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Apollo 15 moon surface

Why did NASA create a fake moon surface for Apollo 15?

a) So that the astronauts could practice flying to the moon.
b) For a museum display.
c) To fake a moon landing.
d) So the German music group Ramstein could make this music video on the moon:
Five large, high-resolution photos are at the NASA website:
Three of these images are below
Who would suspect that NASA scientists would lie to us about traveling to the moon?

"You can trust me!
I'm a scientist."
Who would suspect that thousands of engineers, accountants, university professors, business executives, and news reporters would also lie about the Apollo moon landing?

"You can trust me!
I'm a successful business executive. I own a big house."
The people who take bribes or join organized crime gangs think that they're helping themselves, but they are hurting themselves and the rest of us in the long run by ruining society.

Just how smart is a person with a college degree if he can't figure this out?

And just how much of a human is he if he can't control his cravings for money?

"I have a college degree.
That's proof that I'm educated and intelligent. I'm not a talking monkey!"