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Alex Jones gets 
a speeding ticket

Alex Jones got stopped for speeding on Thanksgiving day.
Most people would forget about it, but not Alex Jones!

Jones does not trust the police. Instead, he warns us about a "police state" in his videos and radio shows.

Jones exposes the police!

On his radio show Sunday, 27 November 2006, on KLBJ 590, he told the audience about the police:

...they have the highest incidences of drug abuse, alcoholism, on average more than double -- and that's when they get caught -- the system protects them -- of being involved in crimes. This is the group of civil servants that, statistically, is totally untrustworthy...
PoliceAreTotallyUntrustworthy.mp3 only 190 kb

He threatened to fight the ticket in court, but he gave himself an excuse to avoid a fight, namely that he is too busy.

FightTheTicket.mp3 only 150 kb

There were two policewomen in the car that stopped Alex.

Alex was very polite; indeed, a model citizen!

However, one of the policewomen was a hyperventilating wolf:
HyperventilatingWolf.mp3 1.2 mb

Since this is how Jones behaves when he gets a speeding ticket, what would he do if he was arrested for being an accomplice to Zionist crimes?

Are the police as disgusting as Alex Jones claims?

Is it true that the police commit at twice as many crimes as the rest of us? Is it true that they have more drug and alcohol problems than the rest of us?

If Jones is correct, we have a serious problem with our police.

If Jones is incorrect, we should wonder if he is trying to trick us into hating and fearing the police rather than working with the police to arrest the Zionists.

Have you noticed that the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, and virtually everybody else in his truth movement never demands that the military or the police arrest Larry Silverstein, Rahm Emanuel, Michael Chertoff, the Rothschilds, and other Zionists?

We could stop this Zionist fungus if we could help the police and military realize that they should arrest the Zionists. But the "truth seekers" don't call for such arrests. They only call for the arrest of Bush and Cheney.

If you are the type of person who likes to contact people, here are some e-mail addresses of the Austin police. The e-mail messages are already set up for you. Just click and send: Click here Click here

Or go to the Austin police contact page:

Alex Jones agreed with one of the callers to his radio show that the Houston police are more corrupt than the Austin police. Is that true? 

Unfortunately, the Houston police don't offer email addresses; they want us to write letters or call them on the telephone: