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A listener to the French Connection provided this transcript of WingTV's amazing rant about Bollyn's arrest.

Transcript of the
WingTV broadcast
on August 17, 2006

Transcribed by Scrutinizer

LG: Lisa Guliani, of
VT: Victor Thorn (Scott Makufka), of
RR: Lieutenant Richard Russo, Hoffman Estates, IL, Police Department [1]

LG: Hello, this is Lisa Guliani from WingTV.  On the phone with me right now is Lieutenant Richard Russo of Hoffman Estates Police Department in Illinois.  Lieutenant Russo, I'd like you to respond to the article [2] written by Christopher Bollyn of the American Free Press regarding the police incident at Hoffman Estates on August fifteenth, 2006.

Uh, he claims that he was brutalized and abused by Hoffman Estates police, uh, that he, uh, was being surveilled by FBI agents, and I would like you to, uh, give your side of the story, what happened that day.

RR: Uh, yes, I did have a chance to read that article, and, uh, there was no abuse taken place, uh, we weren't, uh, there were no FBI agents involved, we were not, uh, had any surveillance on him.

What had taken place that day was our- our Tac officers [4], which are a gang suppression unit, semi-marked unit, uh, were doing routine patrols in the area, and they did go by Mr. Bollyn's home, uh, and I mu- I wanna add that none- the off- police weren't- did not know who's- Christopher Bollyn was until just after this incident happened.

Uh, after they passed his house, uh, he waved to the officers sayin', "Hello, FBI", they waved back.  Uh, the undercover officers, or Tac officers, actually, we call them, drove- continued to drive by.

They then- they then received a 911 call that was from Christopher Bollyn stating that there was a suspicious vehicle in his neighborhood acting as police officers or FBI.  Hearing this, they- they knew that there was a mistake made, so they turned around and went back to his home to show them their ID, uh, explain that they were not FBI and that they were doin' routine patrol.  Uh, doing so in his- he was in his front yard when they approached him and explained, showing them their badges, which they wear around their neck.

Uh, Mr. Bollyn became very belligerent, uh, irate, uh, threatening the officers in his body language as well as his words.  Uh, he indicated in so many words that he would- had to run back into the house, that- that made the officers believe he may be going to get a weapon.  Fearing for their safety, the officers did tackle him to keep him from goin' into the house because we don't know what's in that house.  Uh, a fight ensued, a struggle ensued, tryin' to subdue him.  Uh, a taser [3] had to be used to get handcuffs on him.

LG: Mm hm.

RR: And, uh, then he was taken into custody for resisting arrest and, uh, aggravated assaults of a police officer.

LG: Okay, now, the unit that was making a circuit of the neighborhood, this is a regular routine thing they do?  That's their beat?

RR: Oh, it- definitely, uh, it- it's a gang suppression unit, there's three or four officers that- they're semi-marked, they drive through the neighborhoods, uh, looking for any gang or drug activity.  It's a small- it- the town is about fifty thousand people, uh, we have our problems like any other town that (inaudible).

LG: Uh huh.  Uh, normally, if someone is beaten by police, or Tasered, and- or sustains injury, wouldn't they seek medical assistance for that?  Uh, it appears Bollyn did not seek any medical assistance.

RR: Oh, we- the police call, uh, paramedics anytime anybody's injured or shot with a Taser or weapon, that's standard procedure.

LG: Uh huh.

RR: Uh, Fire Department went on the scene.  Uh, no injuries reported from, uh, Mr. Bollyn or the police officers, and the paramedics, uh, they left.

LG: Mr. Bollyn has claimed that he was placed into a cell with no water and told to drink from the toilet.  Can you explain the cell situation?

RR: Yeah.  Every single cell that we have has a built-in water fountain slash sink.  It doubles as a water fountain and a sink, and they're stainless steel, and they're bolted to the walls.  Uh, I don't know where he's getting, uh, the toilet bowl, uh, uh-

LG: Okay.  So, so basically, it sounds to me anyway, like there wouldn't have even been a situation if Mr. Bollyn didn't create a situation.  Is that correct?

RR: Oh, very much so.  All this was a reaction to Christopher Bollyn's movements and, uh, words.  The officers came back just to explain that they were not FBI, and- and  explain why they were doing there, what they were doing there, and, uh, his actions caused them to fear for their safety and c-, and, uh, c- effecting the arrest.

LG: Had the police, an- any knowledge or familiarity with who Christopher Bollyn was before this incident occurred?

RR: None at all, uh, it took us by shock with the amount of phone calls after this.  We had no idea.  I just found out yesterday by lookin' on the web on who this person was.

