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The mysterious Bollyn's donations scheme

What happens to the money you send to Christopher Bollyn?

by an anonymous European
6 November 2009

Note from Eric Hufschmid:

A man in Europe asked Christopher Bollyn how he could send Bollyn a donation anonymously.

Bollyn responded to some of his questions with angry remarks, such as: "It is none of your business...".

That man decided to send me the e-mail exchange (I posted it here), and his comments and drawing about the donations are below.

I would say that Bollyn's secretive and angry attitude is more evidence that the Bollyn family has been kidnapped.

The mysterious Bollyn's donations scheme
I tried, without success, to figure out what on earth is going on with the donations made to Bollyn. Officially there are three ways to donate money to Christopher Bollyn but none of them make sense to me. Here they are:

1. Send a check to this P.O. box near Chicago, as stated in his website:

Christopher Bollyn
3 Golf Center, Suite 365
Hoffman Estates, IL  60169  (USA)
On 12 May 2009, Bollyn wrote on his website that there is a mail forwarding service:
"Have you and your readers never heard of mail forwarding?  How much of a mystery is that?"
On 14 July 2009, responding to one of the my emails, he revealed to me where the money sent to this P.O. box actually go: 
"I bank in Washington, D.C."
And, by the way, why there?
He also added that he is somewhere in:
and, since he claims he is running away from various secret agencies, the only way I can think of for a check, forwarded to Washington DC, to reach him without leaving traces is to be carried by a pigeon.

2. Send a check to his wife's account in Tallin, Estonia, as detailed on his web-page:

Bank Address:
Tornimae 2,
15010 Tallinn, Estonia
Account No: 10 0103 2971 2017
IBAN: EE05 1010 0103 2971 2017
Name on Account: Helje Kaskel
Message: "Bollyn Support"
On July 2 2009, Bollyn posted a notice in his website stating that he had to leave Estonia:
"In January of this year, Estonian police began a trumped-up Soviet-style investigation and prosecution against me that forced us to leave Estonia."
and promptly removed shortly after it was published (why?). Again, not to leave electronic traces, maybe some rat brings him the money in Scandinavia from Tallin.

3. Electronic payment:

"donate to via PayPal."
This is strange as Bollyn doesn't want to leave electronic traces, doesn't he? Also, that email address is a bit odd; I tried many times to contact him through it but my messages automatically bounced back:
"The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 "Unknown User" (state 14)."
To try to get some hints I draw a diagram portraying the situation, assuming the case of an Icelandic benefactor willing to send a check or to donate money via PayPal.
Could anyone please help me to understand what happens to the money sent to Bollyn?
Diagram of the odyssey of a check from an Icelandic 
benefactor experiencing the mysterious Bollyn's donations scheme.
And we are happy to send you a receipt that allows you to 
detract the donation from your taxes. Donating to Bollyn was never so cheap!