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The Media is the Enemy

29 Nov 2005
By Eric Hufschmid
Updated Oct 2007 to fix typos and links, and added a few images

Sumner Redstone

Edgar Bronfman

Samuel Newhouse

President Bush may have committed a lot of crimes, but the most important criminals are Edgar Bronfman, Sumner Redstone, Samuel Newhouse, and other people who control Hollywood, television, school textbooks, and other sources of information.

They are allowing
wars and corruption
on a phenomenal scale

The September 11 attack, the Oklahoma City bombing, the attack on the USS Liberty, the sex slave trade, the raping of children at Boystown, and other horrendous crimes would have been exposed long ago if it were not for their suppression of people such as myself, Christopher Bollyn, and who knows how many hundreds of other people.

Harvey Weinstein

Norman Pearlstine

Michael Eisner 

They are criminals,
not executives

The people who control the media are often describes as "executives", but they should be referred to as "criminals" because they are deceiving us with propaganda; providing entertainment and sexual titillation to distract us; and suppressing people who try to expose their crimes.

Many people on the Internet refer to this group as "The Powers That Be" (TPTB), but they are not powerful. They should be described as Criminals On The Loose (COTL).

They only have control over our media because so many people allow them to have control. It would not be difficult for us to get them out of our lives, clean up our history books, and provide ourselves with more serious news organizations.

The media criminals
distort our view of the world

By getting control of the information we are exposed to, they can distort our perception of the world.

For example, there are still people all over the world who don't know what Building 7 is, let alone that it crumbled into a pile of rubble for no apparent reason on September 11.

The September 11 attack would have been exposed years ago if it were not for these media criminals. These people are collaborators in these crimes.

David Wolper

William Karel

 Gerald Levin 


What effect do
they have on children?

These media criminals provide infantile and psychotic entertainment in their television shows, newspapers, magazines, movies, and other forms of propaganda. Diarrhea, bathrooms, and sex are a common subject.

They often portray drunks as amusing people. Their slurring of words and their staggering as they walk is treated as family entertainment. They are making it appear as if alcoholics are amusing, as opposed to showing what sad creatures they really are. What would you think if they were doing this with people addicted to heroin or cocaine? Would you approve of children being taught that heroin addicts are amusing because they have trouble speaking properly and sometimes stumble when they walk?

The media criminals also promote the musicians and actors who encourage violence, drug abuse, extreme collections of material items, sexual perversion, neurotic attitudes, or psychotic behavior.

Throughout most of human existence, children grew up around their parents, neighbors, and other children. Today they are growing up around selfish, immoral business executives who are trying to manipulate them into purchasing products; who titillate them with diarrhea jokes, sexual titillation, and alcoholics who slur their words; and who offer them role models who I would classify as psychotic. How can anybody justify this type of childhood? What effect is this having on children? Do you see any evidence that this is making children today better than they were in the past?

The media criminals
are protecting pedophiles

Have you ever seen the New York Times or a television show give a book review on John deCamp's The Franklin Coverup

And when will the reporters investigate these accusations about Woody Allen:

Or the Friedmans:

Or any of the other thousands of people accused of raping children, selling sex slaves, or offering sex with animals?

There is no possible way that the sex slave trade, the kidnapping and raping of children, and other forms of perversion could be occurring on such a large scale around the world without support from the government, and without the media to suppress evidence of the crimes.


It's OK to
complain about the media

Because most of the media criminals are Jewish, I am sometimes criticized as an anti-Semite for complaining about them. So let me point out that there are Jews who also complain about them. This is not an issue of religion, nor of Jews. It is an issue of crime.

For example, the following excerpts are from a book by Norman Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry:
The New York Times serves as the main promotional vehicle of the Holocaust industry. 
For frequency of coverage, the Holocaust places a close second to the daily weather report.
Page xvi

Hardly a week passes without a major Holocaust-related story in the New York Times
Page 143

Finkelstein also complains that some of the books that are promoted by the media criminals are blatant frauds:

  • The Painted Bird, by Jerzy Kosinski
  • The first major Holocaust hoax was The Painted Bird, by Polish émigré Jerzy Kosinski. 
    Page 55

    Jerzy Kosinski bio info:

  • Fragments, by Binjamin Wilkomirski
  • Fragments was widely hailed as a classic of Holocaust literature. It was translated into a dozen languages and won the Jewish national book award, the Jewish quarterly prize, and he Prix de Mémoire de la Shoah.
    Half fruitcake, half mountebank, Wilkomirski, it turns out, spent the entire war in Switzerland. He is not even Jewish.
    Page 60

    Some info on-line about this book is here:

    Which book gets into Barnes & Noble and other large distributors? Which book gets a favorable review by the New York Times, Scientific American, or Newsweek?

    The books that are promoted are the ones that the media criminals approve of. This is why you cannot find my book in the national bookstores, and it will never be given a review by the New York Times.

    The media criminals are not providing us with "news". They are not providing us with book reviews, either. Rather, they are providing us with propaganda to promote their particular view of the world, and to cover up their crimes.


    Is anybody really "Self Hating"?

    Finkelstein's mother and father were inmates in the Nazi prison camps, so it is difficult to accuse him or his parents of being "anti-Semites". He is instead described as a "self hating" Jew. But how is describing someone as a "self hating" Jew any more sensible than describing somebody is a "do-do head"?

