This implies that JDub Records is promoting Matisyahu simply because Matisyahu produces "new Jewish music". Apparently JDub Records does not want to promote old Jewish music.

What do they like about the new Jewish music? Is it because the old Jewish music was simply music, whereas some of the new music is Zionist propaganda?

How can this non-profit record company afford to promote music? According to their web site, they are supported by these three groups:

• The Joshua Venture Fellowship
Their purpose is to "...promote a more pluralistic American Jewish community.."

• The Natan Fund
They are "...a philanthropic network of young Jews seeking to help transform the Jewish future.."

• Bikkurim 
They are " Incubator for New Jewish Ideas..."

These groups of Jews are funding the promotion of Jewish philosophy and music. There is nothing wrong with promoting the ideas,  music, food, or clothing from different nations, religions, or eras, but are these Jewish organizations doing this to make life more interesting and enjoyable for the human race? Or are they trying to manipulate us?

What will be the effect on people, especially children, who listen to a Lubavitch Zionist singing about returning to his homeland in Israel?

The effect of Matisyahu will be very, very small, but we are exposed to much more than Lubavitch music lyrics. We are bombarded with Zionist propaganda on a daily basis. We get it from newspapers, music, school books, magazines, movies, the Internet, most of the 9-11 “Truth Seekers”, and the television news.

Each propaganda piece by itself is trivial, but put them together and it becomes significant. Most people, for example, believe that 19 Arabs were responsible for the September 11th attack. This ridiculous conspiracy theory comes from the Zionist media.

The Zionist propaganda has also distorted most people's view of the attack on the USS liberty, Palestinians, and Iraq.

The effect of their intense propaganda campaign is easily observed simply by expressing the possibility that Israelis were involved in the 9-11 attack. The typical American or European will mindlessly respond with remarks about anti-Semitism.

Another effect of their propaganda is that most Americans and Europeans believe that the Zionists have a right to Palestine. Have you looked at The Thirteenth Tribe? It explains that the Zionists are not related to the original Jews that lived in Palestine, so their idea of returning to their homeland in Israel is nonsense.

Enough background info; the document below is the observation of a reggae music listener in Montreal, Canada.

Chabad-Lubavitch Reggae Singer 
appeals with “Youth”

by an anonymous man
who listens to Reggae music
5 March 2006

Matthew Paul Miller Matisyahu

From the Rolling Stone magazine:

Matisyahu, Matthew Paul Miller (born June 30, 1979), is a young, up and coming novelty on the Reggae scene. With two albums out already and his latest named and aimed at "Youth" pending release shortly on March 7th 2006. With world renowned kabalist superstar Madonna knocking at his door with invites to tour with her, would anybody doubt his future star (of David) status? _stepper

More info about him is here:

On the road for nearly two years straight, his second album Live at Stubb’s is selling like crazy and:

... has claimed the top spot on the reggae chart for six straight weeks, selling more than 300,000 copies. "We're moving 25,000 copies of the live album a week," points out Charlie Walk, president of Sony subsidiary Epic Records. "That's spectacular! It's a new movement.",0,7169793.story?coll=cl-calendar

Indeed, it does very much seem to be a new movement. Although a Jew singing Reggae and finding inspiration form the Old-Testament had been seen before with Bob Marley, his father being an English Jew who abandoned him and his mother early on. I dare say Chabad- Lubavitch has never been packaged to appeal to youths with such potential.

Good ‘ol Talmudic-Kabalism, one can’t spread it far and fast enough. «Everybody’s gotta be on board, in time, for moshiach, now ! Don’t they? Yes, so let’s work on our image…… » Is probably the reasoning that’s behind this latest Chabad P.R. campaign.

Matisyahu sings Chabad philosophy

Let's look at some lyrics. From the album Shake Off The Dust...Arise released in 2004, the song Got No Water is brimming with nuggets of talmudic wisdom:

I said I know its hard inside is empty galus (exile) cuts like a knife
Hashem rules the world and Israel is his wife,
Inside America bleeds, Israel won't you get up from your knees
Chabad philosophy that's the deepest well-spring,
Gaining knowledge of G-d while your gaining money

Got No Water lyrics

From his hit single King Without a Crown:

Want Moshiach now so it's time we start revealing
It's hard to stay strong been livin' in galus (exile) for 2000 years strong
Where ya been for so long
Been livin in this exile for too long

King Without a Crown lyrics

From the album Live at Stubb's released in 2005. The Song Exaltation:

The field and there in will be filled with jubilation
The lord's name will be proclaimed amongst the Nations
We don't have no time for patience

Exaltation lyrics

Now on their face the lyrics are innocuous but put in context with the pop-culture-media-hype machine and the ‘coolness’ factor he’ll confer to Chabd-Lubavitcher as a result of it they take on a whole new flavour with a strong bitter Zionism aftertaste.

To those knowledgeable out there I invite you all to send in your own take on some of his lyrics and follow up on his next album, Youth.

Matisyaju is said to sing of Torah but he is all about Talmud/Kabala and Chabad. For example:

...he said no when Eve wanted to jump up onstage -- Talmudic law restricts contact between the sexes and forbids women from singing in public.

Also when Christian rockers P.O.D. invited him to sing on their new album, Testify, he had to vet the lyrics to make sure there was no mention of Jesus.

