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Stevia and Hemp

Do you know why stevia is illegal?

18 Oct 2005
By Eric Hufschmid

Stevia is a plant from Paraguay with an extremely sweet leaf. The leaf contains a chemical (stevioside) that is hundreds of times as sweet as sugar. People in Paraguay and Brazil have been using it as a sweetening agent for hundreds of years.

A lot of natural chemicals are poisonous, so it possible that stevioside is dangerous. To protect Americans from danger, the FDA has made it illegal to use stevia as a sugar substitute.

Scientists in Japan and other nations studied stevia, and they did not find any harmful aspects to it. Japan has been using stevia since the 1970's, such as a sweetener for Diet Coke.

The FDA claims that stevia may be dangerous, and that further study is needed. OK, so when will they do the further study? We have been waiting and waiting....

Is the FDA protecting you and me? Or are they protecting Aspartame?

If the US Government had a reputation for honesty, we could assume the FDA is protecting us from a possibly dangerous chemical. 

Unfortunately, the US Government seems to be dominated by pedophiles and lunatics. Our government officials seem to follow bribes and blackmail, not intelligent reasoning.

Why is stevia legal as a "dietary supplement"?

It is illegal in America to use stevia as a "sugar substitute". However, it is legal to sell it as a "dietary supplement".

What would you think if our government made it illegal to use heroin as a "recreational drug", but allowed it to be sold in health food stores as a "dietary supplement"?

If stevia is so dangerous, why are we allowed to purchase it at health food stores and mail order companies?

The FDA claims that they have little control over dietary supplements, but they have control over everything related to our health. In reality, they allow stevia to be sold as a dietary supplement because it pacifies the people who want stevia. Anybody who wants it can get it, easily and cheaply.

If Stevia was as illegal as heroin, they would be thousands of people demanding that the FDA management be fired. There might even be an illegal trade in stevia. Some of the more intelligent police and FBI agents might start wondering, "Why is stevia illegal? Why am I risking my life to stop people from using stevia?"

Allowing stevia to be sold in health food stores allows the people who know about it to purchase it at a low price, and it keeps the majority of people on sugar or aspartame.


Why is hemp illegal?

If you think the US Government is interested in protecting you and me, consider another product the US Government protects us from: hemp fiber, hemp paper, hemp seeds, and other hemp products. I am not referring to marijuana, I am referring to hemp products.

The seeds of the hemp plant are edible, which should not be surprising because many seeds are edible. You can find them for sale in health food stores. To use google for more info on hemp seeds, click here.

Why are Canadians allowed to grow these seeds? Americans can buy these seeds from health food stores, but they must be imported from Canada. Why can't Americans grow them? Who is really being protected?

Americans are allowed to buy hemp seeds at health food stores, and we are allowed to buy hemp clothing, hemp rope, and other hemp products, but we are not allowed to grow hemp. This is as ridiculous as allowing Americans to purchase heroin at health food stores, but making it illegal for American farmers to produce heroin.

The most likely explanation for the FDA's attitude on stevia and hemp is that the American government is corrupt beyond any of our wildest dreams, and the majority of American executives are selfish beyond anything we can imagine.

Many of our government and business leaders will destroy their own nation simply for money or fame. And most American citizens are so irresponsible that they refuse to learn about these problems, discuss them, or do anything about them.

Want to try stevia?

If you want to try stevia, I suppose the FDA will want me to warn you that you do so at your own risk! And remember, it is illegal to use stevia as a sugar substitute; you can only use it as a dietary supplement. 
Warning: If you want to be safe, remain with the FDA-approved aspartame and sugar.

For those of you who are willing to try a potentially dangerous product, you might like to know that the extract is a white powder. It is available in its pure form, which is very potent, which means that adding a tiny bit too much can make food too sweet. As a result, some companies mix the stevia with some other material to dilute it.

It is also available dissolved in a liquid that can be dripped from an eye dropper.

Different companies claim that their stevia extract has less aftertaste, so try different brands to see which you like best. 

To use google for more info on stevia, click here.

A nation is what the people make it

If it turns out that aspartame (nutrasweet) is more dangerous than stevia, or if it turns out that diabetes would be reduced with stevia... well, the American people get what they deserve, and they deserve what they get.