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Is somebody posting 
a threat to George Noory
of Coast to Coast radio?

The message board at godlikeproductions, is registered to Network Solutions in Herndon, Virginia. This message board is a constant source of rumors of terrorist/government attacks, such as the rumor in December 2004 from "German Guy" who claimed a nuclear bomb would go off in Houston.

As with many message boards, such as, godlikeproductions is controlled by mysterious people who erase (ie, censor) messages that come to close to the truth. So when a message is not deleted, they obviously approve of it.

So consider the following message, the key paragraphs are shown below as screen captures. Could this be a subtle threat?

A person calling himself Victor started a message with this:


A few minutes later, he posted this:


Who is "Mack"? Is that a person who was murdered? Is it somebody that Noory knows?

Are these messages nothing more than silly entertainment?

Will there ever be enough support from the public for government officials and news reporters to speak their mind?