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Two Israelis arrested for trying to bomb Mexican government

A Mexican Army General released them!

This failed bombing was reported in Mexico on 11 October 2001.

Here is a PDF file of the newspaper's front page (in Spanish):

The box below is an English translation of the article.

Voz de Aztlán has a couple reports about how the Mexican Army General Macedo de la Concha released the two Israelis:

Two detainees, one of them a foreigner


They were carrying a briefcase with explosives and grenades

They were armed; caught by sugarcane workers

A big commotion in Congress due to the apprehension of two individuals, allegedly of Israeli origin, who were carrying a high caliber weapon and a briefcase with nine grenades, three artilleries with 53 cartridges and high impact C-4 explosives.

The detainees, who said to be Salvador Gerson Sunke, of Mexican nationality, and Sar Ben Zui, who said to be Colonel of the Israeli Special Forces, remained detained for more than three hours in the legislative precinct. During such time, they did not declare anything. They were later handed over to members of the Attorney General Office, put under arrest and carried out of Congress covered with hoods.