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Why are so many
people insulting me?

 updated 11 Nov 2007

People have been complaining about me and Christopher Bollyn for years, but they never provide any evidence that our opinions on the Holocaust, 9/11, Zionist infiltration, or the Apollo moon landing is inaccurate.

Instead, they try to manipulate our emotions with insults and by creating the impression that they are devote Christians who provide the truth, as in the logo (below) for wakeupfromyourslumber:

If somebody had evidence that we were incorrect, they would proudly present it to the world and make us look like fools or liars. They wouldn't resort to insults. At takeourworldback, they even claim I'm half Jewish.

For those of you who have trouble distinguishing between insults and evidence, here is some information that might help you.

But first, why do we criticize so many people?

You would never let a dentist work on your teeth if he wanted to ruin your teeth, and you would never want an incompetent dentist to ruin your teeth accidentally.
“Now hold still while I use my Sears power drill to remove that cavity in your tooth!”

We don't need criminals in this "truth movement" who are deliberately trying to sabotage it, and we don't need idiots who are sabotaging it accidentally because of stupidity or naivety.

Anybody who gets involved in exposing corruption had better contribute to exposing the crime -- and help us put an end to the crime network -- or we will treat you as one of our enemies.

Zionism is only one of the organized crime gangs, and the largest. There are smaller organized crime networks in Japan and other nations.

We are not doing this for fun. We want all of these organized crime networks eliminated. Either help us or get out of our way!

Examples of what we are talking about

1) We accuse the Bronfman family of being a leader in the world's Zionist crime network.

If you disagree with us:
Explain how we are incorrect to make this assumption.

If instead you respond with insults about Christopher Bollyn's wife, or accuse Eric Hufschmid of being a cult leader, we will assume that you are trying to use emotional manipulation to turn people away from us.

If you made those remarks simply because of stupidity, you may not like it when we accuse you of trying to sabotage us, but that's your tough luck. 

We don't need incompetent dentists; we don't need in competent carpenters; and we don't need incompetent crime investigators.

2) We accuse Rahm Emanuel of being a high-level Zionist, and that part of his job is to create the impression that the "Liberals" will save us from the "Neocons".
If you disagree:
Explain how we are incorrect to make this assumption.

If instead, you complain that about the photo of Christopher Bollyn's wife posing as a secret agent, we will assume you are another Zionist or their useful idiot.

3) We accuse Jeff Rense, Douglas Herman, and their vast network of friends of being Zionists or their Useful Idiots
Here is an new article as an example:
Douglas Herman: "911 Debunkers Defend War Criminals, Liars, Mass Murderers"
By Douglas Herman
Exclusive to

Douglas Herman, who has, Jeff Rense, 911blogger, and virtually everybody they promote, appear to be part of a vast, Zionist criminal network.

As far as we're concerned, none of those people are helping us identify -- or get rid of -- this crime network.

If you don't agree with our accusation, show us where we're making our mistake. If instead you respond with insults, then we will consider you to be part of that same network.

We can't always distinguish between idiots and criminals

We don't know who is a criminal, who has been blackmailed, and who is an idiot. But it doesn't matter to us. All of the suspicious people should be pushed aside and investigated. They should not be influencing the world.

What is wrong with such a philosophy? Who is harmed by this?

Obviously, the only people who are harmed are the people who are part of a crime network.