Even at shows, he has to watch himself. "There's always one drunk girl who runs up to give me a hug," he says. "I have to pull away, and they just feel rejection."
Rolling Stone article about Matisyahu

And here’s more:

Matisyahu also preached to the crowd. At one point he got down in a catcher's crouch and started to sermonize. "According to Hasidic philosophy, every person, every being, even every inanimate object has a soul, an inner rhythm, a life force," he said. 

"This is the part of Hashem (the Lord) that makes us all one, a unity, and brings us light. Our job is to illuminate the darkness with our light. It is our true mission." 

Matisyahu then began chant in Hebrew. He also recited the holiest Jewish prayer, the Sh'ma, before the night was through.

Matisyahu lives with his wife and 6 month baby boy in Crown-Heights Brooklyn, a neighborhood that has the nation's highest percentage of Hasidic Jews; nearly every window has a sign that reads MESSIAH IS COMING! Fitting for an ardent Zionist who would "… come out with a turban on my head and a huge Israeli flag, and … walk around throwing sage on people" during his soul-searching years. (quote is from above Rolling Stone article.)

I wonder if, in a few years, he’ll offer his son up to his reeb - for his carnal pleasure? You know what they say, gotta follow tradition. Think I’m kidding about this or recklessly throwing accusations around like they’re going out of style? Then this is one of many links to check out:

Along the left margin of that web site, Rabbi Dr. Freedman is quoted as saying:

"… if one committed sodomy with a child of lesser age, no guilt is incurred.
Disgusting are what those traditions are. I can’t help but wonder where Matisyahu is on the scale ranging from useful idiot to true believer.

What we have here is the prototypal popculture emissary of Chabad formed and created for the purpose of first, serenading to Jews at large to cluster into hyper Jewery.

Secondarily, but yet essential to mission objectives, to further indoctrinate Christian-Zionists to the cause and promote the concept of Hasidic-Gentilism. Because within Chabad’s distopian hierarchy, there exists, boxed in by the intransigent dastardly Noahide laws, a pigeon hole for the obedient non-Jew, named hasidic-gentile.

For more on that movement and it’s encompassment see:

For as we well know the Zionists, though they have much worldly powers, lack the sheer numbers to bring about the their messianic new age of ages and thus need to recruit more willing participants from the non-Jew population. Getting as many true-believers and useful idiots "in" with the program as possible before the Great Reveal.

This Great Reveal is what he is effectively singing about when he says "Want Moshiach now so it's time we start revealing". "Moshiach Now!" is their group mantra and the revealing entails showing the world the face behind the mask of world power, history and events. This is part and parcel of the preparation for their plans to subjugate the non-Jew, as their final blows shall be to flabbergast us into submission.

Within "Exaltation" we find more references to the coming time of revelation of their Moshiach "The field and there in will be filled with jubilation". "The field" refers to the house of Israel and the accompanying jubilation of crushing Essau and Amalek.

We also find "The lord's name will be proclaimed amongst the Nations". This will be done through coercion via the Noahide laws and destruction shall be the consequence to non-obedience.

And "We don't have no time for patience" is quite self explanatory, thank you, as we can see abundant evidence of scurrying about with a ten fold acceleration in the agenda in a mad dash to their ends.

I must say that the following lyrics from "Got no Water", "Inside America bleeds, Israel won't you get up from your knees", sent a chill down my spine when I read them the first time.

Thirdly Matisyahu is, after all the wretched kabbala stuffing we’ve been subject to these past years, the appetizer to the full course meal of Chabad-Lubavitch popculture banquet coming our way!

Can you see where this piece of the puzzle fits? Pulling the youth, making it cool to be lubavitcher and hasidic-gentile..... I'm telling you, just watch this. Expect to see everything from Chabad crooners, to weathermen and news-reporters to lead roles on tv and movies to Pez dispensers and bubble gum. Wall to wall Chabad! Enjoy….

Sometimes I’m kidding around in this article, but this is no laughing matter! We all know what marketing miracles Madison Avenue wrought. Remember the My Pet Rock insanity? Or the latest flab buster 2-bit contraption everybody is trying to get rid of in a garage sale if they’re shameless enough to display it? Right!

So remember to put Matisyahu in context with all we know of the pop- culture media circus cornucopia of brainwashing tricks and technics. Think of the influence his image and lyrics will have. Compare that with the effectiveness others have had at dumbing-down and debasing the flower of our youth, turning many into near pig demons. Granted the average Lubavitcher, whether Jew or not, won't be robbing you at gun point in the streets, rather, he'll be diligently working, in the open or in the dark, to unseat Essau and Amalek, great and small, at every turn furthering Zionist interests and goals.

You see, I’m non-jew and many years ago I went to a Chabad- Lubavitcher's proselytising. I have no doubts whatsoever that they hold their predatory racial superiority philosophy in high esteem. So after having witnessed first hand the preaching of their twisted logic I know for a fact that their plans are real and should not be taken lightly.

To those who are "in on it", it's a game. Now that we "know", the jig is up! Shouldn't we also play to win??

So please pass out some mp3 CDs of Daryl's radio show to friends, family or total stranger and be sure to include Benjamin Freedman's speech.