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Walter Mitty strikes again
(by Daryl Bradford Smith)

Definition of Walter Mitty, in case you don't know

The latest email from Karl Schwarz (in the box below) goes beyond humorous and reaches the level of tragic.

We at the French Connection recommend a mental health screening to find out what his problem is. This is beyond anything we lay people can deal with.

Please Karl Schwarz (aka, Jon Carlson) do not write us anymore; it brings us great sadness to read your correspondence.

From: "Karl W B Schwarz" <>
Subject: Compression clouds at no altitude
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 12:46:46 -0500

Hello Daryl,

Note that I have cc'd Victor Thorn and have blind cc'd many others.

Posted on your website, another gross error and misstatement of fact:

This was your bashing on Jon Carlson and me.


>"He shows a photograph of the South Tower a few moments after it was hit, and we can see a white trail, which Carlson claims is the vapor trail of the jet.
>However, the jets that crashed into the towers did not leave vapor trails, nor do any jets leave trails at low altitudes during warm weather. "
We have the video. It has been analyzed by two professional labs in the US that do nothing but video. We projected it on a large TV and an 8 foot square screen and slowed it down to 1/100th frames per second. It shows compression clouds very clearly coming off the wings of the plane that hit WTC II. The photos were posted on my website clearly showing the compression clouds.

Now, you put forth, in your less than expert opinion, that low altitude jets do not put forth compression clouds during warm weather. You need to do your homework. Landing aircraft even put out compression clouds under the right conditions.

This is where a little education, a big mouth and total lack of knowledge show your true colors.

Would compression clouds, on the Bonneville Salt Flats, no altitude, on a very warm day - open up your blind eyes and myopic minds?

This is the vehicle that did it, same speed range that the jet did that hit

Those are compression clouds, at no altitude, warm day September 25, 1997 between 500 and 530 mph.

This was a trial run before they broke the Mach 1 barrier on October 1997.

The video we have clearly shows intermittent compression clouds on the 737 that hit the WTC II.

Any questions or more moronic, ill-informed, off-the-cuff comments?

Alex Jones' website posted the photos we extracted from that video. To the best of our knowledge, they are the only website to post the photos from the video we found and verified its authenticity out of Canada.

Why did the two of you [Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith] not do that?

Truth Seekers the two of you are not; gossip-mongers is far more accurate.


PS - Danny, put the WTC II photos back up on my website ASAP.