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Who writes
our history books?

Who decides which group of people are the pioneers, which are the terrorists, which are the victims, and which are the heroes?

When the Mayflower landed in North America in 1620, were the Europeans pilgrims? Pioneers? Intruders? Terrorists?

How should we describe the Aztecs, the Mayans, and other Native Americans? Were they wonderful, innocent people who were murdered by Europeans terrorists? Or were they brutal murderers who conquered and destroyed their neighboring societies, and who got what they deserved? 

How should we 
describe Israel and Zionism?

When a Palestinian dies, was he brutally murdered by an evil Israeli? Or was the innocent Israeli defending himself from a brutal savage?

Are the Israelis "pioneers" who are developing a nation? Or are they terrorists who are putting the entire world through tremendous suffering? 


Who do we blame 
America's problems on?

If America fails, will it be because a small group of evil people destroyed a great nation? Or will it be because America is dominated by stupid, irresponsible, selfish, immoral people who are incapable of -- or who refuse to -- take care of themselves and their nation?

Life and history is 
whatever you want it to be

Why are so many people afraid to look closely at the September 11 attack? Or the attack on Pearl Harbor? Or the Nazi prison camps? Or the Apollo moon landing? What do they think will happen if you look? Why are they so afraid to look at life and history from different perspectives?

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