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You have a choice!
Don't want to support Israel?

Then support a homeland for American veterans!

Or support a homeland for intelligent Goyim!

Have you heard of the Americans who propose creating a homeland for American veterans in southern England?


We Americans risked our lives for Britain during the World Wars and the 9/11 War on Terror, so we deserve a homeland in southern England.

The British people will support this homeland because it gives them an opportunity to practice what they preach.

The Brits expect the Palestinians to move off their land and let the Zionists have it for free, so here is a great opportunity for the British to set a good example, move out of southern England, and give it to the American veterans for free.

You don't have to die for Israel

Now you have a choice. Now you have an alternative. You can sacrifice your sons and daughters for Veterania!

Instead of spending tens of billions of dollars a year on Mideast wars and foreign aid, you can spend your billions on a homeland for US veterans!


Don't want to support Israel or Veterania? Eric Hufschmid offers you a third alternative: a homeland for Goyim with functional brains!

Hufschmid is asking for all of North and South America.

Hufschmid wants the Europeans to send financial and military assistance to him to help create this homeland.

So there you have it. You have a choice; you have several alternatives. You don't have to be screwed by Israel. You can let Hufschmid or Smith do it to you.

"Since you're going to be screwed,
why not by me?"
-- Eric Hufschmid, 2006

Offers are void where prohibited. Not available in Nebraska or Hawaii. 

Must be 18 or older to die for either Veterania or Goyimerica.