LG: Okay.  So, there were no FBI agents cruising this neighborhood, there were no FBI agents on his lawn confronting him?

RR: No, none whatsoever.

LG: Okay, and there's a court date set?  Do you know when that is?

RR: Yes, it's, uh, in Rolling Meadows, which is a town nearby, uh, 9/13 of '06, in room 102 at 1:30 in the afternoon, uh, Chicago time.

LG: Okay.  Can you just possibly tell me some of the things he was saying to the police that caused, uh, them to make this judgement call to restrain him?  Was he yelling?  You say- um, well, he says that, uh, there was some kind of confrontation.  So, what kind of things was he yelling to the police?

RR: I- I can't really get into the specifics because, uh, the court date is coming up, it's pending.

LG: Okay.

RR: I- I can tell you that his- his body language, uh, his- his- his, uh, words, his- his, uh, demeanor, all made the officers in fear that he may be going to get a weapon.  I can't get into the specifics of what he stated.

LG: Okay.  Alright.  I really appreciate you taking the time to- to explain the other side of the story, and- uh, and- to our listeners, and I really hope this situation gets resolved, sir.

RR: I, uh, I hope it will too, I'm sure, in the- in the upcoming court date.

LG: Thank you very much.

RR: Thank you.

LG: As you just heard, that was an interview that was conducted this morning between me and Lieutenant Richard Russo of Hoffman Estates Police Department.  He is, I believe, the media liaison for that department regarding the Christopher Bollyn arrest incident.

VT: And as everybody knows by now, this story is blazing across the internet, and, as I told Lisa last night, people would rather have a story that's filled with lies and illusion than a story that is true if the first story is more exciting, and the- the way this story has been blown out of proportion by the same exact paid spammers that we see every single time, a story like this, like Bush/Cheney indicted, like Barbara Olson arrested, like Texas City, Texas, and on and on, this story isn't as extreme, is as- isn't as sensationalistic, as what's been- being strewn across the internet.  Of course, there is some other players behind the scenes that are pushing this forward, just like the Sam Danner story.

LG: Right.

VT: And we wanna come out today, we know we're gonna take some heat, but we wanna set the sorry- story straight, so Lisa, tell everybody about your interview this morning and what- what- the proper way we should frame this.

LG: I had two separate conversations with Lieutenant Russo.  The first was just a phone call that I didn't record.  The second was the recording, uh, the interview that I conducted, with permission.  It was impromptu.  Uh, basically, he says there were no FBI present, unlike what Christopher Bollyn is putting forth.  He says the law officers in the unmarked car make this regular routine circuit of the neighborhoods.  They're a gang suppression unit.  They are not FBI.  When they did go back to his house to show him their ID-

VT: Well, first say how that- that part of the story is correct, with Bollyn, where he saw them drive by, he waved-

LG: He saw them drive by, he was with his child, he had his child- he and his child waved to the police, called them the FBI, the FBI, uh, the police just waved back, drove by.  They got the 911 call.  Since they were the closest unit, they responded, they realized it was the same address that they just drove by.

So they went back to show Mr. Bollyn his- their ID, and explain who they were and what they were doing, and, according to the police, Bollyn reacted in a very confrontational, belligerent manner, uh, very paranoid, yelling things, uh, and, uh, he started to run back into his house, and they didn't know, based upon his behavior and the gestures he was making, he was clenching his fists, and acting like he was gonna strike one of the officers, they decided to restrain him.  He had to be Tasered in order to get him into the handcuffs.

VT: So that part of the story is accurate also, that there was a confrontation-

LG: Right.

VT: And, to set the record straight, this is, by- from not only Lieutenant Russo, but we also spoke with Christopher Petherick today, these weren't ADL agents, these weren't Mossad agents, these weren't Israeli agents, these weren't FBI agents.  This was Hoffman Estates PD, the gang suppression unit.

LG: Right, right.

VT: Repeat.  Let me repeat, Lisa, cuz these- these stories are goin' around the internet in capital letters screaming out, (shouting) "ADL MOTHS- MOSSAD FBI THUGS ARREST CHRISTOPHER BOLLYN!"  They weren't ADL, they weren't Mossad, they weren't FBI, they weren't Israel.  At- in fact, Lisa, when you asked Lieutenant Russo about the ADL, what was his reaction?

