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Mark Fuhrman claims Oswald killed JFK

Can we trust him on O.J. Simpson?

9 May 2007
updated 15 Sep 2007

Mark Fuhrman wrote a book in 2006 about the JFK murder in which he tries to convince us that Oswald killed JFK by himself.
Furman's book on JFK came out in May 2006, and by that time there was a lot of evidence that Oswald was a patsy. However, Fuhrman explains that Oswald killed President Kennedy all by himself:
A Simple Act of Murder: November 22, 1963
by Mark Fuhrman
Publisher: William Morrow, May 2, 2006

How could Fuhrman be oblivious to all of the evidence that Oswald was a patsy? The most sensible explanation is that he was lying in order to protect the people who murdered Kennedy.

A very large percentage of the American population believes that Oswald was a patsy. Why would Fuhrman ruin his reputation by defending the official lie about the Kennedy assassination? Did the crime network responsible for the JFK murder tell him to do this? Is he one of their expendable puppets?

Mark Fuhrman was the police officer who found both of the gloves and many of the drops of blood that were used as evidence in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Considering that he is willing to ruin his reputation to defend the official lie about JFK, why should we trust him on the O.J. Simpson case?

Did you know that Gerald Posner also supports the official lie that Oswald killed President Kennedy? He supports the official lie on 9/11, also. Listen to Gerald Posner talk to Bill O'Reilly about 9/11 and Rosie O'Donnell:

How would you feel if Mark Fuhrman and Gerald Posner found evidence that you were involved in a murder? Wouldn't you complain that both of them are known liars?

In May 2007 Vincent Bugliosi's book on JFK was published to show that Oswald killed JFK all by himself:

Why would he be willing to ruin his reputation to support such a lie?

Compare my reaction of JFK to those in-depth investigations

I included two chapters about the Warren Report in my book about the September 11 attack. It was not an analysis of the Kennedy assassination; rather, it was my initial reaction to the Warren report. Compare it to the in-depth analyses by Posner, Bugliosi, and Fuhrman. My simple reaction makes more sense than their in-depth investigations. A PDF file of my two chapters is here:

Mark Fuhrman cannot be trusted

Fuhrman, Bugliosi, and Posner are not idiots. Rather, all of them are deliberately lying about JFK in order to protect organized crime.

It is possible that Fuhrman, Bugliosi, and Posner lie only about JFK and are honest about the murder of Nicole Simpon and other crimes, but why should we take that chance?

We ought to consider the possibility that the rumors that have been circulating for years are true; that both the police and Simpson has connections with organized crime. This would explain why the police never provided much evidence that Simpson was guilty, and Simpson never provided much evidence that he was innocent. Perhaps both sides were afraid to give too many details because they didn't want to expose their connections to the crime network.

Why doesn't the media demand an investigation of Barney Frank?

The Zionist media (including the South Park cartoon) attacks O.J. Simpson as a murderer, and they attack Michael Jackson is a pedophile. However, they don't show any interest in investigating the accusations that Barney Frank raped boys, and they don't care to investigate the mysterious drowning of William Shatner's wife. They also don't show any concern about Christopher Bollyn's illegal arrest.

Only a few crimes are investigated by the Zionist media. Apparently, if you are a Zionist Jew, you can get away with any crime, but other Jews and Goyim can be arrested even when they didn't commit a crime!

You are a fool if you trust the Zionist media. Most "news" reporters are criminals who provide propaganda, and they should be arrested for being accomplices to 9/11, the war in Iraq, and other crimes.

Police corruption is widespread

The police in the large cities don't have a good reputation. For a few examples:

The police in New York City are doing nothing about 9/11.
The police in Dallas assisted in the murder of President Kennedy.
The police in Hoffman Estates (Chicago area) arranged for an illegal arrest of Christopher Bollyn and an illegal destruction of the video evidence:

Why should we assume that the police in Los Angeles are any more honest?

If I Did It, by O.J. Simpson

When it was announced that O.J. Simpson had just finished a book, If I Did It, people in the media began attacking it in order to have it canceled. Simpson's book has since been put on the Internet. Download the PDF file if you want it:

You can find other locations for the PDF file with this Google search.

If Simpson is guilty, why didn't the police bring out convincing evidence? Well, check out the accusations that Simpson got involved with the gambling and drug (Zionist?) network, and they tried to kill Nicole months earlier, as this and this and this site claim.

Perhaps the reason Simpson's court case was so strange is because of the concern that a proper trial would expose the Zionist gambling and drug network.

You and I are not going to be able to figure out what is going on with Simpson, but we can easily see that the police are liars, the courts are dishonest, and media cannot be trusted.

Don't trust liars or Zionist attack dogs!

Now that Mark Fuhrman and Vincent Bugliosi have exposed themselves as liars, and now that the Hoffman Estates police department have exposed themselves as Zionist attack dogs who will arrest an innocent American citizen simply for exposing Zionist crimes, we have to wonder if the Los Angeles police told us the truth about O.J. Simpson, Charles Mason, and other crimes.

Fuhrman wrote a book about the murder of Simpson's ex-wife and Ron Goldman:

Murder In Brentwood
by Mark Fuhrman
Publisher: Zebra; New edition (December 1, 1997)
Why should we believe his story about Simpson when he lies about the Kennedy assassination? Actually, why should we believe any of his books, or any of Gerald Posner's books?

Vincent Bugliosi wrote a book about the Manson murders with another author, Curt Gentry.

Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders
by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Since Vincent lies about the Kennedy assassination, we should be suspicious of everything Curt Gentry wrote, also. Here is a list of some of his books.

We should also wonder why Ron Goldman was murdered. Why would O.J. Simpson want to kill him? Was he after Simpson's money? Was he tormenting Simpson? Did he or his family have any connection to organized crime? Was his interest in Nicole Simpson only for group sex, as this article implies:

It's a strange murder case no matter how you look at it.

When will the police grow up?

Some policemen may complain that they don't appreciate it when I refer to the police as liars, but it's their own tough luck. The police bring suspicion on themselves when they are caught lying, cheating, and protecting Zionist crimes.

The police are in control of their reputation, so they can improve their reputation whenever they make the decision to behave in a more respectable manner. The police should take a close look at their organization and get the criminals out. People will respect the police when the police behave in a respectable manner.