    Here is the list of "Self Hating, Israel Threatening" Jews:
    The list is alphabetical, so look under the category of F to find Norman Finkelstein.

    The media criminals decided to label Finkelstein as a "self hating Jew" rather than a  "hero" or a "crime fighter" or a "professor who wants accurate history books".

     What are the goals
    of the media criminals?

    The American and European media spend a lot of time promoting the hatred Arabs, and they spend lots of time promoting pity for the innocent and superior Jews. Therefore, I would say that the primary goal of the media criminals is the creation of Israel.

    There are probably lots of other reasons that they provide deceptive news reports, such as supporting their friends in the defense, banking, and oil industry.

    They may be encouraging immorality in order to break down American and European nations, which would make it easier for them to get even more control over us.

    The reason they encourage crummy school courses may be to produce a generation of ignorant and badly behaved children. This helps weaken the nation, making it easier for a small group to get more control of it.

    Don't dismiss the role Israel
    has played in the 20th century

    Many people promote the idea that the Vatican is trying to take over the world, or that some mysterious group of people called "neocons" or "illuminati" are trying to get control.

    However, most of the wars and chaos of the 20th century seem to have been intended to help Israel and to destroy America, Europe, and Russia.

    Finkelstein also believes the support of Israel is one of the reasons they lie about the Holocaust:

    Organized American Jewry has exploited the Nazi Holocaust to deflect criticism of Israel's and its own morally indefensible policies.
    Page 149
    An article with this and other quotes is here:

    Some Vatican officials, some secret societies, some oil company executives, and other people may be assisting the Zionists in their wars and corruption, but I would say the Zionists are the masterminds, and the other people are their Useful Idiots.

    Are you afraid
    to stand up to these people?

    William Karel, in his television that insults people who think the Apollo moon landing was staged, put the following "disclaimer" at the end of the show:

    No goy was mistreated during the filming

    This is equivalent to writing:

    No Kike was mistreated during the filming

    The majority of goyim put up with this because... why? Why are most goyim behaving like a retarded girl who lets one person after the next rape her?

    Arab terrorists and Nazis;
    how many really exist?

    The media criminals are constantly promoting the idea that Arab terrorists are about to destroy America and Europe, and that Nazis are hiding everywhere.

    For example, the media is creating the impression that Jose Padilla is a member of some dangerous, world-wide terrorist network. However, if there was serious evidence that Padilla is part of a terrorist network, why is the government just letting him sit in jail? Why not expose the network, arrest the terrorists, and put an end to them?

    The news reports about Padilla are vague, as they are with Osama and other terrorists. For example:,1280,-5432176,00.html

    There is a lot of evidence that most of the Nazis and Arab terrorists are actually Zionists, or idiots that the Zionists promote to create the impression that these terrorists exist. For example, take a look at this article:

    Even more amazing are the remarks that come from the Zionists. Here is one attributed to Theodor Herzel:

    “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews.. . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . . I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends”.

    The purpose of this deception is to create anti-Semitism, hatred of Arabs, and paranoia of Nazis. 

    The media criminals often grossly exaggerate a person's involvment in terrorism in order to create this fear that Arab terrorists and Nazis are dangerous threat. Jose Padilla is one example.

    For another example, the media criminals describe the Gaede Twins as "white supremacists" or "Nazis". The headline in an ABC News article about them is:

    "Young Singers Spread Racist Hate"

    We are supposed to believe that these girls are just two of countless numbers of Nazis ready to jump out of the bushes and attack innocent Jews, blacks, and other people.

    However, there are people of every race, nationality, and religion who boast of their superiority. There are also women boasting about their superiority over men, and men boasting about their superiority over women. There are Democrats who believe they are superior to Republicans, and Republicans who believe they are superior to Democrats. There are people in New York City boasting that they live in the greatest city in the world. Many of them have bumper stickers and other signs that proclaim "I love New York".

    This attitude of "pride" or "superiority", or whatever you want to call it, is a problem that all humans suffer from. However, when a person of German ancestry displays even a little bit of pride, he is labeled a "white supremacist who spreads racist hate".

    The media criminals are not providing us with an intelligent analysis of the world or its problems. If we had a respectable media, we would be told that all humans suffer from this problem. Arrogance is not restricted to Germans. In fact, it is not even restricted to adults; many children believe they are superior to adults.

    Jews who behave in a similar manner, or worse, are not described as "Jewish supremacists", nor are they described as "spreading racist hate"; rather, they are given headlines such as:

  • Smart Jews 

  • Are Jews Smarter?


    It Jews can behave in such an arrogant manner, why can't Germans, little girls, and Arabs? Why don't the Jews set a good example for us dumb goys?

    Are you supporting
    these media criminals?

    Most of our friends, relatives, and neighbors are supporting the media criminals financially by purchasing their deceptive publications and Hollywood movies.

    Each of us has a choice in regards to the publications we support. We can read articles such as this one, or we can buy a Newsweek magazine or a New York Times newspaper.

    Nobody is forcing any us to do anything. However, most people are choosing to watch the deceptive news, and read the deceptive publications.
    “Dude! Did you hear about the latest with Britney Spears?

    I love to keep up with news events; I’m an educated person with a college degree!”

    Tell your friends and relatives that if they support criminals, they should expect more crime. If they want a better world, they have to support people who are respectable.