LG: He didn't know what ADL stood for.  I had to explain to him that it stands f- it's an acronym for the Anti-Defamation League, and what they're, kind of, all about.  He didn't have any idea about that at all.  He sounded to me pretty perplexed, in our initial conversation, as to why Christopher Bollyn is escalating and making such an issue of- of a- something that didn't even need to be a situation.  It appears by, uh, from where I sit, that it wouldn't have been a situation if Christopher Bollyn didn't make it into a situation.

VT: Now, before we go on, Lisa, another thing we have to confront is all these people, all of these people spreading this story across the internet.  How many of them checked any details beyond the initial story?  I would have to say almost none.  Now, what you did was, in the- in Bollyn's story, it was somethin' about ten or fifteen police cars.  So you wondered, why were there so many police cars, and tell 'em the story about this escaped individual from a hospital.

LG: Right.  The mainstream media reported that, on the very same day as the Bollyn incident occurred, a man of- suspected of using a fake prescription to get drugs, was apprehended and brought to the hospital in that vicinity, and he escaped, and the police were looking for him, and they were at- looking for him at Hoffman Estates, the same neighborhood where Christopher Bollyn lives.

Now, I asked Lieutenant Russo about that because I thought perhaps that's why the pol- there were so many police in Bollyn's neighborhood.  They were looking for this drug suspect.  Well, the officer said that that's pretty good reasoning on my part, but actually they apprehended this fellow later on, but the incidents happened hours difference of- of one another.  So, it had nothin' to do with that.

VT: Well it's- one was-

LG: But, so, basically, this is not a- a dead zone as far as no crime ever happens in Christopher Bollyn's neighborhood, because the very same day, they were looking for this drug suspect in Christopher Bollyn's neighborhood.

VT: Plus, the suspect was forty six years old, Bollyn is forty nine years old, and the point is, Lisa actually went in and checked, and checked, and checked.  She called the Chicago Tribune, she called the- the police department, she talked to Lieutenant Russo.  All of this fact-checking before we ran with this story.

LG: I talked to the Cook County Sheriff Department, as well, and they didn't know anything about Christopher Bollyn.

VT: And, how many- and how many people out there did any fact-checking whatsoever?  Almost nobody, and it's pitiful, it's pitiful how, after all of these other hoaxes have been exposed, and how we've explained, instead of runnin' with these stories like lunatics, and it's no wonder the mainstream media- and it's no wonder why so many people in mainstream society laugh at conspiracy theorists because it's this kind of behavior-

LG: Uh huh.

VT: -this running with stories without checking anything, and there's a lot of people guilty of this.

LG: Well-

VT: That we- even people we've had on this show, guilty of it.

LG: Yeah.  A few more points to be made.  Um, the firefighters were on the scene because they were called in as they are, with standard operating procedure, whenever someone has to be restrained by the police or is Tasered, just in case they sustain medical injury and need assistance.  Christopher Bollyn did not require any medical assistance, nor did he seek any.  At the time of this incident, afterward while he was in jail, nor did he get any medical assistance at the hospital or otherwise after he was released.

VT: At least as far as we know now.

LG: Well, no, according to Petherick, he's going to the doctor today.

VT: Okay.

LG: According to the editor of the American Free Press, supposedly Petherick's going to the- the doctor today, but this is what-

VT: Bollyn.

LG: Uh, I'm sorry, Bollyn.  Uh, this is after the fact.  He should have gone, and I would think anyone would have gone immediately, as soon as possible, get assistance.  If you're injured and beaten up by multiple people, and Tasered, and you're injured, wouldn't you go and get immediate medical att- treatment as soon as possible?

VT: Exactly.  Especially a seasoned journalist that knows the way the game operates.

LG: Yeah.  Right, right.  Also, uh, he says he was thrown into a cell with no water and told to drink from the toilet.  Um, as Lieutenant Russo pointed out, every single cell in that jail is equipped with a sink that also serves as a water fountain.

So he had ample opportunity, uh, to drink water while he was in the cell, and he- I don't know why Christopher Bollyn would not mention that fact instead of painting it like he was deprived of water.

VT: Yeah.  And, there are some good points made in this, when I was talkin' to Christopher Petherick.  He was sayin', well, did somebody- doesn't somebody have the right to act paranoid and yell and scream on their front yard?  Of course they did.

Should police officers come in and beat somebody up?  Of course they shouldn't.  We're not siding with the police officers in this; we're not siding with Christopher Bollyn.  What we're saying is, it's repulsive, it's so shabby and irresponsible, to send these stories around, without anybody checking the facts and looking further at it.

LG: Right.  Well, what we're saying is, there's always more than one side to a story, and what we've seen with most of the alternative media, although the people at Signs of the Times [5] have been digging into this, because the story doesn't add up the way it's presented by Christopher Bollyn.

