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Apollo moon landings and NASA

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Science Challenges
Schools should provide students with relevant questions like these.
#24 Should astronauts be able to see stars?

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extensive Finnish (suomalainen) pages here and here

#25 How well does the moon reflect light?
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#26 What would the earth look like to an astronaut on the moon?

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#27 How did pieces of the Moon end up in Antarctica?
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Details about the Apollo missions
Here is a more detailed, 22 page PDF file I made if you need more information about the Apollo moon landing.


 Need help with the Apollo science challenges?
Confused? Here are some answers, and a painful video excerpt of the 1969 press conference:

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I also have rebuttals to some questions:
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NASA blows it!
They exposed their Apollo moon landing hoax! Was it an accident? Or are people getting fed up maintaining the lies?


Plus, some photographs taken in the space station were posted on the Internet!
Their photos prove that astronauts can easily see and take photos of stars and galaxies

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Some interesting news items about the Apollo moon landing
Nixon's "Moon Disaster" speech in case astronauts were stranded on the moon
Why write a speech for the possibility that they get stranded on the moon? Why not a speech in case they crash while landing? Or in case the spacecraft fails to get them home? Or that they burn up on reentry?

Once you realize that the moon landing was a hoax, then you should wonder if this speech was intended to pressure people by threatening the murder of Armstrong and Aldrin.

Armstrong is a recluse

There's no denying that Neil Armstrong is hiding from the public and the media. We are supposed to believe that he is a shy, introverted freak.

A more sensible explanation is that he is ashamed, and doesn't want to lie.


Conspiracies and Underdogs
In my series of articles about conspiracy theories, I have one article related to the Apollo moon landing. The direct link to it is:
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The complete series of articles is here on my philosophy page

Apollo 15 moon surfaces
Can you explain why NASA created these detailed moon surfaces for Apollo 15?

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 Hufschmid interviews Bart Sibrel
If the Apollo moon landing was a fake, why don't the Russians or Chinese expose it? Sibrel suggests that the Russians were blackmailing President Nixon into giving Russia special deals in return for remaining silent.


Why do the "Truth Seekers" lie about Apollo? 
Why are Mike Rivero, Alex Jones, and virtually every other "truth seeker" lying about the Apollo moon landing?


Apollo was an "inside job"
Apollo was not an amazing technical accomplishment by the talented Americans; rather, it was an "inside job".


Expose the UFO hoax!
After you realize that Apollo was a hoax, you should wonder, what has NASA done with our money? Do you think those Mars rovers are really on Mars? Or are they in an Australian desert?

The Zionists may have wasted tens of billions of US tax dollars trying to create alien spacecraft so that they can manipulate us by faking an alien landing or invasion.

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