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Apollo was an Inside Job...
Inside a movie studio...
A Zionist movie studio...
Now you know why the shadows seem so strange; the background looks like a painted mural; and the astronauts wasted so much time posing for photos with the American flag.

The astronauts never bothered to point their camera at the earth, or tell us whether they could see the city lights on the night time part of the earth, or if they could see the continents, or whether they could notice the Earth's rotation.

They also ignored the stars, the Milky Way galaxy, and Venus.

Get a clue. Quit being a sucker!

Prove us wrong if you think you know more than us "conspiracy nuts".

If you're really smart, this is all you need to figure it out:

Any engineer or scientist who cannot figure out that the moon landing was a fake should have his qualifications removed. There are high school students who can figure this out!

If you need more proof, take a look at this video frame that shows the actual words spoken by Neil Armstrong as he stepped onto the moon:

For even more proof, did you know that the German music group Ramstein made a music video on the moon?