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What lessons do
we learn from the Bollyn trial?

The police disappoint us again.

Bollyn was found guilty of both misdemeanors:
1) Aggravated Assault   2) Resisting Arrest

9 June 2007

Are there any honest police in America?

If so, when will they find the courage to face the corruption?

No wonder they don't care about their "friends" who died on 9/11.

Take advantage of the trial of Christopher Bollyn; learn from it

Almost none of the "truth seekers" gave publicity to Bollyn's trial.

Virtually everybody -- the peace groups, the antiwar groups, the 9/11 groups, Alex Jones, and Cindy Sheehan --  ignored Bollyn's trial. If all of them had given publicity to the case, we might have been able to force of the Chicago police to deal with it. These "truth seekers" refused to help Christopher Bollyn, so don't expect them to help you -- or the nation.

They identified more of their agents

Every time they try to hurt us or cover up their crimes, they identify more of their agents. For example, until this trial occurred, who knew about or suspected prosecutor Stacy Cossette, Prosecutor James Pontrelli, or Judge Hyman Riebman?

At the moment it doesn't do us any good to have their names, but these names will be valuable if 9/11 is finally exposed, or if the country goes through a civil war. Some of these people may turn out to be innocent, but we can worry about that later, if we want to.

Some of the people who expose themselves are private citizens, so it is probably best not to mention their names, and some of them claim to be supporters of Bollyn. Eric Hufschmid talked to one of them, Linda, several months ago on the phone. She hung up on Hufschmid after he started arguing with her about the Zionist involvement in 9/11. She gave the usual sad stories that her friends and relatives -- who she refused to identify-- know lots of people who died during the "Holocaust". 

She also insisted that Apollo astronauts really did land on the moon. Is she just a naive citizen? Perhaps, but we need to keep track of the people who appear naive because most are likely to be faking naivety.

Be careful about making public accusations about private citizens, but spread their names in private conversations so that more than one person knows who to be suspicious of.

They didn't arrest Bollyn because they're winning; rather, they are frightened
If they were winning the battle, they would ignore us. Their attempts to hurt us brings attention to us, and it exposes their agents. They would not take this risk unless they felt it was necessary. Their attacks are proof that they are on the defensive.
The release of Paris Hilton exposes sheriffs as Zionist agents
Sheriff Lee Baca, who tried to get Paris Hilton out of jail early, promotes Scientology:

The strange behavior of this sheriff exposes a method that the Zionists can use get control of the police departments. Specifically, because sheriffs are elected by the voters, the Zionists can offer their puppets for sheriff.

Of course, the people who run don't show much honesty, at least not in regards to 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Holocaust, or the Apollo moon landing, so maybe their management is just a different group of criminals whose job is to identify the honest police. All policemen should be cautious about trusting these mysterious organizations that are obviously lying about 9/11 and other major crimes.

The incredible corruption among the management of our law enforcement agencies would explain the mystery of why the American police departments are doing absolutely nothing to stop organized crime or 9/11. It would also explain why the police are willing to let the ADL provide them with training programs:

It would also explain why the police are dedicated to saving us from anti-Semitism, as one of their business cards shows:

It would also explain why the police didn't do anything when Johnny Gosch was kidnapped, and why they ignore the accusations by Paul Bonacci that Congressman Barney Frank raped boys at parties in Washington:

Who is the sheriff in your area? Who funded his campaign? Who is the sheriff in the Chicago area?

We should consider every sheriff as a potential Zionist agent. The sheriffs should be considered armed and dangerous.

The Chicago area is amazingly corrupt
Chicago has always been known for organized crime, and the trial of Christopher Bollyn shows that while the criminals come and go, the city remains dominated by organized crime. The Italian gangs may not be of much importance today, but the Zionist gangs are thriving.

Actually, if Vicki Polin is telling the truth about the Jewish ritual murders, we ought to wonder what else is going on in Chicago that nobody has exposed yet. What else are the Chicago police protecting? Watch her brief appearance on the Oprah TV show:

Citizens do not have to obey dishonest sheriffs, courts, or lawyers

Citizens are supposed to follow the law, but when the police, government, and courts are corrupt, we are fools to follow them. Instead, we should tell the other police to do their job and arrest their corrupt leaders, corrupt government officials, and corrupt judges so that citizens don't have to take matters into their own hands.

How will the Zionists get out of this mess?

The Internet is removing the secrecy that has been protecting Zionism, the Rothschilds, and other organized crime gangs. People around the world are exposing the 9/11 attack is a false flag operation. There is no possible way that the Zionists can stop this information from spreading. Actually, it's going to get worse for them every month.

What are the Zionists going to do when virtually everybody of importance realizes that they have been lied to about 9/11?

One way to hurt the Zionists is to get the public guessing at what the Zionists might do. Think of this as a television game show:

"What will the Zionists do
to avoid blame for 9/11?"

Here is one scenario:

The Zionists may be forced into exposing 9/11 and having a trial for the people responsible. However, for the past few years the Zionists have been trying to shift the blame onto the Vatican and Bush administration, but that's not working very well.

The Zionists have already promoted their own agents as 9/11 investigators, such as Mike Berger, David Ray Griffin, and Webster Tarpley. Therefore, they can put these agents on television on the grounds that they are the most popular and important 9/11 researchers. These agents can expose 9/11 as an "inside job".

However, there are lots of people who realize that the 9/11 truth groups are infiltrated, that the media is lying, and that some Israelis are involved. The Zionists cannot hold a trial without sacrificing some of the people that we are suspicious of.

Many Zionist agents will be able to claim that they wanted to talk about 9/11, but they were threatened by the CIA and military. However, in order to convince people that this trial is real, the Zionists must sacrifice hundreds of their agents in the media, 9/11 truth groups, and antiwar groups. Many Israeli officials can claim to be following orders, but some of them must be sacrificed, also.

The agents who are selected to be sacrificial lambs are not likely to die willingly. Therefore, they must be reassured that they have nothing to worry about; that only David Rockefeller, Larry Silverstein, and some other people will be sacrificed. When a sacrificial lamb is to be arrested, it will have to be a rapid arrest, and he will have to be taken to jail quickly before he has an opportunity to expose the truth. Then he will have to be given a brief trial, and then executed immediately afterwards.

How could the Zionists justify rapid trials and executions? One way is to make it appear as if the nation is furious. For example, the Zionists could arrange for some of the sacrificial lambs to be beaten to death by angry mobs. This would create the impression that the public doesn't care to waste much time on a trial or execution.

If they do this type of a trial in a convincing manner, they would be able to fool millions of Americans and Europeans into believing that the primary people involved with 9/11 have just been identified and executed. In reality, the Zionists will still be in control of America and Europe.