Uh, th- there's always more than one side to a story, and only one side has been being presented by the people in the alternative media, largely, and, uh, noone seems to be questioning this story, that's very questionable, coming from a source that has been putting forth, in the- just the last few weeks, a story that has been proven to be a hoax.

VT: By Sam Danner.  So, uh-

LG: So, uh, all I can say is, it- it's not important, it's not so important to be first.  It's more important to be right, to be accurate, in the information you're providing.

VT: And the problem is- is, every single email that goes around escalates it and makes it a little bit more insane, a little bit more implausible.

LG: Yeah.  It's like, you know, the- the one that got away, the more it gets told, it- the fish gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

VT: And all th- all this does, just like the Sam Danner story, just like Texas City, Texas, "imminent nuclear blast", just like Barbara Olson, just like Bush/Cheney indicted, all this does is make us as a whole,-

LG: Uh huh.

VT: -the alternative media and the patriot movement, look like jackasses.

LG: As I told Lieutenant Russo, conspiracies are out there, but there isn't a conspiracy under every rock.  Okay?  There isn't.  And there are good cops, and there are bad cops, just like in any other profession or vocation or organization.

VT: And another thing that a lot of people are trying to do is tie it to 9/11 now, and-

LG: Right.  There's nothing to support that whatsoever.

VT: Yeah.  Christopher Petherick admitted this has nothin' to do with 9/11, yet, it's be- it's like, well, because- because Christopher Bollyn investigated 9/11 and Israel's connection, well, "9/11 Evil" [6] is the most dangerous book out there, and- and there aren't black helicopters over my house, there aren't storm troopers out in my front yard, I'm not trembling in fear, I'm not paranoid, because I'm not in that kind of mindset, and we have to, I mean, I told Lisa today, I said, if you look a year from now or five years from now, the same- this same damn type of mob mentality, this group-think, this herd mentality type of thought, is still going to be out there.

It's like a drug.  It's like people become so desperate for something that they need to shoot crystal meth into their veins to get the rush off of the conspiracy theory, when, ninety nine percent of the time, the explanation, the truthful explanation, is much more mundane and realistic.

I was talkin' to Frank Whalen [7] today, we both were, an' he said he was gettin' people- calls from people that this is the beginning of the revolution now.

Ya know, people wanna call the- the Governor of Illinois, they wanna call the Mayor of Chicago, they wanna call Barak Obama, the state representative, they want ten thousand people in the streets protesting, when, in all actuality, this case would never be anything other than, it was, I don't know even how to describe it, except that-

LG: Well, I think there's a lot of, uh, exaggeration; I think there's a lot of embellishment, and- and frankly, the police's story in this situation, in this circumstance, at least in my view, Victor, seems much more plausible and makes a lot more sense than what Christopher Bollyn is presenting.

VT: Well, and not only them, Lisa, but, all these other paid spammers that are sendin' this around.

LG: Yeah, nobody questions anything.

VT: And it- and- first of all, it was just that- that the police beat 'im.  Then it was FBI beat 'im.  (shouting) Then it was ADL, FBI, police beat 'im.  (shouting hysterically) Then Mossad, ADL, m- Israel, FBI, police, and-

LG: Well, wait a minute.  We gotta- we got a call last night where somebody wanted to interview Mr. Bollyn about this story, an' I said, oh, are you gonna check this story out, and they said, well, we've read his account, and we wanna interview him.

I said, yeah, but are you gonna check the story out, and- (mockingly) well, yeah, we, uh, we inter- we're gonna interview 'im.  I said, oh, well I'm gonna check the story out.

VT: But nobody wants-

LG: See, this is more than one side to this story.

VT: Nobody wants to do the leg work.

LG: No!

VT: Nobody wants to put in the time.  They just want that quick rush, where ya put the needle in the vein and get the "conspiracy drug" runnin' through.  Ya know?

LG: And if you wanna know why it's so hard for people in the public arena to believe a lot of the information that we present, it's- it's exactly because-

VT: Yep.

LG: -of stuff like this, where people jump the gun, they knee-jerk, an' they rush to a conclusion, an' really the first person who is mak- getting people to th- believe these conclusions, is Christopher Bollyn himself.  Uh, but he's not supporting his assertions with- with, uh, qualifiers, with facts.  It just doesn't add up.

VT: Yeah. And- an' I guess the police report [8] is goin' to come out now.  We're gonna move on, we're gonna talk more about this, of course.

LG: Mm hm.










-------- End --------