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Note from Eric Hufschmid, 18 September 2017:
In August I posted a link to this interview with a woman who claims to have been at the scene of the Charlottesville, Virginia car crash, and in response, a reader of my website looked into the issue and told me that he could not find support for some of her claims.

 I looked more closely into the incident, but it just made me more confused. It seems that the event was staged, and that we are being deceived about it, but I don't know what really happened. We need to be suspicious of everybody.

In the box below is his email message, which I edited tremendously to reduce to the main points he brought to my attention.
Regarding the video interview of a woman who claims to have been at the scene of the Charlottesville, Virginia, riot/car crash:

There are other videos that contradict what the woman is saying.

1. According to the woman, there was both Antifa and white supremacists protesters/rioters present there. However, several other videos show no white supremacist presence of any kind.

2. I have not found any videos that show "innocent bystanders trying to flee" at the scene. There are Antifa/BLM protesters, and journalists (both "real" and "citizen journalists") filming the protest, as well as some people who are watching the event, but they are all there either to protest or to observe the protest take place.

3. I do not see any "riot". There is a little violence or hostility, but these are in two categories:
a) When the car drives into the crowd of protestors, several protestors attack the car, but this is sensible and in self-defence, and any/most people would do the same.

b) As some people are lying on the ground injured, some reporters try to take pictures of them, and some of the uninjured protestors respond by harassing the photographers because they feel that the photographers are using the injured people for personal gain. But as far as I have seen on videos, the harassment consists of trying to block the photographs with protest signs rather than violence or physical contact.

4. I have not seen any police that could have prevented the "innocent bystanders" from fleeing a "riot". This is even more interesting because there was a heavy police presence nearby, which is why the police arrived in a few minutes.

The lack of a police presence also means that there could not be any white supremacists there, as they would have been surrounded by hostile protestors, and could have been attacked from any direction. Conversely, had there been any white supremacists or any other people that the BLM/Antifa/etc., protesters were against, a police presence would have been needed to maintain peace. The police couldn't cover all places, so it seems they were focusing on those places where the two groups of protesters could come into contact, and were primarily focused on preventing that contact from happening.

5. A man calling himself SonofNewo has made some videos analysing what happened.
Update 28 June 2018: Sonofnewo posted this video to reveal that his name is William Evans, and to explain the lawsuits that he filed.
In most of them, "SonofNewo" is analysing a video made by a journalist, Ford Fischer.
The analysis videos are interesting, and contradict the woman interviewed by Charles Patrick (in the video you linked to).

Here are the videos made by SonofNewo that I am talking about (these are in an order that I think are to most easy to understand):

1. Analyzing Charlottesville's Zapruder Film: the Ford Fischer LiveStream (2017-08-24)

2. NEW VIDEO from Charlottesville: the Grassy Knoll Film (2017-08-29)

3. Walking in Ford Fischer's Footsteps: On the Scene of the CVille Hoax (2017-08-28)

4. The Challenger Arrived Early! More from Ford Fischer in CVille (2017-08-26)

5. An Open Letter to Ford Fischer (2017-08-30)

One of the videos contains inaccurate information about one of the cars being a salvage vehicle, since SonofNewo had the wrong vehicle identification number. He has corrected himself in a later video.

There are many reasons to think this "SonofNewo" is a propaganda agent, two of which are:

1. The oldest of his videos is one in which he says that the World Trade Center Building 7 was destroyed with a controlled demolition, but he argues that "truthers" do not have a burden of proof to show what happened, and therefore, should not be speculating on what really happened, which, in my opinion, is a trick to make people not really investigate the issue.

The Official Story is a Matter of Faith (2011-02-10)

2. He is attributing the Charlottesville hoax to "deep state", which is just as vague and meaningless as blaming the Illuminati, the Globalists, or the Elite.