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30 Aug 2007

Is "Henry from Connecticut" a Zionist agent who identifies the Goyim with the courage to stand up to Zionism?
On Wednesday, 29 August 2007, a man named Bob called the Rick Adams radio show and showed signs of not tolerating Israel's abuse. Listen to this excerpt:

Immediately after that phone call ended, a man named Henry from Connecticut, who routinely calls the Rick Adams show, called for the second time that night. Normally Adams does not allow a caller to call twice in one show, but Henry calls so often that Adams decided to make an exception. Listen carefully to why Henry called the second time:

Adams and Henry then discussed some other issues, and then Henry returned to the issue of Bob:

You can listen to the entire show here, if you want:

Why does Henry want to talk to Bob?

Henry wanted to know what state Bob lived in and how to contact him. Certainly it is possible that Henry is a true American patriot who wanted to chat with Bob, but Bob would be a fool if he didn't consider the possibility that Henry is a Zionist agent who is looking for Goyim who show signs of courage, intelligence, leadership, or unusual knowledge of Zionism.

Learn from the mistakes of Christopher Bollyn!

For those of you who have remained quietly in the background, you must understand that Christopher Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid are routinely contacted by people who claim to be working on our side, and they often want to talk to us, meet with us, or have us visit them.

Some of these people may be legitimate, but most of them appear to be Zionist agents. Some of them are looking for information about what we're doing, whether we're having any health problems, whether we like to use drugs, and whether we're homosexual. Some of them try to influence our opinions on 9/11, Zionism, and Alex Jones. Some of them try to convince us to promote deceptive websites.

Which of these friendly people can we trust? Apparently, Christopher Bollyn trusted the wrong ones. Don't let his imprisonment -- or death -- be wasted; learn from it!

Many of your names may already be on lists. For example, did you know that when you call a toll-free number, your phone number will show on their phone bill regardless of whether you have your number blocked? RBN, GCN, and many other "patriot" organizations have toll-free numbers.

Henry from Connecticut may not know who Bob is, but when the phone bill arrives at RBN, Bob's number will be listed. Would you trust John Stadtmiller with your phone number? There are ways to find a person's name and address from a phone number.

Did you listen to Joyce Riley pretend to be in love with Peter Kawaja?

There are two videos from Peter Kawaja on Google video:

You can listen to Joyce Riley faking her love for Kawaja. These Zionist agents are willing to use themselves as prostitutes in order to get information about you or set you up. Don't underestimate their dedication.

Dave von Kleist and Joyce Riley have this web site and this radio show on the GCN radio network. If you trust them, call their radio show and ask them to explain why Peter Kawaja makes these accusations.

The Protocols of Zion are out of date

The Protocols of Zion were written more than a hundred years ago, long before there was television, computers, CD-ROMs, and DVDs. Telephones were a novelty that only a few people had access to.

If you don't know what the protocols are, here it is in modern English:

The Zionist movement was following a very clever plan, but the Protocols never anticipated the development of computers and the Internet. During the past decade, ordinary people with virtually no money or special friends in the government have been able to analyze world events and spread the information throughout the entire world.

The Zionists have been depending upon secrecy and control of the media, but the Internet has removed their secrecy, and they cannot control the information that is being passed around on CD-ROMs, DVDs, and the Internet.

Technology has allowed an ordinary person to analyze events around the world and expose crime networks to billions of people. This was impossible when the Protocols were written.

Every day the situation becomes worse for the Zionists. It doesn't take much intelligence to realize that Zionism is a sinking ship, and there is no way they can change the situation.

What are the Zionist rats going to do? There are not many options available for them. Two options are:

1) They can create tremendous chaos, such as financial problems, or nuclear war, and try to get control as people are busy fighting with each other.

2) They can expose 9/11 and hold a trial for Bush, Rumsfeld, the Rockefellers, and whoever else they choose to sacrifice.

They got rid of the Bollyn family... will you allow them to get rid of anybody else?

Henry wants to know more about Bob from Missouri. This is not the time to hide from people like Henry. Don't be frightened of Henry or people like him. Instead, we should be asking, Who is Henry? And who are his friends?

This is the time to help people realize that the Zionist crime network is in a very desperate situation right now, and they may try desperate measures, such as identifying and killing everybody who shows signs of courage or intelligence. Don't think that being quiet and hiding like a child will protect you. They can find you, even if you are hiding.

It's important to let people know that virtually all of the truth seekers are liars. Don't be afraid to send e-mail or make phone calls to the police to tell them to look into 9/11. It is time the police stopped acting like frightened children and started to act like adults. The military should start showing signs of courage, also.

The Zionists have caused tremendous amounts of wars, suffering, and chaos all throughout the 20th century. The saddest aspect of this is that we can easily stop the Zionists without violence if we can find enough support.

We can also create financial problems for them simply by refusing to purchase their newspapers, magazines, Hollywood movies, drugs, alcohol, strip clubs, prostitutes, and pornography. Is going without those products really a big sacrifice to make?

The truth movement is a Zionist movement

It should be obvious that virtually everybody in this "truth movement" is a Zionist agent. They have so completely separated from Hufschmid and Bollyn that even people new to this issue of deception should be able to see it. Almost nobody in this "truth movement" will even mention our names, except in insults. The reason should be obvious; they don't want you to listen to what we have to say.

Those of you who are reading this article probably know this already, but there are millions of people who don't know we exist. The Zionist crime network is flooding the world with their propaganda, and they are trying to push us aside.

This is not a battle for attention; it is a battle for who has control of the truth movement. Don't allow criminals to get control. So help us! Don't leave us standing alone!

Alan Watt is another Zionist agent

Here is an excerpt from the radio show of Alan Watt on August 24, 2007. A man named Jim from Texas called to complain that Alan Watt doesn't identify the criminals. Jim was pointing out that they are Jews. Jim is a supporter of Mike Piper, Mark Glenn, and other Zionist agents, so Jim may have been trying to blame all the Jews in order to create trouble for those of us who are trying to expose corruption, but listen to Alan Watt's desperate attempt to blame everything on the Catholic Church, the CIA, and others:

His site: