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Why Trust Either Group?

Osama Did It Which Is The Lesser Evil Bush Knew

The Authorities

George Bush,
Don Rumsfeld,
Paul Wolfowitz,
and most other

The Truth Seekers

George Soros,
the Anti-War groups,
and most other
"liberals" and


The "Authorities" blame Osama for 9-11, while the "Truth Seekers" blame George Bush for allowing the Arabs to attack. Both groups ignore certain important aspects of the 9-11 attack, such as the mysterious collapse of Building 7. Also, both ignore the Oklahoma City Bombing and other scams. 

Is either group trying to make a better world? Or are they merely fighting for control of the Sheeple?

In July 2004 the MoveOn group showed a DVD called "OutFoxed" to let their members know that the Fox news network is biased towards Republicans. The MoveOn group implies that ABC, NBC, and other news groups are honest.

If MoveOn really wanted to educate their members and help make a better world, they would let their members know that all major news sources are lousy, and they would NOT let their members know about my book, the PowerHour radio show, Alex Jones, WingTV, and all the other people who have information about this and other scams. Have you noticed that MoveOn ignores our books and videos? Ask them why.

Ignoring information is the same as lying. Can't you see that the MoveOn group is just as deceptive as the Bush administration? Why give your time or money to any of these people?

The U.S. government uses stupidity and ignorance to justify their strange behavior. For example, FEMA claims that they have no idea how Building 7 collapsed, and the U.S. military claims they have no idea who released the five images from the Pentagon security camera. 

Many leaders of the 9-11 groups are also claiming stupidity or ignorance when asked about their strange behavior. For example, if you complain to them about ignoring the book "Painful Questions" or if you complain that all news networks are crummy, not just the Fox network, some of them will respond something like, 

"Gosh, I forgot to let people know about the book Painful Questions. And you are correct, there is bias in other networks. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention!"

The typical 9-11 activist is pacified by the excuses and titillated by the compliments. But you should be annoyed. You should ask yourself,

"Hey, wait a minute... If these people are as incompetent as they claim to be, why am I looking to them for leadership? Why do I donate time or money to them? These people are not educating me; rather, they are just feeding me a different type of propaganda."

America is a disaster partly because the American voters are incapable of selecting competent government leaders. The 9-11 movement is ineffective partly because the 9-11 activists are as incompetent as the American voters when it comes to selecting leadership. The leaders of the 9-11 movement are pathetic. If they are as stupid and incompetent as they claim to be, they should be replaced.

The members of MoveOn and 9-11 groups believe that they are going to make America a better nation by getting rid of Bush, but they are just sheep that have been moved from one pen to another. 
The leaders of the MoveOn and 9-11 groups push Bush off of you, turn you over, and tell you that they love you, but you are still being raped.


Don't be so easily controlled!

Three Sheeple
Pied Piper
The first couple of paragraphs on the back cover
of the first edition of Painful Questions applies to the "Truth Seekers" also.
Here is what I wrote:

Is the US Government so incompetent that the 9-11 attack merely appears to be a scam?

This book discusses the aspects of the September 11th Attack and the response of the US Government that can make us wonder whether our government is involved in the attack, or whether they are so amazingly incompetent that they only appear to be involved. A government of idiots is as dangerous as a government of conspirators, so we have a serious problem in either case.
Now here is it for the Truth Seekers:

Are the "Truth Seekers" so naive or stupid that they merely appear to be hiding information about 9-11, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and other scams?

The lack of intelligent information that comes from the "Truth Seekers" can make us wonder whether they are involved in the scams and are merely fighting the Bush Administration for control of the nation, or whether they are so amazingly incompetent that they only appear to be involved. An organization of idiot Truth Seekers who inadvertently cover up the scams is as dangerous as an organization of criminals, so we have a serious problem in either case.